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Breeding Marcus Isaacs

Max Sohl
Treasure Island Media   BMI
, Champ Robinson , , Rob Yaeger , Flynn Evans , , Billy Blanco , Sam Bridle , Drew Dangerous , Jin Powers , Jax Pratt , Paul Steele , Jason Stryker , , Erik Grant , Luke Thomas , Rafael Carreras , Ray Dalton , Shane Frost , Tony Bishop
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Breeding Marcus Isaacs Treasure Island

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He's Taking Manhattan!

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Voyeurs among you take heed - your cocks will twitch and harden at the opening scene of Breeding Marcus Isaacs - as a stray camera slowly pans in on a random hotel window in which the titular star - handsome bearded furry power bottom and relative newcomer Isaacs and hung-and-hot-as-fuck Australian top Flynn Evans make out in front of said window without a care in the world, gradually peeling off layers of clothing as the camera gets ever closer, fully penetrating the anonymous room not long before Evans follows suit and penetrates Isaacs hungry ass.

But since voyeurs are simply passive observers, there's no controlling what you're only watching, and this is anything but a vanilla offering, as our brave horny onlookers must witness a no-holds-barred full steam ahead bareback breeding, with Max Sohl directing the nasty cum soaked action and Treasure Island Media holding back not one drop of spunk, as our hairy hero's hungry butt takes cock after cock, and load after load.

Breeding Marcus Isaacs is split into 8 decadent vignettes (one of which should carry a government health warning and is for the seasoned voyeur alone - more on this later), and shifts between twosomes and threesomes willy-nilly, culminating in a 13 man orgy where Isaacs truly earns the title of power bottom, as he lets cock after ravenous cock pump seed deep inside his hole, until he's left oozing spunk from his orifice as each top feeds him their loads, making sure he earns the title the movie-producers have afforded him. One moment the huge red monster belonging to pale muscular smooth top Rob Yaeger fucks him like his life depends on it, the next thick cocked tatted Ray Dalton (Manfuck Manifesto) pummels his pussy like he owns that puckered hole.

Marcus Isaacs above Flynn EvansWatch | Download in High Def
Marcus Isaacs above Flynn Evans

Breeding Pigsex - Watch At Your Own Risk

Dalton is also the top responsible for administering the prior scene's lubrication, and we aren't talking about on set drinks here. Scumbags is a nasty piggy Treasure Island science project, and to explain it here would be not only a disservice to the weak of heart, but a spoiler to those who cannot be shocked by one of the most depraved sexual acts commited to the bareback genre. Taboo lovers should check this out at once.

Other notable scenes in this cataloguing of cum slutdom include the always hot Erik Grant (Pounding The Pavement, Fire Island Cruising 7), here fully decked out in leather harness, feeding Isaacs his hard cock in the cellar of a bar. When Grant finally has Isaacs spread and opened, Isaacs stares back at him with a lustful intensity captured perfectly on film by the director. The internal cumshot that closes out this sequence reminds us that TIM is second to none at documenting nasty bred holes.

If leather sex doesn't make your eyes water, the double penetration scene starring duel uncut monsters Antonio Biaggi and Rafael Carreras certainly will. Biaggi is an alum of the bareback genre with multiple notches on his celluloid bedpost, and together with partner in harms Carreras, these Latino studs eventually work Isaacs hole completely open, with two massive penises stretching him wide, and fucking him deep.

Interracial fans are not neglected either- another hot inclusion double-teams CutlerX and Adam Russo together, to share this hungry cock whore. Very much in demand right now, Cutler X is a bearded black bearish hunk of a top whose sexual dominance is so powerful it positively emits through the screen, and you can't help imagining yourself in Isaacs' positon, hole opened wide through the sheer length and girth of his weapon, that raw mammoth dark prick completely owning your ass. While bearded skinhead Russo can't quite match the sheer raw prowess of CutlerX's screen presence, he compliments him perfectly, his unflagging hard-on sharing Isaacs' fuckholes with his new friend.

Clearly enjoying each other's company, when they're done with Isaacs (who now lays like the well-used cumdump, a mass of exhausted sated cum filled flesh) the pair loom over him, enjoying an extremely erotic kiss with each other as if confirming their joint effort was a success.

"See all the loads coming out of there - look at that!"
In a thoughtful appendix to the collection, TIM have also included the first scene they ever shot with newcumtaker Isaacs, which still appears on, co-starring bareback porn star power couple Morgan Black and Dominic Sol.

Thank You And Please Cum Again

So to summarize this collection as a whole, like a well-bred pig staggering home after a sex party and thinking back over his night, Breeding Marcus Isaacs contains all the right elements of a classic Treasure Island Media offering, with some extra nastiness thrown in for bad measure.

Of course the one drawback to the Breeding series is if you just don't like the bottom in question, you're not going to like the movie, period. On the other hand, if you like watching a bearded hunk like Isaacs' taking load after load after load after load from a massive variety of hot as fuck tops, you will positively empty your nuts over Breeding Marcus Isaacs.

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Breeding Marcus Isaacs Photos:

Breeding Marcus Isaacs Trailer
Rafael Carreras barebacks Marcus IsaacsWatch | Download in High Def
Antonio Biaggi, Marcus Isaacs and Rafael Carreras
Erik Grant barebacks Marcus IsaacsWatch | Download in High Def
Erik Grant tops Marcus Isaacs
Shane Frost in Breeding Marcus Isaacs Gang BangWatch | Download in High Def
Shane Frost in the Breeding Marcus Isaacs Gang Bang

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