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A Weekend with Lyle

Blacky Mendez
Movie Series
A Weekend With
Lyle Boyce , Danny Montero , Leo Marco , Bruno Fox , Jordan Jacobs , Alfie Bee
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A Weekend with Lyle

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Never Can Say Goodbye Boy

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Wake up, Lyle! It's the weekend and the world is your oyster!

After young and cute Lyle Boyce grabbed everyone's attention in CottageBoy, Eurocreme wisely decided to design a full movie around him. Out of this springs the four scene A Weekend with Lyle, a very cute look at one of his so-called free weekends, that's definitely a must-see if you are a Euroceme fan.

During his action-packed weekend, we get to watch Boyce successfully juggle a lot of balls in the air. Will he get lucky with his hot neighbor, while the next day entertain a visit from his out of town boyfriend? Can he setup a successful blind date for two friends? And can Boyce appreciate the vast spoils of the British Empire during a museum visit, while simultaneously picking-up a trick?

The sun never sets on the British Empire, and the sun never sets during Lyle Boyce's weekend.

Now for some reason, Boyce thinks his neighbor is straight. (It's Danny Montero! Yeah, ahem, straight!) Once at his place, Montero makes his move, where he clarifies at the start: "I gave up on girls a long time ago."

This is hot! Montero grabs Boyce and starts kissing. Boyce pulls his neighbor's pants off revealing a pair of blue AussieBum undies and a fine pair of legs. Montero proceeds to toss Boyce around his bed in multiple positions. They cum together laying side by side, after which Boyce gets nervous and makes excuses for a quick exit.

What Is a Weekend?

At this point we witness Boyce's insecurities overtake him. Why is he so scared of Danny Montero? Well, come next morning the boyfriend arrives. Here we learn that Boyce is terrible liar. With such good looks, Boyce is going to need to learn how to lie to the boyfriend.

Viewers of CottageBoy will remember Boyce eventually falling in love with this French guy, Leo Marco. By the time this weekend rolls around, there's trouble in paradise.

Danny Montero tops Lyle Boyce Watch on Eurocreme
Danny Montero tops Lyle Boyce
Boyce introduces Marco to us by calling him "a dick". Then, once arrived, Marco keeps asking when Boyce was doing the night before. Marco sticks around long enough to fuck Boyce in his kitchen.

Marco is a good top with a tight, tan body. They shoot warm, thick loads when finished, after which Boyce informs us that's the last time he'll probably sleep with him. Closing the mid-point of the weekend, Boyce announces: "I'm feeling kind of empty now. I'm gonna go to bed."

Finding Inspiration at the British Museum

Later on Saturday we find a rejuvenated Mr. Boyce introducing us to his girl friend and a pair of guys who they are setting up for a blind date. Jordan Jacobs and Alphie Bee are a pair of lean fellows who decide to get to know each other better over in Boyce's bedroom.

Jacobs fucks Bee in their host's bed, leading to a pair of cum shots that leaves all satisfied. What about sweating up his clean linens without asking first? "I'm happy it worked!" our film star explains.

Leo Marco tops Lyle Boyce Watch on Eurocreme
Leo Marco tops Lyle Boyce
How's our hero going to find his inspiration? Boyce says that on Sunday's he spends time at the museum. Boyce is quite cute and innocent-looking, but it's not any kind of surprise that he later walks out of the British Museum with a hot man in tow. In keeping with Forester's A Room with a View, they were without a doubt looking at Italian art.

Instead of finding a dandy, Boyce has scored a daddy. Bruno Fox is muscular and hairy. He's a perfect counterpoint to the smaller, smooth as silk Boyce. They go back to his place where Fox fucks him in several hot positions across a large couch, and which brings our star to an exhilarating, wet and sticky orgasm.

A Weekend with Lyle is a fun and sexy movie that showcases the sex and personality of Boyce, one of Eurocreme's cute exclusives. It's a satisfying sample the typical weekend of a cute young man living in London. Our favorite interlude of the film is Boyce's hooking up with his gorgeous neighbor.

Furthermore, you will also learn that if you visit London's museums on a Sunday, you might get lucky.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Danny Montero tops Lyle Boyce
  2. Leo Marco tops Lyle Boyce
  3. Jordan Jacobs tops Alfie Bee
  4. Bruno Fox tops Lyle Boyce
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A Weekend with Lyle Photos:

Danny Montero tops Lyle Boyce Watch on Eurocreme
Danny Montero tops Lyle Boyce
Alphie Bee rides Jordan Jacobs Watch on Eurocreme
Alphie Bee rides Jordan Jacobs
Bruno Fox tops Lyle Boyce Watch on Eurocreme
Bruno Fox tops Lyle Boyce

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