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Chris Crocker's Raw Love

Adam Killian
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 177
Chris Crocker , , Draven Torres , Fernando Torres , Jake Andrews (II) , , Michael Lucas , Saxton West , Seth Roberts ,
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Chris Crockers Raw Love LVP 177

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A Bold Red Wine with Jammy Flavors

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a bottle of Swiss Navy lube and settle in for a relaxing evening with the men of Lucas.

Chris Crocker's Raw Love is what Lucas Entertainment has marketed as their "sex tape" of Internet celebrity Chris Crocker. However, this is just one of five scenes, all of which are bareback sexual encounters that stress intimacy and extended passion between a pair of porn star-crossed lovers.

Maybe one day you will find your own piece in this languid heaven. It begins with a sizzling one on one between two latin stallions, Fernando Torres and Valentino Medici. Laying in bed, Torres greets Medici bringing glasses of orange juice for their morning ritual.

What's the key to their eye opener? Sexy kissing and flip flop fucking!

It's always hot to watch Lucas Exclusive Medici getting fucked. He and Torres fit together perfectly. So perfectly they turn around like we're holding up a mirror so that it concludes with Medici on top giving it to Torres.

Medici's heavy money shot on Torres' hole, and subsequent re-penetration, is fantastic.

Valentino Medici sucks Fernando Torres Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Fernando Torres sucks Valentino Medici

A Jake Buffet

The romance continues when Jake Andrews brings Michael Lucas a cup of coffee. Andrews notices that Lucas keeps slipping out of his robe, so he walks into the bedroom and shows him his naked ass.

Of course, Mr. Lucas knows an invitation when he sees one. Lucas follows him into their love nest, where he gives Andrews a lengthy blow job. After returning the favor, Andrews lays on his back so the top can mount him.

Their sex runs almost thirty minutes. It's another intimate encounter where the guys do it with their faces close and looking at each other. Lucas cums inside him.

From Draven with Love

Draven Torres can sure fill out a pair of jeans! "I love you!" says Torres, as he's kissing all lovey-dovey with Jonathan Agassi. Immediately, I wonder if Torres actually means this or is he telling Agassi whatever he wants to hear. Oh noooooo!

If Torres ever told this reviewer those three little words, I'd starting singing and twirling around out the fields like Julie Andrews. Agassi does not do that exactly. He does throw him a fantastic five star fuck that leaves the bottom's hole dripping with cum.

Torres works over Agassi's dick at length, who stretches back on the bed enjoying it. Then, Torres climbs on top. He actually seems at first to have some difficulty taking it. Watch and you'll see the bottom's hands instictively trying to push Agassi back a bit.

He gets used to it. Flat on his back, Agassi fucks Torres missionary, who expertly holds his smooth brown legs back. Torres cums like this getting fucked, followed by Agassi's own internal cumshot.

It's great to see Torres filming for Lucas Entertainment.

Michael Lucas tops Jake Andrews Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Michael Lucas tops Jake Andrews

Chris Crocker Wine Bar

Scene four of the video is the famous bareback episode starring YouTube (now Facebook) star Chris Crocker and his boyfriend, Justin Dean. Crocker has his share of critics, so it's very easy to find negative comments about this video. After actually watching it, let me report that it's fine.

Probably the biggest stand out from this is that these two do not fit in with the looks of 95% of the other model in Lucas Entertainment videos. Crocker's high voice / Southern twang is quite different from the Isreali or Spanish muscle-hunk speaking accented English. Also, Crocker looks like he's close to cumming pretty fast, so he has to slow down a lot while fucking his boyfriend.

"Top me off!" "No, top me off."
So what? Here's something that this scene clearly has going for it - both are gay, enjoy gay sex and they are into fucking each other.

I'll drink to that, except probably not from that glass of heavy red Merlot they pour each other. (By the way, here's an interesting fact from all this - Mr. Crocker cums a lot.)

Magic Hands

The final scene in the video is a pleasing interlude between the always wonderfully tanned porn star Seth Roberts and a handsome guy named Saxton West, whose skin tone is akin to Casper the Friendly Ghost. West appears to be quite the masseur.

Laying flat on the bed, Roberts receives what looks like a Better Than Sex Massage. West follows this by slipping his erection into Roberts' now relaxed buns. Rising and falling, the top humps him until he cums deep inside him.

Nice camerawork shows the nice movements of their backsides, followed by him cumming and pulling out.

Chris Crocker's Raw Love is a strong entry in the lovers who bareback porn category. Crocker and his boyfriend put on a nice show for us. Kudos to the entire cast.

Marilyn Monroe is quoted as saying, "It's better for the whole world to know you, even as a sex star, than never to be known at all."

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Chris Crocker's Raw Love Photos:

Chris Crocker tops Justin Dean Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Chris Crocker tops Justin Dean
Chris Crocker and Justin Dean Watch on LucasEntertainment
Chris Crocker and Justin Dean
Draven Torres and Jonathan Agassi Watch on LucasEntertainment
Draven Torres and Jonathan Agassi
Saxton West above Seth Roberts Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Saxton West rubs Seth Roberts

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