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Behind the Big Top

Tony DiMarco
Raging Stallion Studios  
Rogan Richards , Jimmy Fanz , James Jamesson , Josh Long , Genesis Luna , Logan Vaughn , Dale Cooper , Leo Domenico
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Behind the Big Top cover

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Lot's of excitement happening under Raging Stallion's big tent today. A dazed Rogan Richards is staring into the fun house mirror. The acrobats are practicing their moves for the next show. It appears Autofellatio Man has fallen off the carnival wagon. All that's left now is to send in the clowns.

The circus opens by showing Leo Domenico getting some great head. Nearby, amidst the sawdust and tinsel, Rogan Richards admires himself standing before the giant circus mirror, touching his body. His furtive glances behind him indicate he cannot determine which side of the mirror contains reality.

Crouched on the floor servicing Domenico is the dirty blond Logan Vaughn, whose wet mouth and pliable hole are the keys to taming both lions in this room. Vaughn's blow job skills have Domenico purring like a kitten.

Rogan is an awesome stallion, whose looks and strength could have him running the Kentucky Derby. And as the top, he's the one with the horsepower, but it's the bottom who whips the other animals into staying on track.

Vaughn bends over. Rogan responds by getting behind him. He rims Vaughn's fine ass. Carnal delights explode on-screen when Rogan fucks the bottom, followed by Domenico. It's difficult to tell whether watching Vaughn getting fucked on his back, or doggie style, is hotter. The guys leave Vaughn drenched in cum, so much someone probably had to be called over with the water hose to clean him off.

Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long
Genesis Luna above Leo Domenico Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Genesis Luna above Leo Dominico

Up the Down Ladder

Meanwhile, over in the next ring, we find furry porn stars Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long practicing acrobatics. Using the circus ropes, they find themselves staring directly into each other's crotches, gradually edging the sexual tension up a few rungs.

Soon, Fanz is riding Long in his trapeze. Director Tony DiMarco captures inspired angles depicting Long ramming his cock into Fanz's hairy butt. After that, Long lays down on a table where Fanz uses more ropes to pull himself all over the top's dick. Their wild ride continues until Fanz cums all over himself, followed by Long's own milky white load.

Carnival Truck

After this we learn more about what life's like working in the circus. Shaved-headed Genesis Luna strolls in wearing his long johns. Verifying that he's alone, he uses the time to open his undies and start playing with himself.

Genesis' furtive masturbation incites movement from the hay-covered carnival wagon. Domenico rises from the straw.

Casting Domenico for a encore performance in Behind the Big Top was astute. This time, he's alone with this scene partner, Mr. Luna. And the sparks fly.

Rogan Richards Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Circus Freak Rogan Richards
They spend what seems an eternity teasing each other through the bars of the wagon, which makes sense because pretty soon they are fucking like monkeys. Luna works over Domenico's uncut club at length, followed by endless teasing and touching of Luna's fine ass. This time, it's Luna who's purring like a kitten.

Conveniently hanging ropes allow Luna to raise his legs high like he's in a sling. Domenico hammers him in this missionary position, followed by Luna riding him on top. Luna cums seated like this, covering the top's stunning torso in a lake of cum.

Autofellatio Man

Finally, out walks the bearded man himself, James Jamesson. The red-head opens a photograph from his pocket, which excites him enough to start practising his act - a thrilling scene of autofellatio.

Soon handsome Dale Cooper (credited as Ben Bach) appears to lend a hand. How does one help out a man who can suck his own penis? In an imaginative display, Cooper takes on the role of cheerleader, encouraging the rolled-up red-head to continue licking his own meat.

Remaining in this self-sucking position, Jamesson shows his generosity by sharing his cock with Cooper's wet lips. This unforgettable gamut of foreplay builds to an equally exciting round of fucking. Once again, Jamesson gets to strut his top man stuff on Mr. Cooper, who in 2013 has become one of the industry's most intense, masculine bottoms.

Director DiMarco has done an excellent job bringing us the human zoo that is Raging Stallion Studios. Folks, that's why they call it "The Greatest Show on Earth."

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Behind the Big Top Photos:

Genesis Luna and Leo Dominico Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Leo Domenico tonges Genesis Luna
Dale Cooper and James Jamesson Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Dale Cooper rides James Jamesson
James Jamesson and Dale Cooper Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Dale Cooper helps Autofellacio Man James Jamesson

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