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Cabin Retreat

Brandon Jones
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 126
Vito Gallo , , Tate Ryder , Johnny Venture , Brandon Jones , Ben Driver , Hayden Colby , Jordano Santoro , Sam Steel
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Cabin Retreat LVP 126

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Baby, It's Cold Outside

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Welcome to a carefree weekend retreat at a comfortable vacation snow cabin that overflowing with hot sex. If this were a Falcon video, we'd be in Northern California. But this isn't Falcon, it's Lucas Entertainment.

In Cabin Retreat, we've found ourselves on the opposite side of the continent in the mountains of snowy Quebec, Canada. The five-scene movie is produced by a most capable Canadian crew helmed by porn star Brandon Jones, who has been given director duties, and we're impressed.

This hot film gets especially high marks because of the voluptuous Jordano Santoro, who gets two scenes which he turns into real sexual events. That being said, it's also worth pointing out that this doesn't have the usual seedy feel of a Lucas Entertainment production. Perhaps Mr. Lucas found the Canadian bacon to be too plain to be served at his studio.

Sex on the Stairs!

Things begin with a bang when we discover that Vito Gallo's so horny, he must stop James Ryder before reaching the top of the stairs. Ryder's all to happy to offer a sampling of his wares.
Vito Gallo tops Tate Ryder Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Vito Gallo tops Tate Ryder
While getting fucked, Ryder hangs a lot of his body off the spiral staircase, proving not only how lovely and shapely his ass is, but also that he's not afraid of heights. This is where the film's boxcover photo is captured. This scene is just as hot as the photo. Ryder and Gallo are both genuinely exciting guys to watch, and great examples of the bonanza Lucas Entertainment reaped when they began recruiting from this region.

"We definitely worked that staircase!"
- Vito Gallo
The next scene is just as good. A pool table brings the director Mr. Jones together with Mr. Santoro. Jones puts in one of his best performances here.

Perhaps it's because the cabin setting is much brighter compared to the darker disco we last saw him in. (Open Bar) Or perhaps he's truly turned on by his scene partner.

After great foreplay and ass eating, Santoro fucks Jones in a comfortable, large couch. Then in a real surprise, Jones really unbends and starts topping Santoro. This may be the high point of the video.

Or maybe it isn't because next we find Adrian Long and Sam Steel playing video games. Steel wins the game, but Long fucks his ass.

Mischief in the Bathroom

The fourth scene introduces us to another amazing bottom - Johnny Venture, who's effectively pushed from his shower when Ben Driver flushes the adjacent toilet. (Isn't flushing while someone's showering a misdemeanor charge in Canada?)

The movie's final episode brings back Santoro, who at this point during the retreat is getting fucked in the jacuzzi by Hayden Colby. After awhile their sex has splashed out so much water they adjourn to the sauna, where the dry heat inspires them to flip-flop fucking. Score another super hot sex scene with the sexual powerhouse that is Jordano Santoro.

Lucas Entertainment's Cabin Fever is a great reason to stay out of the cold tonight.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Vito Gallo tops Tate Ryder
  2. Brandon Jones and Jordano Santoro flip-flop
  3. Adrian Long tops Sam Steel
  4. Ben Driver tops Johnny Venture
  5. Hayden Colby and Jordano Santoro flip-flop
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Cabin Retreat Photos:

Brandon Jones tops Jordano Santoro Watch on LucasEntertainment
Brandon Jones tops Jordano Santoro
Adrian Long tops Sam Steel Watch on LucasEntertainment
Adrian Long tops Sam Steel
Ben Driver tops Johnny Venture Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ben Driver tops Johnny Venture
Adrian Long sucks Sam Steel Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Adrian Long sucks Sam Steel

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