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Boyfriends 2

mr. Pam
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Naked Sword Boyfriends 2

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Loving His Cartoonishly Large Ass

Here's a theory: is it possible that the single guys seek out gay porn videos about boyfriends, while those who are hitched gravitate to the promiscuous gang bang videos? It's always interesting to speculate why people choose the porn they like to watch. For many people, they limit their own choices because they simply are unaware of what's all out there. This predicament, of course, is similar to choosing a boyfriend and settling down.

Boyfriends Part 2 is Naked Sword's second collection of videos starring real-life couples, who also happen to be performing in the adult industry. What makes this collection fun is viewers can pick their favorite couple. All eight guys explain their relationship with a revealing honesty. (Spoiler alert: Some are more complicated than others)

Each base their relationships on very different expectations, which are pretty well explained in the lead-ups to the sex segment. The result is a cross-section of people, who are all appealing in their own different way. Naked Sword's producers slyly curate this in edit, and thus makes Boyfriends 2 a surprise winner for this reviewer. And I thought I'd seen just about everything!

Sean Duran and Nick Cross

Without any question, the couple carrying the most eternity points in the video is muscular blond Sean Duran and sexy Latino Nick Cross. Of all the couples, their devotions are the most traditional. "When I first saw him, I thought, 'He's the most beautiful, perfect thing I've seen in my life,'" confesses Duran. Duran and Cross' opening remarks reveal a classic love story: they met online, but not on any kind of cruise social media site. Duran describes how their first sex was awkward. They have pet names for each other.

Is this the recipe for a happy relationship? We see their sex together combining tenderness with passion. They practically fall into each other, and Cross appears to be a completely devoted lover. He's gleefully worships Duran's cock. After that, Cross raises his feet into the air and holds them as Duran's satisfies them both by fucking him missionary. Then, in a hot turn of events, Duran lays down so Cross can top him.

They finish up with Cross hopping back on Duran for more riding. In a stunning climax, Cross explodes while riding his boyfriend, literally shooting arcs of cum across their bodies into Duran's open mouth.

Nick Cross and Sean Duran Watch on NakedSword
Nick Cross and Sean Duran
Sean Duran tops Nick Cross Watch on NakedSword
Sean Duran tops Nick Cross

Aleks Buldocek and Tony Orion

Tony Orion explains, "I can't share my intimacy with anyone but my boyfriend. " He then proceeds to explain his "three way relationship" where he's Little Puppy, Aleks Buldocek is Big Puppy and an unspecified third man is the Daddy. Wearing dog bone collars, Buldocek and Orion carefully explain their favorite ways of fucking each other, along with information about the protocol that they follow to operate this relationship.

I am certain many viewers will be very interested in learning how this all works. Buldocek says, "One of daddy's favorite things is to watch me dominate my boy. (He'll sometimes) hold him down and order me to pound away."

They start in each other's arms, taking long, leisurely kisses. Buldocek holds his long penis up so Orion can take it in his mouth. He swallows it down to the base.

Buldocek eats out his lover's hairy hole before fucking it. It's a passion-filled display with Orion taking full thrusts on his back. Buldocek quietly stays in control the entire time, letting his partner cum first.

"It is very special for us," Orion explains. Yes, it definitely is.

Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek Watch on NakedSword
Tony Orion above Aleks Buldocek

His Cartoonishly Large Ass

"Do you like my rendition of the Funky Chicken?"
- Leon Fox
The third scene, which is titled "Spread the Love" - no double entendre there - brings together boyfriends Logan Stevens and Leon Fox. Stevens, the young uncut blond from many recent Treasure Island Media videos, revels in his interview that he's quite an interesting porn personality.

Unlike the first two couples, the foundation of this relationship returns to the same thing - Mr. Fox's fantastic ass. Whatever works, right?

Fox certainly has a hot bootie. They start the sex with heavy petting and erection tugging. Capped with a heavy helmet of foreskin and thick, Stevens' cock at full mast is as sumptuous as his partner's glorious backside.

They sixty-nine. Then in a surprise we first see Fox banging Stevens' golden globes. After a lengthy sequence of Stevens bottoming in many hot positions, it's time for him to turn the tables on his other half.

Stevens plows Fox's ass, who sticks it out so he can bang it like a gong. Stevens topped him in more positions, leading all the way to both spraying jizz and leaving Fox completely soaked. By the time they are done, it's been forty-five minutes!

Hunter Page Is Making Eyes at Me!

"If you're not dating, you don't have to listen to them bitch!"
- Chris Bines
The last pair of lovers in the video cannot bring themselves to calling each other "boyfriends." "It's a porn crush," explains Chris Bines, a strong blond who's half of the episode's Part Time Lovers. The other half is Hunter Page. For the opening interview, mr. Pam's underside camera angle of Page is very flattering. The camera loves him.

For several minutes they philosophically discuss their "fuck buddy" status. Their fucking is hot, especially watching Page bounce on top of his "special friend." This kid's got ass for days. Eventually Bines slides in side saddle, where they kiss deeply as Page holds his leg high. Page cums while getting fucked, spraying a huge fountain that splatters up to his neck.

Page remains as adorable as when Naked Sword first filmed him in Frat House Cream. Seeing Page's name of the list of cast members, many fans probably thought he'd found a boyfriend. How many fans tuned in to see who he was playing house with? Watching Page and Bines explicitly discuss the benefits of being single and playing the field is this movie's biggest surprise.

So maybe someone reading this still has a chance, because I'm sure Page's mother would really like to see him settle down.

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Boyfriends 2 Photos:

Nick Cross and Sean Duran
Watch on Naked Sword
Nick Cross' money shot
Leon Fox tops Logan Stevens
Watch on Naked Sword
Leon Fox tops Logan Stevens
Watch on Naked Sword
Chris Bines and Hunter Page

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