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Beach Bums

Casey Roberts
Helix Studios   HX98
Dallas Trenton , Jake Tyler , Luke Allen , Ethan Hart , Kyler Ash , Kyle Ross
Oral SexTwinks, American

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Is it me, or does Kyler Ash look a little stiff? Yes, we mean that both ways. The cherry-lipped twink, who wields a nice big dick, propels through the juicy youth of Helix in endless adventure. Still, he looks a little too serious and could at least smile. After all, he's got the cream of the crop bouncing on his cock.

The four episodes of Breach Bums begin with Ash cheerfully burning under the sun's rays on Black's Beach near San Diego. With an entourage of friends, all clad in cute bikini-briefs, they happily take the outdoor heat like frogs languishing around a pond all day.

Ash's first hook-up is Luke Allen from Twink Academy. After some tender touching - nicely photographed by Helix's production team - they move indoors to work off the power stores by their solar batteries. On what is to become a very familiar, roomy and comfortable couch, Ash takes charge by pulling down Allen's swimsuit and sucking him.

After a oral appetizer, Allen literally tackles Mr. Ash head on. Their sex is dominated with the bottom riding Ash in his lap, bucking up and down like he's riding a big horse. A skin horse!

Allen's body tightens-up when he blows his orgasm. Kissing on the couch, Ash's cock gushes marshmallow cream.

Kyler Ash and Luke AllenWatch on HelixStudios
Luke Allen sucks Kyler Ash
Luke Allen and Kyler AshWatch on HelixStudios
Luke Allen rides Kyler Ash
Kyler Ash and Ethan HartWatch on HelixStudios
Kyler Ash tops Ethan Hart

Take Hart!

Ethan Hart is very cute and petit, so petit it looks like if he went out into the water the ocean might carry him off. Ash happily saves him from any possible beach disaster, by taking him home to the fuck couch.

Resting comfortably, intimate kissing leads to Hart reaching over to give Ash a rousing hand job. Both models keep their speedos on their bodies as Ash lifts up the bottom's legs and starts fucking. It's a great visual technique the director utilizes through the video.

The rolled-down bathing suits, combined with Hart's pliable body and Ash's big dick, lift what otherwise might have been just another paint by numbers sex scene in a powerfully sexy and arousing hook-up.

Hart's takes a mid-scene break by giving Ash a blow-job. Ash lays back looking very happy. It's just as good as the anal sex. They cum after Ash's drills Hart on his back with the top shooting a particularly copious load.

Blond Dallas Trenton

"Oh yeah! You want all of it?"
-Kyler Ash
By this time in the filming our hero sports a visible sun burn on his arms. He may have spent too much time in the California sun, but it's still never enough in the sack. Of all the models in Beach Buddies, blond Dallas Trenton is the best as penetrating Ash's emotional armor. It's not easy to tell, but behind those steel eyes appear to be flickers of attraction.

Trenton admirably services Ash's equipment. Then, things get really exciting. Ash charms Trenton cock out of his swimsuit like a snake from a basket. Trenton swoons over Ash's devoted attention to his stiff erection. Ash really can use those sexy red lips!

Trenton's noise level spikes when Ash enters his boy hole. The bottom's sex moans coupled with Ash's obvious arousal through makes this one intense fuck. Ash's performance as a top is fine, but it's Trenton's bottoming that's the unexpected surprise.

Ash tops Treton with vigor. Suddenly pulling out, Ash exclaims, "I'm gonna cum!", dropping long ropes of cum on Trenton's neck and chin. Then it appears Ash puts a condom back on to fuck the bottom some more, who's still smeared in semen. He beating himself off to an endorphine-soaked climax.

Kyler Ash and Dallas TrentonWatch on HelixStudios
Kyler Ash and Dallas Trenton

Burnin' Three-Way

The video concludes with a first-class three-way with Ash and two new beach buddies, Kyle Ross and Jake Tyler. Tyler is an interesting figure to watch as well. His black hair and tattoos indicate he's rockin' that Jake Bass look a little bit.

Not only does he fuck Ross, but he also has the distinction of the sole penetrator of Ash's sacred asshole in the entire film. At least that's what the included photos with the video depict, because the actual sequence is missing from the video edit. (Fiddlesticks!)

Ross is an indefatigable bottom, riding both of their big dicks, and later getting sandwiched. Ash and Tyler kiss and watch each other while fucking the bottom. Ross is also the only bottom in the movie who gets hard while getting fucked.

Whether it's intended as a complete movie vehicle for Ash is uncertain. (The studio puts Ross on the film boxcover.) He performs well in all of the scenes, fully arousing all of his sexual partners as well as us.

Equipped with a tight, smooth body and big cock that shoots volcanos of lava, Ash can certainly hold his own as a top-level twink performers. What happened to the lost footage of Ash's getting fucked? For now, it's a big mystery.

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Beach Bums Photos:

Kyler Ash, Kyle Ross, Jake TylerWatch on HelixStudios
Kyler Ash, Kyle Ross and Jake Tyler
Kyler Ash Three WayWatch on HelixStudios
Jake Tyler, Kyle Ross and Kyler Ash
Jake Tyler tops Kyler AshWatch on HelixStudios
Jake Tyler tops Kyler Ash?
(Scene missing from video)

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