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Best Buddies

Tony DiMarco
Falcon Studios   FVP240
Logan Vaughn , , Nick Sterling , , , Brandon Jones

Best Buddies FVP 240 cover

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He's Not Just My Friend. He's My Best Friend..

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Apparently Billy Santoro has had a crush on his old friend Ryan Rose since their college days. Living with him again brings those repressed yearnings flooding back. Actually, Best Buddies doesn't get as deep as that, which is a shame because the "falling for my best friend" subject has been mined exceptionally well in gay porn over the years.

Falcon sports two videos on this topic which are true classics, The Crush filmed in 2000 with Travis Wade and Colby Taylor. Further back are the Mark Reynolds-directed pre-condom Best Friends videos. (Every gay porn fan should see all of these, if they haven't.)

Best Buddies does hold its own, however, thanks to director Tony DiMarco's usual high standard of filming and editing. The cast is great, particularly Mr. Rose, who the studio is currently heavily promoting as a major exclusive model.

Rose looks perfect, like he won King of the High School Prom in a landslide, followed by college valedictorian. He comes complete with Hollywood movie star looks and a fine body. He's a refreshing return to that good looking boyfriend material, dream boat model you'd love to take home and show off to your mother. When he smiles, he reminds me of porn star Brad Patton.

Ryan Rose and Brandon JonesWatch on or Watch Now
Ryan Rose tops Brandon Jones

Leaving Billy High and Dry

The movie quickly gets down to business when Rose escorts visitor Brandon Jones (My Doctor Sucks) from the front door, past booding roommate Santoro, up to the privacy of his bedroom. Jones is a most willing bottom. He's very eager to please.

Sliding down Rose's underwear, Jones works over his host's perfect cock. The sight of Jones flat on his stomach, his pert ass bulging through his skivvies gets him highly aroused. Rose keeps things going nicely. Jones becomes quite the power-bottom. Rose takes the bottom's taking over control while fucking in stride.

In fact, while Jones starts hurling himself up and down on top of Rose like a steam engine, he looks incredibly excited. Both guys work up visible sweats until they reach the scene's climax - Rose releases a money shot so powerful he hits himself in the face.

Billy Santoro and Logan VaughnWatch on or Watch Now
Billy Santoro tops Logan Vaughn

Leaving Ryan High and Dry

Next, Rose comes home and finds Santoro on the couch sitting intimately with his own "friend" (Logan Vaughn from Behind the Big Top), who quickly excuses himself to his room. Santoro has turned the living room into his own private shag pad in no time.

Heavy petting on the couch leads to Vaughn popping Santoro's thick cock out of his pants and going down on it. Naked, Vaughn puts his shapely ass to good use by sitting on Santoro's face. Vaughn is a quietly sensual bottom with piercing eyes and handsome face. His ass is stupendous.

It's a short distance from sitting on Santoro's face to his cock. After bouncing up and down at length, Santoro picks Vaughn up and places him on the floor where he fucks his brains out. Legs spread and heels high, he takes everything to top throws at him.

Santoro fucks the cum out of Vaughn, who afterwards stands up and shoots his own multi-spurt orgasm on the bottom's smooth chest.

"I don't have time today."
"Really quick.."
Next we meet the third roommate: the now shaved-headed Bobby Clark, who seems to be the slacker in this group of renters. We watch what's going to be the highlight of his day: calling up a local grocer and requesting the hunky Nick Sterling as the delivery boy.

Clark brushes off Sterling's attempt to leave without having sex. Apparently they've hooked up this way many times before. Getting on his knees, unbuttoning Sterling's pants, Clark cannot wait to get him naked.

Brandon Jones sucks Ryan RoseWatch on | Watch Now
Brandon Jones sucks Ryan Rose
Billy Santoro and Logan VaughnWatch on | Watch Now
Logan Vaughn above Billy Santoro
They trade enthusiastic blowjob followed with Clark placing the grocery boy up on the counter to toss his salad. They move over to the apartment's fuck couch to finish their lunch.

Looking exquisite with his ass perched high in the air, Clark comes from behind and sticks it in. They turn in a hot fuck session culminating with Clark hosing down Sterling's furry chest with lots of cum.

Consummating the Relationship

With surprisingly little lead-in, Rose appears at Santoro's door with lust in his eyes. He enters where they consummate their special relationship with a nice flip-flop fuck. The hairy Santoro pumping Rose's baby-smooth ass is a high point.

Santoro straddles Rose's cock bucking up and down. Both guys shoot nice money shots. Then, as quickly as it started, it ends. So that's it? The guys fucked their earlier tricks with more passion. Do Rose and Santoro live happily ever after? Or was this all a terrible mistake triggering a road to permanent estrangement?

The "I'm in love with my untouchable best friend" genre has been done better, but that's OK. Best Buddies on its own is a solid video with first-rate performances from its cast. Ryan Rose fans will certainly not want to miss his two scenes. Furthermore, Logan Vaughn and Nick Sterling are very enjoyable bottoms to watch in action.

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Bobby Clark and Nick SterlingWatch on or Watch Now
Bobby Clark below Nick Sterling

Ryan Rose and Billy Santoro
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