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After Hours

mr. Pam Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 98
, Giuseppe Pardi , Harry Louis , Mike Colucci , Brice Farmer , Scott Carter , Jordan Fox , , Lucio Saints , Harley Everett
Euro-Muscle GuysHunksSuits / Tuxedos

After Hours LVP 98

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Going Down in Berlin

Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

I've got the scoop on After Hours. All five episodes begin with two well-dressed guys getting it on rather explictly in Berlin's public open spaces. It's actually nice watching their public make-out sessions as the city's pedestrians and cars zip by. On rare occasion does a Berliner seem curious enough to turn their head.

"In Berlin we can do anything we want. No one cares," explains Fox in the movie's Behind the Scenes extra.

This is pretty amazing considering how beautiful every one of the models is in this movie. Lucio Saint! Harry Louis! Jordan Fox! Be still my beating heart! The European dreamboats will zap you into their own world of intense continental sexuality.

It appears that the production of After Hours consisted of taking many of the players in Trapped in the Game and fitting them in suit clothes. Although the guys here are well-dressed businessmen, the suits are not fetishized. That's for their Gentlemen series.

Jonathan Agassi and Scott Carter decide to ditch Jay Roberts so that they can adjourn all by themselves to Agassi's flat and hump passionately. Agassi throws one of his best fucks we've seen into Carter, who clearly loves being thrown around.

Jonathan Agassi behind Scott Carter Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Jonathan Agassi behind Scott Carter

Harry Louis Fucked Him

So what happend to Roberts? We find Roberts in an U-Bahn station with Luis. The two grow increasingly aroused. Louis, as always, is the top cat. He leads Roberts to his place, and thrills to fucking him with his fat, uncut dick.

The movie marches on in triumph for the third scene with another pair of drop dead gorgeous men - Lucio Saint and Mike Colucci. Saint's an intoxicating top from Spain, and watching him fuck the beautiful Mike Colucci is another barn burner sex scene.

"In Berlin we can do anything we want. No one cares."
- Jordan Fox
Scene four? Not a bore! Jordan Fox takes his expert top man skills to the exciting Lucas Kazan model Giuseppe Pardi. Fox knows how to fuck. Watching him in operation is always a treat.

The last scene is After Hours is another winner: Harley Everett uses his thick cock to nail the voluptuous Brice Farmer to the bed. Their outstanding fucking brings this excellent movie to literally to an eye-popping close.

Whew! What a video! Is it the famously uninhibited air of Berlin that's fueling these guys? Do not overlook this hot movie.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Jonathan Agassi tops Scott Carter
  2. Harry Louis tops Jay Roberts
  3. Lucio Saint tops Mike Colucci
  4. Jordan Fox tops Giuseppe Pardi
  5. Harley Everett tops Brice Farmer
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After Hours Photos:

Harry Louis in After Hours Watch on LucasEntertainment
Harry Louis
Brice Farmer sucks Harley Everett Watch on LucasEntertainment
Brice Farmer sucks Harley Everett
Giuseppe Pardi opens for Jordan Fox Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Giuseppe Pardi opens for Jordan Fox
Lucio Saints tops Mike Colucci Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Lucio Saints tops Mike Colucci

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