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Body Shop

Tony DiMarco
Falcon Studios   FVP220
, Charlie Harding , Chris Tyler , , Jessie Colter , Landon Conrad , , Trenton Ducati
Oral SexOrgyRimmingHunksGarage Mechanics/Plumbers/Repairmen

Body Shop DVD cover

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Hands on a Hard Body

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's always brake time for the men hard at work at the Addicted Body Shop. Did you know that Barcelona-based Addicted underwear ran a body shop? Here, Addicted skivvies is the employee dress code. Not only does this four scene garage romp feature hot mechanic sex, but also Addicted underwear. This is actually a very hot brand of underwear, but we wonder if this style could have been better used in a softer, fluffier setting.

The set for on-location filming of Body Shop is fantastic. The guys are doing it in a bona fide automobile body shop, along with a beautiful Dodge Challenger whose ever present muscle car aura quietly makes it one of the movie's stars.

A double whammy - gay porn and muscle car porn! Which muscle guy in this movie would you ask, "Who's going to pimp my ride?"

The movie starts with Jessie Colter turning everyone on with his form fitting shirt and jeans, tooling around inside a car seat, his ass up in the air. Mechanic Charlie Harding gets a raging hard on while checking him out. Coulter responds by using his tool kit to pull out his wrench. Coulter wraps his tongue and lips around Harding's cock like he's wants to marry it.

Coulter gets his brains fucked out - noisily Watching the bottom hanging off the end of a parked car, panting and grunting while getting fucked is worth the price of admission alone. Coulter blasts all over himself, followed with a most amusing money shot from Harding, who gives it laughing all the way. What's so funny? Did he just win a bet?

Jessie Coulter and Charlie HardingWatch on | Watch Now
Jessie Coulter lube job
Charlie Harding and Jessie CoulterWatch on | Watch Now
Charlie Harding's stick shift

Brian Bonds Works Overtime

For the second episode, we find mechanic Brian Bonds working late to fix a car, when Chris Tyler barges in and decides it's time for a break. Hard erections pop out of each other's pants, calling them to fine tune their cocks with their open mouths. Then Tyler uses his own dipstick to check Bonds' fluids.

In the first of the films two versatile sex flip-flop scenes, Tyler rides Bonds, who lays out flat on the hard floor. Eventually Bonds bangs his co-worker across a desk right up against the oil filters. And don't worry, they both change out their spark plugs. Let me check the oil right quick...

Marc Dylan: Elevate Me!

Poor employees like Erik Rhodes can't get any work done. He sees guys fucking down in the garage, and when he turns away he finds Trenton Ducati jacking off to a girly skin mag. Erection in hand, he moves to Ducati where they click immediately into a lust-filled sex session. (Rhodes is wearing a fine set of backless Addicted underwear, looking priceless.)

The two massive men kiss and paw at each other, leading to Rhodes getting on his knees. Ducati fucks his face, in an intense scene of cock worship.

Brian Bonds in Body ShopWatch on or Watch Now
Chris Tyler sucks Brian Bonds
Meanwhile, Dylan decides it's time to get his hands dirty with the power tools down in the garage. Landon Conrad works on a car with his legs spread wide, and Dylan cannot resist. They trade oral action until the picture perfect Dylan, raises himself on a hydraulic lift so his ass is at the prime level for a rim job.

A butt feast ensues. Then Conrad starts off banging Dylan's beautiful butt, fucking him at length on a mound of tires.

Erik Rhodes Makes His Moves

Immediately after Conrad cums, Rhodes and Ducati appear. Rhodes throws a hot fuck into Dylan, who eventually cums. At last Rhodes bends over the garage's Dodge Challenger for a deep drilling from Ducati, who fucks him, still wearing those backless Addicted undies.

Of course, one good turn deserves another, and Ducati hops onto the convenient stack of tires so Rhodes can return the favor. Their incendiary flip-flop fuck brings Body Shop to an Earth-shattering close.

Sadly, this movie was released close to the time Erik Rhodes unexpectedly died (June 14, 2012), which stunned the entire industry and honestly made appreciating this difficult. As of the time of writing this review, several years have passed. And after watching this, it's impossible not to see that Body Shop is five-star Falcon material with the Rhodes-Ducati pairing the star prize of the video.

Jessie Coulter at the beginning is truly salacious. And finally, at last, director DiMarco is able to fully realize Marc Dylan's sexual intensity on film. This film is a must-see for Mark Dylan fans.

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Body Shop Photos:

Landon Conrad tops Marc DylanWatch on or Watch Now
Landon Conrad tops Marc Dylan
Marc Dylan Four WayWatch on or Watch Now
Erik Rhodes tops Marc Dylan

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