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Damien, I Can See Your Tapas

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

One would have to be blind to not notice a hunk like Frencesco D'Macho following them around. Perhaps this movie is a commentary on the inwardness and self-centered nature of gay men nowadays. Then again, it's probably not.

Addicted isn't the first film about guys sneaking a voyeuristic peek at others. Voyeurism is long been a favorite theme of mainstream director Almodovar. (Antonio Banderas in ¡Atame!) Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond take spying on others to a more sexually explicit level, as a four-scene Eurohunk tour of Spain's capital city.

Sexually, the film delivers with a visual panache and sexual energy that one would expect from the streets of Madrid. Francesco D'Macho, who has shaved his head bald, employs his iPhone and a powerful set of binoculars to follow four sets of sexual adventures. D'Macho continues to be a captivating figure. Naturally everyone watching will be expecting him to finish the film stepping in and enjoying full sexual congress with these other studs. Does he? Here's lookin' at you, kid.

Judging by the prominent placement of Addicted underwear, the film possibly was part-informercial for Barcelona-based Addicted underwear. Their underwear is one of the most erotic underwear lines for sale today. That too could have been integrated more into the film.

D'Macho's first catch is Damien Crosse and Alex Marte, who steal to the rooftop of an apartment building to ravish each other. Both guys sport not just amazing bodies, but amazingly tanned bodies. (And tan lines!)

For those still unenlightened, Marte is a 6 foot 2 tall strapping hunk of man, who both fucks and gets fucked with equal enthusiasm. (Marte's on full display in Kristen Bjorn's Costa Brava)

The devilish Crosse is his perfect match sexually. With the backdrop of Madrid behind him, Crosse lays back in a chair receiving a great blow job. He let's Marte fuck him in essentially this same position, giving everyone watching a glorious view of Crosse's perfect, hard body.

Marte bangs him with his fat sausage at length. Suddenly we see D'Macho checking his binoculars because the guys suddenly seem to have traded positions. Crosse is pounding away at the bigger Marte's massive ass. Marte moans like a giant puppydog. Both spew cum like it's

FRanceso DMAcho is watching you Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Francesco D'Macho is watching you
Damien Crosse and Alex Marte Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Alex Marte sucks Damien Crosse

What's Eating Sergi Serrano?

Sergi Serrano looks like one of the fierce boxers sent from the 1980's Soviet Union to destroy the United States in a Rocky movie. He can't stop slapping poor Scott Carter around, who actually seems to delight in the blistering attention.

Carter deep throats Serrano's thick cock, causing him to get gripped by his head and face fucked. Serrano applies equal attention to Carter's melon-shaped ass. Ripping off the Addicted underwear, Serrano throws the bottom onto the bed for a furious fuck.

The top cannot stop manhandling Mr. Carter, pushing him down, choking his neck and spitting. Serrano's all about staying in control. More than anything he apparently likes being blown.

Carter gets him off orally. Serrano's face suddenly gets that misty "soaring to heaven" look. Pulling his cock out of Carter's mouth, Serrano's dick spits everywhere. The bottom's so aroused, it takes just a few shanks of his stiff pole to cum.

Where's our spy during all this? Capturing all the action on a surreptitiously placed room video camera.

Sergi Serrano in Addicted Underwear Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Sergi Serrano in Addicted Underwear
Massimo Blade and Goran Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Watching Massimo Blade and Goran

Shogun Three-Way

D'Macho follows tattooed Spaniards Goran and Massimo Blade to chamber richly decorated in red that looks like it could be either a waiting room for an elegant Asian restaurant, a martial arts studio or a massage parlour. It has a nice bed.

Both guys work D'Macho into such a frenzy he strips out of his clothes, so he can masturbate naked safely behind a room divider. Sucking Goran's cock, Blade, a popular Kristen Bjorn model, lays on his stomach exposing his ass to the room. He also has an absolutely stunning dragon tattoo running down the length of his back.

The moment Goran starts touching Blade's hole, he croons. Any kind of fingerplay sends him squirming. Blade reveals he's an equally chatty bottom, as he rides Goran.

Getting fucked on his fours, he's equally feisty with Goran behind him, banging his fist on the bed. He bites his own finger. Their sex draws D'Macho out of his shell a bit further, to the point he steps out of the room's shadows to masturbate. All eyes on them.

Goran spews a massive serving of warm cum, lots of which gets into the bottom's mouth. It's easy to see why D'Macho gets off.

Addicted to Tommy Hawk

Elsewhere in gay Madrid, Lucio Saints and Tommy Hawk are getting it on hot and heavy. Filled with sexual tension, their episode takes the video to its peak. They move through an electric exchange of oral sexplay. Saints' long uncut phallus wags at the camera laughing at us as he blows Hawk, whose hands are frequently occupied with squeezing both of his beautiful nipples.

Hawk is a mesmerizing fuck toy. To endless visible delight, Saints drills him all over the room. They end up on the couch where after drilling Hawk's pleasure hole, Saints hops onto the bottom's hard cock for a ride. In a high visual, both guys wear condoms, staying busy swapping off fucking each other.

D'Macho seems to have spent too much time elsewhere around the city, which is unfortunate because he's missed the best scene. That is, he missed most of it. Near the end D'Macho appears outside on the balcony watching them from outside. He's stuck to the glass like a plushy Garfield toy that's suction cupped to the glass.

Saints notices D'Macho watching. Pulling him inside, Saints and Hawk stand above our hero to unload a trio of money shots.

In Madrid-filmed Addicted, Raging Stallion treats us to a number of hot European porn stars in their full flower. The film has two problems: number one, Mr. D'Macho's role as spy is too limited. The second thing, which is a problem for this reviewer's taste is that the movie presents D'Macho as a kind of a creep. Is being watched a sexual turn-on or a stranger taking advantage of someone? The movie is noticably unclear about this, which casts it in a darktone. Is such profound cynicism required by today's jaded world of Edward Snowden's big government's lidless eye all-seeing surveillance?

The indefatigable Damien Crosse and Lucio Saints once again exhibit male sexuality that's thrilling. The spunky Tommy Hawk is also a stand-out. We hope Raging Stallion invests in more productions filmed on location in Spain. After all, Francisco Franco is still dead.

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Addicted Photos:

Sergi Serrano and Scott Carter Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Sergi Serrano manhandles Scott Carter
Massimo Blade and Goran Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Goran tops Massimo Blade
Tommy Hawk and Lucio Saints Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tommy Hawk above Lucio Saints
Lucio Saints tops Tommy Hawk Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Lucio Saints tops Tommy Hawk

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