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American Lovers, Part Two

Marty Stevens
Bel Ami  
Alex Waters , Austin Merrick , Brady Jensen , Dario Dolce , Dolph Lambert , Kevin Warhol , Kris Evans , Mick Lovell
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American Lovers, Part Two

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Mick Lovell enjoys sex tourism.

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Hilfe, die Amis kommen!

For those still unenlightened, Bel Ami employed Achilles as a model for two years, 2011 and 2012. This Greek god in corporeal form hailed from Salt Lake City, America. He worked under the stage name Mick Lovell. American Lovers, Part 2 is a fine vehicle to familiarize yourself with Mr. Lovell. The film features him, while at the same time it doesn't overexpose him. In the movie, we also meet an interesting set of other American models visiting the Bel Ami set.

The movie starts with Luke Hamill waiting outside the terminal of Prague airport, holding up a sign, wandering around like Diogenes looking for a good man. He finds him, and he's even carrying his own luggage. It's blond haired, blue eyed Alex Waters. (Followed by Lovell)

On paper, Waters is most impressive - sweet face, big smile, big dick. His blond curly locks match those of Adonis. For better or worse, his heterosexual sensibilities seem to keep him in a straight-jacket for his scenes. He looks a tad bewildered moving through the studio's Budapest offices.

The real star of the film is Lovell. As an appetizer for the film, they sit together on a comfy couch, shoulder to shoulder comparing erections, followed by a feisty round of mutual masturbation. Their double solo is good to the last drop.

Alex Waters and Mick Lovell Watch on Bel Ami
Alex Waters and Mick Lovell compare notes
Dream boat Dolph Lambert takes the guys to a Hungarian waterpark. A day of active watersports gets everyone horny. Lambert makes the moves on Lovell once he learns the two Americans aren't "a couple." They are busy blowing each other when Waters enters the room.

Hey Dolph! What are you doing with my boyfriend? The Americans tag team Lambert's sumptuous ass, followed with them shooing their loads into his mouth. Once finished, Lambert's face looks like a glazed donut.

Smartly, the guys take a break, walking through local scenery each one talking about their own personal travels. Returning home, Lambert gets the three going for a rollicking second round. This time Waters fucks Lowell, perched waist high on a chair looking like an erotic Michelangelo sculpture.

Waters fucks him like a jackrabbit. "Slow down! You could kill him, " advises Lambert. However the look of bliss on Lovell's face says otherwise. In a memorable sequence, the sweating Waters piston fucks Lovell, while Lambert directs the top through various maneuvers, including pulling out his cock, exposing Lovell's wide open bright pink asshole.

Lambert takes over for sloppy seconds. Their heat rises until Lovell insists Lambert keep fucking him until his cock explodes. Lambert pulls out, quickly following suit.

Alex Waters tops Dolph Lambert Watch on Bel Ami
The Americans tag team Dolph Lambert

Meet Austin Merrick

The next American we meet is a curly haired 20 year old named Austin Merrick. He's half-Irish and half-Kenyan. He begins by taking the viewer through a very interesting walk through his personal life and his personal view on life. At one point, when explaining his musical talent, he delivers a complete rap. Then he pop-locks.

He confesses to being "bi-curious". It's a fantastic interview. The bottom who "breaks him in" sexually is Kevin Warhol. Merrick's face during sex is great to watch. He has fine lips, and makes a frequent "O face", all matched by Warhol's lascivious display of moaning and writhing around in an one man orgy of pleasure.

Warhol cums all over himself, but Merrick soldiers on, fucking him for an extended period of time. Finally, Merrick pulls out and ejaculates over the bottom, who proceeds to oil it onto his smooth chest. Warhol looks like it's the one thing he's wanted for days.

I Understand Your Touches!

Hark! Who rides in? The bottomslayer knight from America, Brady Jensen. Brady Jensen, an American with spiky blond hair, encounters the language barrier when talking to brunet local Dario Dolce. They quickly just give up, and decide to make love instead. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Jensen, he worked as Jonah on Sean Cody, as well as fucking up a storm on Jake Cruise.

Determined nothing gets lost in translation, the American tourist delivers a fine face fuck into Mr. Dolce's open orifice. The camera loves Jensen just as much as Jensen loves the camera. You can reach out and almost touch the tufts of blond hairs swaying happily atop his heaving buttocks.

They take turns lathers each other's butt holes with their tongues. A first round of money shots, and additional foreplay, lead to Dolce sitting down on Jensen's stiff muscle. Dolce confesses that his anus is the most sensitive spot on his body. Jensen's pounding sending him into the heavens.

At Dolce's insistence, the blond drops a big load onto the brunet's face. Bottoms have needs, too.

Brady Jensen in American Lovers Watch on Bel Ami
Brady Jensen enjoys his European vacation

Fucking on the Farm

The movie finishes with a rousing return encore from Lowell. He's allowed to explore the bucolic Hungarian countryside with Kris Evans, who ends up taking him on a Hungarian rhapsody in the great outdoors. Images of Lovell bent over and getting fucked through a wooden fence will be very hard to forget.

American Lovers, Part Two has a lot to like. Fans will become immediately intoxicated with the introduction of Lovell, as well as the movie's thick-slice serving of beefcake Jensen. The movie also shows that European models Dolce and Lambert are true sex superstars. (Lovell fans will certainly want to see his bareback flip-flop in Skin on Skin 6)

What of the other Americans? Many will enjoy watching the blond Waters and dark Merrick in both interview and sexual action. For whatever reason, they did not work any more with Bel Ami. In fact, both models seem to have been subsequently poached by NextDoorBuddies.

Bel Ami presents a most intriguing travelogue of Central Europe that's oozing with hospitality, fine men and outdoor walks. Visit to make your reservations.

American Lovers, Part Two Photos:

American Lovers: Part Two Photos

Alex Waters interrupts the guys Watch on Bel Ami
Alex Waters interrupts Dolph Lambert and Mick Lovell
Austin Merrick Penis Watch on Bel Ami
Kevin Warhol meets Austin Merrick
Kris Evans and Mick Lovell Watch on Bel Ami
Kris Evans tops Mick Lovell

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