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Break Him In: Tommy Initiates Max

Jake Jaxson
Cocky Boys  
Alex Vaara , Bobby Long , , Max Ryder , Seth Knight , , Tony Capucci
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Greetings, Young Padawans!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

When Cocky Boys signed up Max Ryder, they knew promoting him would be a breeze. What do you have to do? The blond is so cute, all you want to do is pick him up and put him in your pocket. Easy peasy. The Break Him In video in many ways reveals the tensions happening at the studio during this time between new recruit Ryder and Seth Knight, who is in two episodes.

Knight does not get cover billing. His "breaking in" has to wait until Ryder and Defendi finish in the first scene. And the studio even added a sub-title to the video specifically announcing Tommy Initiates Max. In other words, Seth who? For viewers, the video has many high moments. All these guys are hot to watch on-screen. Contemplating the behind the scenes drama adds another layer.

Max Ryder vs. Seth Knight

"What if he doesn't like me?
Then again - who wouldn't like me?"
- Max Ryder
Starting off, we discover that the producers lined up Tommy Defendi immediately to officially welcome Max Ryder into the Cocky Boys fold.

How is this accomplished? It's done with an intense session of butt fucking. Defendi is still at the top of his game, glowing from the studio's recent hit The Name of the Game.

Their foreplay is fantastic. We could watch Defendi's penis poke around, teasing Ryder's hole all day. Then, at last, he's sitting down on it! Everyone collectively takes a breath. Ryder starts bouncing and Defendi starts moaning. Defendi performs his magic and Ryder responds glowingly. They fuck. They explode. It's a rich concoction of love, sex and beauty. So what's for dessert?

Tommy Defendi and Max RyderWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Tommy Defendi and Max Ryder
Max Ryder sucks Tommy DefendiWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Max Ryder sucks Tommy Defendi

Second Course: Breaking In Bobby Long

I've always had a thing for guys named Gabriel. Cocky Boys model Gabriel Clark is a tall, cool drink of water. In the second episode, the producers setup Clark to devirginize the hole of Bobby Long. This scene doesn't have the superstar appeal of the first's, but it's sensational nonetheless.

It starts with Clark taunting Long for having to get fucked by him, followed by Long audibly confessing that he may be in over his head. Minutes later, it's Mr. Long's heels that are over his head. Clark expertly tops the much smaller bottom on a black leather couch.

These guys are both long legged, and Clark has to crouch down to hammer his cock into Long's open hole. In a hot visual, he holds the bottom's feet wide apart while ass-plowing. Furthermore, Clark stays inside the bottom, pushed in all the way, and his body visibly shakes.

"Maybe the first penetration will be slow, but I'm going to fuck the shit out of you!"
- Gabriel Clark

Foot fetish lovers, there are numerous long shots of the undersides of Long's pink feet shaking around in sync to the heaving motions of the top's thrusting body.

The bottom gets himself off while rising atop Clark, grinning broadly as the scruffy faced kid drops a heavy multi-spurt money shot. Clark shoots his own wad, and it's all smiles. He loves the taste of cum!

Tony Capucci Sees Penises Everywhere

Break Him In is this enjoyable oral-only swan song from Tony Capucci (Bromance), the strapping Italian stud who earlier worked for Falcon and Jake Cruise, finishing up with some very good videos with Cocky Boys. When we first see him, Capucci looks adrift. But he's not. He enjoys taking walks in the desert because all of the trees and cacti remind him of penises.

Life is all penises once one becomes a Cocky Boy. Then, we find him giving work out lessons to a younger muscle guy named Alex Vaara. "I don't know what I'm doing," confesses Vaara. No problem. Capucci starts by showing him push-ups and planks, followed by an intense indoor workout of cock sucking. This movie is all about breaking him in, after all.

Capucci speaks his three little magic words - "Suck me, beautiful!" Vaara gives him a relaxing blow job in front of a lit fireplace. Capucci's total trade here, letting his friend blow him sitting, standing as well as eating out his barge-like muscular ass.

Vaara sucks him until Capucci announces that he's going to cum. He shoots a hot load into Vaara's mouth.

Gabriel Clark and Bobby LongWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Gabriel Clark above Bobby Long
Gabriel Clark and Seth KnightWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Gabriel Clark lifts Seth Knight

Seth Knight's Fantasy Man

Clark returns for a hot encore, this time with new recruit Seth Knight. Knight was just signed onto performing for the studio, and this was his big break. Clark is so big and strong, it looks like he could break little Mr. Knight in half. He keeps things gentle though, beginning with -- a nice touch -- speaking in French to his scene partner.

Knight loves a man with hair. He rubs his hand through Clark's formation of chest hair. Bent over getting a rim job, Knight orders, "Rub your beard in it!"

Clark face fucks Knight (impressive deep throat skills), followed by the top enthusiastically going down on the bottom. who stretches out on the couch enjoying it. Legs apart and on his back, Knight gets a thorough pummeling. Just to keep things interesting, Clark carries the bottom in his arms, fucking him against the wall.

After a long session of this, Knight erupts a thick lava flow of cum as Clark keeps going. Not to be outdone, the top fires off a massive orgasm, huge volleys of semen that arc across Knight's body hitting him in the face. Bullseye!

Clark: "Was it all like you thought it would be?"
Knight: "More!"

We all want more.

And there is more. More Seth Knight that is. He finishes with a fun solo scene working himself over in front of a full-length mirror. He's also quite chatty before getting down to business.

If you look around the Internet, it's easy to find a lot of people rubbed the wrong way by Mr. Knight. Is there a word in Unban Dictionary for "twink attitude"? He carries that, to be sure. I always thought he was pretty cute and pretty hot. If you like Seth Knight, make it a point to watch Break Him In.

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Break Him In: Tommy Initiates Max Photos:

Tony Capucci and Alex VaaraWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Tony Capucci above Alex Vaara
Seth Knight soloWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Cocky Boy Seth Knight

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