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Might As Well Face It..

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Do any of the following syndromes ring true?

Have you found yourself in a dark room, bound and gagged with a full erection? Are you taking endless selfies? Are you a bottom suffering from acute Christian Wilde addiction? Have you awakened to find yourself being shagged by men dressed in Spanx?

If so, Naked Sword has created a special film for people like you.

Here are activities you should avoid watching Naked Sword's Addict.

  • Do not attempt to drive a car.
  • Do not operate heavy machinery.
  • Avoid eating sweat breads.
On the other hand, a new study conducted by the Institute of Gay Sex in San Antonio, Texas has found that watching Addict is beneficial under the following conditions:

Trenton Ducati's Sex Addiction

Director Mr. Pam fronts the movie with a visually striking image of an intensely aroused Trenton Ducati tied-up. In this pose, Ducati's a sitting duck for dirty blond Max Cameron.
Trenton Ducati and Max Caneron Watch on NakedSword
Trenton Ducati and Max Cameron
Max Cameron touches Trenton Ducati Watch on NakedSword
Max Cameron touches Trenton Ducati
Can you guess what happens? The two form a chemical bond that ignites the screen. Pouring lube on Ducati's erection, Cameron starts riding it.

This rousing display continues at length until the viewer realizes that they've flip-flopped. Now Ducati's fucking Cameron and somehow all the planets, the moons and stars above align into a cosmic sexual thunder. Or maybe that's them orgasming.

You Wanted a Hit?

Summoning Christian Wilde

Next we meet an exciting Black bottom named Trelino, who's made a number of impressive appearances this year, who appears to have a Christian Wilde obsession. Wearing only a jock strap, he pines for the porn star looking at photographs of him laid out across the floor.

Apparently, the kid does something to invoke him. (Is it speaking a certain psalm from the Bible backwards?)

Suddenly, we see the smiling Mr. Wilde standing before him. Of course, he carrying with him his towering erection. "Oh my god!" exclaims the bottom as he takes his deity up his ass. Trelino shouts Wilde's name when he cums.

Christian Wilde and Trelino Watch on NakedSword
Trelino adores Christian Wilde

Here's Looking at You, Kid

The third episode of the movie begins and ends with Jimmy Durano and blond buddy Connor Kline taking pictures of themselves using their phones. Is it just me, or is Durano way more animated in scenes when he's paired with a blond?

I know there are lots of people out there complaining of Jimmy Durano burn out, but this is a hot scene. It's arguably the highest point of the film. Another reason it's so good is because of the now unfortunately retired Mr. Kline. Kline made it a point to leave the industry on top, and that's on display here - with him on bottom, naturally.

The hottest visual shows Kline on his back, displaying his beautiful muscular front side, jacking himself off as Durano pumps away. Kline is probably not the only one at this point getting their rocks off.

Who Are You?

The movie finishes with a visually interesting set-up: super sexy Leo Forte awakens and finds two men over him. They are covered head to toe in black, and their identity stays unknown throughout the scene. Conveniently, they have openings for their erections, which are ample.

Forte rolls around sucking them in excitement. After this they take turns fucking his hairy butt. Forte revels taking their cum in his mouth.

Naked Sword's Addict neatly uncovers uncontrolled sexual desire via four riveting episodes. Now I'm not a doctor. But if you have your floor papered in photographs of any one of these models, I don't think that means you need to go and up your medication.

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Addict Photos:

Jimmy Durano and Connor Kline
Watch on Naked Sword
Jimmy Durano and Connor Kline
Max Cameron and Drew Sebastian between Leo Forte
Watch on Naked Sword
Max Cameron and Drew Sebastian between Leo Forte
Video Preview Scene 3
Jimmy Durano and Connor Kline

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