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Back in Africa (Part 1 and Part 2)

Luke Hamill
Bel Ami  
Adam Archuleta , Ariel Vanean , Dario Dolce , Jean-Daniel Chagall , Julien Hussey , Kevin Warhol , Luke Hamill , Phillipe Gaudin
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Back in Africa (Part 1 and Part 2)

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Luke Hamill's Cape Town Fuck Travelogue

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Back in 2006, Bel Ami got amazing amounts of mileage from their extended vacation to South Africa, providing three solid sex movies under the label Out in Africa. So much fucking happened, there was ample video material filmed for their porn star homage movies The Private Life of Brandon Manilow and The Private Life of Josh Elliot. Naturally it was only a matter of time before they headed back to Cape Town, which is now for sale as the DVD series Back in Africa.

The premise is six of the studio's studlets who are visiting for the purposes of taking immersion classes in English. And they do seem to be learning English, but this doesn't stop them from bonding together in the famous Bel Ami tradition.

Back in Africa is Bel Ami movie star Luke Hamill's maiden voyage filming behind the camera. The buoyant blond appears thrilled to have been assigned the task. He's so thrilled that his own sculpted cock frequently peeks into the camera view, sliding into unsuspecting asses condom free.

The films form an excellent venue for Bel Ami porn star Kevin Warhol, a happy-go-lucky sex imp who viewers will wait in eager anticipation to watch getting fucked, over and over again. Warhol starts the sexual action of the film off by giving his roomie Phillipe Gaudin an enthusiastic blowjob. Gaudin stretches out on his bed, enjoying the service with a dreamy look in his eyes. He gushes a great multi-spurt fountain of hot cum into Warhol's open mouth.

Kevin Warhol learns English in Back to Africa Watch on Bel Ami
Can Kevin Warhol master the English language?
The Kevin Warhol show continues with a sequence showing him jacking off onto a sleeping Luke Hamill. Hamill strikes back by fucking Warhol's brains out in a very hot scene. And I'm not using the phrase "fucking his brains out" lightly. Warhol's legs held back, Hamill works up a glistening sweat, pounding him on a very comfortable looking chaise lounge.

Warhol's gaze stays fixed back at him as he plays with his own hard on. They take several brief breaks to catch their breath, culminating both of them blowing big loads. "I'm happy you roused me the way you did, " concludes Warhol.

Next, a visit to a monkey farm inspires Warhol and Gaudin to start swinging naked together in the back of their SUV. They suck each other followed by Warhol swaying his ass over to Gaudin's bare dick and taking a fun ride. It's all impromptu because their sex is abbreviated. Next comes a disappointingly dull solo from Jean-Daniel Chagall. (It's too dark and the camera is just mounted in a tripod.)

Seducing Ariel Vanean at the Pool

Things heat up quickly afterwards when we spy Gaudin discovering the stunning Ariel Vanean showering off by the pool. These two studs look gorgeous standing naked together in the bright sunlight: Gaudin looks trim, tall and hung, a nice contrast to the more muscled, bubble butt and shorter Vanean.

Who will fuck whom?

Luke Hamill fucks Kevin Warhol Watch on Bel Ami
Luke Hamill fucks Kevin Warhol
It turns out that it's Gaudin's turn to bottom. Wearing nothing but his necklace, Vanean fucks him in several great positions. He ends up balanced on the arm of a couch, on his back with Vanean between his smooth legs fucking him until the moaning bottom cannot take it anymore, cumming all over himself.

Luke Hamill Exercises Director's Prerogative to Fuck the Models

Part 1 of Back in Africa ends with a "Luke Hamill bonus" not filmed on the South Africa trip - a training session for a cute, big dick brunet named Adam Archuleta. The trainer is Dario Dolce from Kristen Bjorn's Sex City. Things turn upside down when Hamill (still filming with camera in hand) pushes his bare dick inside Dolce's tight hole.

Watching in high def reveals how tight his ass is, slowing taking in Hamill's penis. Hamill then decides to sweep the newbie aside and take on Dolce's ass himself, fucking him as length until they both come. At last, Archuleta gets his turn to bang some Bel Ami butt. He's a little guy with raven black hair and a big erection. Burying his big bone deep in Dolce's ass, he fucks him in lots of great positions. He pulls out to deliver an A+ money shot, ejecting a splattery spray of cum that rains all over the bottom's chest and torso. Very spunky! What else has that Archuleta kid got in him?

More importantly, what happens back in Cape Town? Do our heroes learn English, or do they collapse in a pile of condom-free erections sleeping late, partying and playing tricks on each other? Can Luke Hamill finish the film without resorting to Jedi mind tricks? Find out in Part Two.

Back in Africa: Part One Photos

Kevin Warhol sucks cocks Watch on Bel Ami
Kevin Warhol is back in Africa sucking dicks
Dario Dolce and Adam Archuleta Watch on Bel Ami
Dario Dolce sucks newcomer Adam Archuleta

Back in Africa, Part 2

Bel Ami in Africa: Now is no time for sleeping.

"Today is very good day because after wake up, we go to gym. Then we go to church. (No, not church, what's it called?) And then, relax and eat. After that, to masturbation."
Julian Hussey describes his morning schedule
If Part One of Back in Africa became a meaty meditation on porn star Kevin Warhol, the second installment pays equal service to the astounding beauty Julian Hussey. Hussey is the ethnic Hungarian in the cast. Apparently, his proficiency in English at the start if their trip was essentially nil.

Part Two begins six weeks into their stay, and at this point the cast have graduated into the intermediate level of their English instruction course. The movie contains a weaving of sexual solo performances, four great sex scenes and amusing footage of the guys getting a mid-term haircut from a very pleased gay South African hairdresser.

It begins with Hussey describing to us in halting English his day, which ultimately takes him to jacking off for the camera. After this comes one of the high moments of the series: a rollicking three way with Hussey's lubricated, open hole forming the center of gravity.

One morning, Hussey finds himself in the kitchen frolicking naked with Chagall. It turns out there's another naked guy in the room: our director, whose stiffie peeks up from the bottom of the screen. Chagall slides his naked penis into Hussey, fucking him on the table. He's a fantastic looking bottom, and Hamill cannot resist fucking him too. Hamill switches off with Hussey, who soon cums while Chagall's pumping him. Then the tops squirting full bowls of morning milk onto his face.

Luke Hamill and Julian Hussey Watch on Bel Ami
Good morning! Luke Hamill points to Julian Hussey
After this, Phillipe Gaudin performs an enthusiastic solo. Alone in the bathroom, he sets up the camera on a stand and explains how he's not had sex. Naturally very sweet, he's just as endearing to watch as he is arousing. He's gives a fine show, cumming on his belly, standing up and proudly showing off his work. "I hope you enjoyed it," explains Gaudin. We certainly did.

Next, Warhol tries to jack off but gets interrupted by roomie Gaudin. Warhol, that spunky devil, ends up making Gaudin stay until he's face fucked him and shot cum in his mouth.

Locked in His Room, Julian Hussey Gets Fucked

The last scene from this African story of higher education and male bonding is arguably the best scene in the series: Hussey is laying in his bed, flat on his stomach when Gaudin peeks in through the door. His intentions become clear when he locks the door behind him. They trade blow jobs, but he best part is that Gaudin cannot keep his hands from walking all over Hussey's beautiful, hairless butt.

After much probing, everyone's ready to see and experience some real fucking. One beautiful shot: The purple-red wine colored head of Gaudin's penis penetrates Hussey's shiny back entrance. They finally position a pillow underneath Hussey's butt, propping him up so Gaudin can fuck him on a level playing field. Gaudin clearly loves being the top, and Hussey cannot stop taking heavy breaths.

The sex between the two is the closest combination showing romantic heat between the models, as opposed to the more common fun and playful to sexual frolic. It's all is so good, you will never want it to end.

As in part one, this second DVD includes a "Luke Hamill Extra," and it's really good. Very active horseplay with Jack Harrer causes Mr. Too Big to Fail Trevor Yates to sprain his neck. Harrer and the other guys, Hamill and Warhol feel guilty and seek to make amends by bringing him flowers in bed.

When getting fucked, Julian Hussey cannot stop taking heavy breaths. They arrive to find Yates laying in bed underneath a sheet with a pitched tent. Slowly removing the cover, we find Yates' pole standing tall at full mast. Watching Harrer's little body swallowing all of this anally is stunning. Where does it all go? Harrer happily fucks himself on Yates, sliding up and down this tremendous tree trunk in a sequence that nobody will soon forget.

The movie relies extensively on POV fucking, as well as long stationary sequences with the camera mounted on a tripod (apparently simulating computer mounted camera sex). I was skeptical of this at first. The style grows on the viewer. The only real gripe from the movies is that it does seem padded out with a lot of solo performances and "extras" filmed before the trip.

Is this all we see from the trip? Do the guys finish their classes? There's nothing in the DVD's that indicates one way or the other, not even a preview asking us to stay tuned. Perhaps these rambunctious guys need additional adult supervision on the trips to help them have more sex.

Bel Ami Online's website,, has become one of the most watched, most subscribed to gay porn sites in the world. Constantly updated, members can watch all of this and everything else. Why not treat yourself?

Back in Africa (Part 1 and Part 2) Photos:

Sex City: Part Two Photos
Julian Hussey in Back in Africa Watch on Bel Ami
Julian Hussey finds breakfast in Back in Africa
Jean-Daniel Chagill and Phillipe Gaidin Watch on Bel Ami
Jean-Daniel Chagill fucks Phillipe Gaudin
Phillipe Gaudin tops Julian Hussey Watch on Bel Ami
Phillipe Gaudin tops Julian Hussey
Phillipe Gaudin and Julian Hussey Watch on Bel Ami
Julian Hussey submits to Phillipe Gaudin

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