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Bromance (Tony Capucci)

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Bromance (Tony Capucci)

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The Return of the Bromance King

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Watching porn star Tony Capucci's latest work, filmed as part of the new contract he signed for his comeback, is the final proof that this ripped Italian stallion's got the mojo for the job. In both of his scenes in Bromance, he's, well, totally cocky. His performances go beyond "gay for pay". Throughout the video, Capucci confidently radiates his sexual attitudes, particularly horny makes you happy, and a bottom's place is in the kitchen.

If you want to see what's probably the best, most riveting solo of the year, watch his scene at the end of the movie. The video also features Capucci in a riveting action scene. It's him giving an all out ass-pounding to Jimmy Clay. (Capucci and Clay are the video's Bromance couple.)

If that's not enough, there's plenty more. It's ample enough to fill an arena with testosterone, bromance and cocky love. Let's start at the beginning.

First up, we meet Stephen Forest, who in spoken interview, appears effusive that he's about to get fucked by Phenix Saint. Who wouldn't be? Their excitement gets effortlessly translated into a fine one on one fuck on-screen. Saint is an extremely interesting guy, and Forrest, who's gay, is well endowed and colorfully inked. A fine pair!

Watching Saint thrust his massive body into the thin, curvaceous Forest is one of the video's many unforgettable high points. Bent over the couch, Saint and Forest fuck bathed in the bright afternoon light from the outside window. It looks like God himself gives his blessing to this studly coupling.


Phenix Saint and Stephen ForestWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Phenix Saint tops Stephen Foster

My Sucky Teen Bromance

For us, the weak link in the video comes next, when Tommy Defendi meets Jake Bass. Both guys are great performers, but the problem is the mechanics. To decide who tops, they flip a coin. The result of the coin toss is in the odd looking presentation of the small Bass strutting his top man stuff on the bigger Defendi.

Some may enjoy this result. It's awkward. (Reminiscent of the famously awkward scene in Falcon's The Velvet Mafia when Brent Corrigan tops the massive Erik Rhodes.) For the future may we suggest a flip-flop fuck?

For those who like it, the scene relys on POV (point of view) handheld camera work, and fixed cameras. They are alone in the room, free of pesky extra cameramen and directors. Mr. Bass rocketed to stardom this year, quickly attracting a legion of devoted fans. This scene will work for many of them.

Phenix Saint behind Stephen ForestWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Phenix Saint drills Stephen Forest
Tony Capucci and Jimmy ClayWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Tony Capucci above Jimmy Clay

Flattening Jimmy Clay

A day at the track bumping around in the sun, racing dune buggies is enough to turn on Capucci and his buff buddy Jimmy Clay. Looking great, Clay has grown his curly hair out since we last saw him riding Mason Star's disco stick.

Suffice it to say, Capucci likes to chit chat. He pulls it off well, which is a nice contrast to many porn stars who remain the strong and silent type. Capucci also loves getting his dick sucked. Clay works him over orally to much relaxed moaning and verbal encouragement.

"If I could fuck myself, I would." - Tony Capucci Clay matches him perfectly, squirming and writhing around. An active bottom, he let's Capucci keep control, guiding Clay through the positions under the strong touch of his hand. This all culminates with the movie's most memorable image: Capucci hanging off the bed, ramming his body into the bottom pushed against the floor.

As a final act of impressive skill, Clay blows his load in this position, raining his own cum down onto his face. Capucci follows suit with his own gushing money shot.

After this comes a nice one-on-one coupling between the returning Defendi and Mason Star. (The Name of the Game) Their sex is far less frenzied then the previous scene. It's softer, almost romantic. Star lovingly deep throats Defendi's thick baseball bat cock. Clearly turned on, Defendi appears like he cannot wait going for a wild romp in his partner's backside, while still being gentle and tender.

Defendi clasps his hand over Star's, entwined in a sixty-nine, sucking him. Their foreplay leads to Star sitting his baby-smooth ass onto Defendi's erection. They fit perfectly.

Their enthralling hook-up can be easily overshadowed by the Capucci scenes, and the film's other stuff. Miss at your own peril. It's so hot that you'll need a cigarette afterwards. Check out Defendi blowing his cum across Star's body, flying and hitting his shoulder. As mentioned earlier, the movie ends with an Earth-crashing solo from Capucci. Whatever they paid him to do this, it's worth every penny.

Bromance is fucking hot. More than a simple porn collection, there's high quality production and a cast of guys who will make you want to go out and watch more of.

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Bromance (Tony Capucci) Photos:

Jimmy Clay sucks Tony CapucciWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Tony Capucci enjoys a blowjob from Jimmy Clay
Jake Bass and Tommy DefendiWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Jake Bass tops Tommy Defendi
Tommy Defendi and Mason StarWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Perfect Fit: Mason Star above Tommy Defendi

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