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mr. Pam Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 108
, Adam Killian , Rafael Carreras , Scott Carter , Junior Stellano , , Alexy Tyler , , Ryan Russell , Brandon Jones
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Backdoor LVP 108

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A Vist to a Montreal Porn Store

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Lucas Entertainment's Backdoor is a sweet and seedy trip through Montreal. Our hero, Jonathan Agassi, finds himself at the Wega Video porn arcade where he watches the scenes of the this film play out on the video screens. One immediately wonders how long Agassi's going to have to wait for someone to find him in there and pounce.

First up, we zoom into the videos where we spy Adam Killian getting down and dirty with sexy Spaniard Scott Carter. These two orally attack each other for almost twenty minutes before Killian hops on and goes to town. After working up a heavy, visible sweat, Killian dismounts and goes to Carter's opposite side where he blows a thick load of cum into his open mouth.

Upon watching the second scene, viewers might wonder if the namesake of this video is the actual back door of Brandon Jones. The curly-haired bottom definitely fills-out a jock strap. (If you've only seen Jones in his later videos, you'll wonder why he shaved off his beautiful curly hair.)

Adrian Long is the greedy bar owner who's interviewing prospective new dancers for his club. Naturally he makes Jones sing for his supper, bending him over and fucking him over one of the dainty tables in this typical French cabaret.

When they finish, Long hands Jones his card saying, "You got the job."

Adam Killian on top of Scott Carter Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Adam Killian on top of Scott Carter
Next up we find Rafael Carerras outside on a cold Montreal day finishing a cigarette. Fortunately, Ryan Russell wanders by to warm him up. After stealing some nookie on the street, they repair to a much more comfortable flat that's fully stocked with a variety of eye-popping dildos.

Russell is am amazing bottom. His ass practically inhales Carerras long pipe. Carerras then stuffs him with dildos along with his cock for some high double penetration visuals.

Carreras cums in Russell's mouth. This guy just can't get enough.

"Let's do it, man!"
- Ryan Russell
Speaking of bottoms who always need more, next up comes Junior Stellano. Alexy Tyler takes him up to what appears to be the same apartment as in the previous Carerras / Russell scene, and fucks him in many hot positions. This place must be a real popular fuckpad.

Meanwhile, what's happened to our man at the bookstore? Well, time's grinding on down in the arcade for poor Mr. Agassi. Usually he's on top of things really fast. He ends up placing himself in what turns out to be a great fantasy - sex with Gabriel Lanfant (aka Gabriel Clark).

Lanfant does something new here - he shaves Agassi's ass before fucking it. After this, Agassi positions himself behind Lanfant's meaty buns and drills him. Trading back and forth, they end Backdoor on a hot note. The only real complaint about the movie is he didn't get any real action at the video arcade.

Top Service is clearly sold with the Matthew Rush / Michael Lucas sex scene as it's main point of interest. It's good, but don't overlook the great interracial versatile hook-ups, plus Derrick Vineyard proves that watching him is still loads of fun.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Adam Killian tops Scott Carter
  2. Adrian Long tops Brandon Jones
  3. Alexy Tyler tops Junior Stellano
  4. Rafael Carreras tops Ryan Russell
  5. Jonathan Agassi and Gabriel Lanfant flip-flop
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Backdoor Photos:

Adrian Long tops Brandon Jones Watch on LucasEntertainment
Adrian Jones tops Brandon Jones
Gabriel Lenfant tops Jonathan Agassi Watch on LucasEntertainment
Gabriel Lenfant tops Jonathan Agassi
Alexy Tyler tops Junior Stellano Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Alexy Tyler tops Junior Stellano

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