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Beef n' Briefs

Kristofer Weston
COLT Studio Group   CSP029
Bob Hager , Damien Stone , , John Magnum , Ray Han , Sebastian Rossi , Tony Orion , Luke Adams
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Beef N Briefs CSP029

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Meet the Meat

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's a COLT Fashion Show when director Kristopher Weston takes us to the great California outdoors to watch eight strutting models work each other over. In Beef n' Briefs, all seven scenes of the movie are a catwalk for COLT's jock straps and undies, which incidentally you can buy online here.

Now let's take a look at today's program.

Luke Adams is the perfect morsel for Ray Han, who's lean and hungry look indicates that he's ready to fuck. Adams, by the way, has matured from a sexy youth into a very handsome man. Still a bottom, his parading around the woods and doig calisthenics in nothing but a COLT jock strap draws the wolfen Mr. Han from the woods.

After a lengthy oral session, Adams turns around presenting his beautiful jock strap-clad butt to the top. Han greases it up and sinks in. After a rousing standing fuck, Han sits in a convenient chair so the bottom can ride him.

Adams blows a hot cumshot getting fucked.

After this we find Dirk Caber and Sebastian Rossi enjoying a make-out session that becomes a circle jerk. Both guys are picture perfect male specimens, and they lusty jack off is the perfect appetizer for their scenes later in this movie.

Luke Adams and Ray Han Watch on COLT
Ray Han behind Luke Adams

Camping with the Bears

Next up we're off camping with Bob Hager and Damien Stone. The muscle bears appear to be starting their morning feeling quite aroused. Is it Stone's exposed jock strap-clad butt that's causing Hager's wood?

Hager makes a real meal of Stone's butt, feasting on it before slamming his cast-iron cock deep inside. Hager shoots gobs after fucking the bottom doggie style, followed by Stone standing up to rain his sweet sugar on his buddy's chest fur.

The fourth scene is another oral sex, jerk-off coupling, bringing back the delicious Mr. Han. Han's play partner is a favorite muscle man, the tall and handsome John Magnum. Their suck fest ends in a great visual - Han licking the seated Mr. Magnum's ass while both simultaneously blow their loads jacking off.

It's clear Magnum definitely enjoyed that.

Ramming Orion's Belt

After this comes the movie's high point - an affectionate one on one between Dirk Caber and Tony Orion. Seated in chairs on opposite sides of the same room, they lock eyes and touch themselves. Their voyeurism foreplay is intensely arousing, locking them on a high level that continues through their equally delicious foreplay, followed with magnificent anal sex.

Orion's bottoming pull is equally matched by Caber's top man push. Caber milks a thick load from his cock, which Orion eagerly washes off.

Scene six is an all-oral scene with the returning Adams and Hager, who, disappointingly, mostly stayed seated in the same place for most of the episode. Adams is still wearing his hot jock strap, and you'd think that his backside would inspire Hager into more activity.

As it is, Adams basically face fucks Hager, turns towards the camera and blows his money shot.

After that, it's clear that COLT decided that to rescue the movie it was time to bring out the big guns. They accomplished that by pulling Magnum back, who this time gets to strut his stuff on Mr. Rossi. Magnum sucks Rossi's cock before fucking him.

Magnum tops the bottom in several positions, including an especially hot view of Rossi getting fucked laying back in a comfortable black loveseat. Seeing the top squirt his seed on Rossi's nice butt is the icing on the cake.

Beef n' Briefs is another seven-scene opus from COLT Studio Group. By recycling models through oral scenes that otherwise do not add much, the movie is unfortunately uneven. Personally, I wish the studio would return to it's storied movies from a few years ago, because then if two hot guys were just up for sucking each other off, it made more sense.

For many people, this won't matter. If you're in the mood for steak tonight and you want to dress for dinner, look up Beef n' Briefs.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Luke Adams and Ray Han flip-flop
  2. Dirk Caber and Sebastian Rossi
  3. Bob Hager tops Damien Stone
  4. John Magnum tops Ray Han
  5. Dirk Caber tops Tony Orion
  6. Bob Hager and Luke Adams
  7. John Magnum tops Sebastian Rossi
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Beef n' Briefs Photos:

Bob Hager tops Damien Stone Watch on COLT
Bob Hager tops Damien Stone
Dirk Caber and Tony Orion Watch on COLT
Dirk Caber and Tony Orion
Sebastian Rossi sucks John Magnum Watch on COLT
Sebastian Rossi worships John Magnum

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