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Bathhouse Boyz / Relax!

Vlado Iresch
Tipo Sesso International  
Antonio , , Chad Driver , Daniel , Julian Benet , Martin Noah , Michael Rocman , Sebastian Stone
Bathhouse / Sex ClubCzech BoysTwinks, International

Bathhouse Boyz / Relax!

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Jay Renfro is a bathhouse boy

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A good rule of thumb to measure the quality of a Czechboy movie is to take its temperature at the thirty minute time index of the DVD. By that point, the entire juicy cast of the film has frolicked naked in the shower together, and two long manpoles have slid up Brock Wilder's creamy ass. A fine first half hour from Czech director Robert Boggs!

USA distributor Tipo Sesso gives a hand at presenting new titles starring the extremely highly seen bunch of Prague models, most of which are very yummy and deserved of their ample screentime. (Europeans can enjoy this film released under the brief title Relax!) In all the DVD, released in North America by Tipo Sesso as Bathhouse Boyz, offers seven rich scenes of colorful and wet sex. These are the kinds of video packages that keep fans looking abroad to fulfill their insatiable twink fetish.

Brock Wilder / Jay Renfro sandwiched Watch Now
Brock Wilder between Michael
Rocman and Sebastian Stone

I Fucked Jay Renfro!

The first action scene starts with Sebastian Stone (Mario Danza) and Brock Wilder (porn star Jay Renfro) relaxing in individual tubs. The lanky blond Michael Rocman (Skip Baxter) sits out of sight in an adjacent tub listening to the two flirt with each other. Soon, Wilder has his lips around Stone's long dong. After getting sucked, Stone gives a lively assplowing to Wilder, who is bent over gripping the sides of the tub with his hands.

Wilder squirts out a load while getting rammed from behind. Then, Rocman jacks off a solo load, and joins the other two. Interestingly, Stone shared Wilder's hot ass with a third guy in the enjoyable Jay Renfro star vehicle Sex & the Tourist. Rocman gets in a satisfying round of sloppy seconds while he and Stone moan and groan to a Brock Wilder sandwich.

Wilder's second cum shot is the splashiest of the entire scene.

The second scene begins with blond boytoy Daniel getting a rubdown massage from the sauna's on-site masseur Antonio. Antonio flips him over, and upon seeing his thick erection asks him if he wants a blow-job. What dude would decline?

Antoino turns out being one of the best cocksuckers we have seen out of the Czech Republic (Czechs tend to come up on the short end of the stick in this department). The Mediterranean stud has a tiny Italian flag tattooed on his lower back, which is plainly visible as he climbs on top of Daniel's thick pole.

In a high moment, Daniel's sexy uncut stiffie bounces around to the rhythm of his plunging hips. Daniel shoots onto Antonio's tan leg and licks it up. Danial is one hot model, and fans should also enjoy his antics in RAW films as Ronny Silver (he's adorable in Raw Rescue).

Julien Bennet relaxes with Skip Baxter

Rocman gets in a satisfying round of sloppy seconds while he and Stone moan and groan to a Brock Wilder sandwich. For the next scene, Julien Bennet steps into the sauna, where he finds a new resting Rocman relaxing. In an arousing opener, they work each other up to full erection merely by looking at each other and smiling. Their play escalates at a leisurely pace, along with lots of body touching. They adjourn to a more climate friendly couch, where Bennet puts it to Rocman, who lies back holding his legs high. After this they shoot their wads of hot cum out of their balls.

Next up, boxcoverboy cutie Adrian is laying in the tanning bed when he is assaulted by randy sauna employee Antonio. The Italian attendant goes crazy at the sight of Adrian's round ass. Adrian is an adorable bottom to watch as he stands up getting it doggie. Antoino'a display of topman skills reveals that he knows how to use his equipment to the fullest in order to keep the spa customers fully satisfied.

Antonio sprays a big dollop of white cream onto Adrian's upper ass cheek.

He's In The Driver Seat

By now, Bennet's first fling has him amped for hitting it with his brunet friend Martin Noah (Skaterz, who has been in the jacuzzi. The two are getting frisky when spa employee Chad Driver discovers them. Driver, wearing his whistle around his neck, casually takes Bennet's everhard prick up his ass. Then the cherubic brunet gets his turn on driving Driver's opened hole.

Watching these two young guys top the older Driver is a hot mix. And they dump hot money shots at the very end.

The final scene of Bathhouse Boyz / Relax! returns blondie Daniel and his thick penis to the screen, who this time is messing around with a cute young brunet named Martin Noah. They play around for awhile with their cocks, eventually setting on Noah as the one to bottom. He's a hot bottom. Daniel doggys him over a chair, the bottom's cute erection in full view. Noah finishes with a surprisingly splashy money shot that coats his partner's chest.

Of all the scenes in the DVD, this last one is rather limited. Let's hope we get to see more of Noah's promising assets in future releases.

The DVD extras contain a very nice set of interviews with the cast, many of whom are dressed in their real daytime clothes. Brock Wilder is smoking a cigarette. They are all asked their age, and about the first time they had sex. It is a nice extra insight into our favorite Prague models.

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Bathhouse Boyz / Relax! Photos:

Michael Rocman and Julian BenetWatch Now
Michael Rocman and Julian Benet
Bathhouse Boyz snapshotWatch Now
Antonio sucks Daniel
Julian Benet, Chad Driver and Martin NoahWatch Now
Julian Benet, Chad Driver and Martin Noah

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