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A Thing of Beauty

Jake Jaxson R.J. Sebastian
Cocky Boys  
, Colby Keller , , Dale Cooper
Oral SexRimmingOutdoor SexCum EatingTheme: Romance

A Thing of Beauty cover

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The Unbearable Lightness of CockyBoys

Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

The reports on the death of porn have been greatly exaggerated. A Thing of Beauty from CockyBoys is just the latest example.

The film is a co-production between Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian, who create a gorgeous Transcendentalist meditation on life, masculine vigor and ostentatious beauty. The producers place a mere four models before the camera, permitting us to leisurely enjoy their activities. The camera lingers, but only long enough for a proper display of lovely lasciviousness, then it's on the more.

It's been about eight years since Lucas Kazan skillfully fused literature and gay sex into near-pastoral harmony. Kazan's colorful videos starring European muscle men could have been the subject of Renascence paintings, in particular Decameron: Two Naughty Tales and Love and Lust in 2005, and The School for Lovers in 2006.

Filmed in a coastal resort vacation house in Mexico, A Thing of Beauty forges an American image; a modern image of gay love. The men make breakfast for each other. They walk their dog on the beach. Whitman's poetry presents the film's defectively American statement about homosexuality (or gay pride) that other cultures can't.

Did Maurice and Scudder "live happily ever after" in E.M. Forester's Maurice? Perhaps, but doubtful. (A Thing of Beauty's opening music, Moldau River, is identical to the 1987 Merchant-Ivory film Maurice. (I kept expecting Simon Callow to walk out onto the beach.) The Walt Whitman poetry (and Keats), combined with the joyous opening introductions of the models unabashedly enjoying themselves are brilliant. A running theme behind Whitman is honesty, and this film illustrates how wonderful sex and life is when we're being honest.

I wouldn't be surprised if it were edited into its own film short that could play the GLBT film festival circuit. (The producers also printed a gorgeous coffee-table photography book from the film. )

A Thing of Beauty is a fresh creative work that stands out from the usual hyper-commercialized, endless paint by numbers porn spam that's blindly pushed onto today's jaded consumer. You should get down on your knees and worship it.

Colby Keller and Dale CooperWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Colby Keller and Dale Cooper
J.D. Phoenix in A Thing of BeautyWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
J.D. Phoenix

Walt Whitman, Unsanitized

The sexual action begins with a twenty-minute vignette of powerful lovemaking. Colby Keller and Dale Cooper, beauties in their own right, begin their round of heavy petting on one of this house's unending supply of balcony's with beautiful oceanic views. It's deliberately paced and masterfully lensed, creating a jaw-dropping sex scene between two potent alpha-males.

They move indoors, where Cooper opens his manly hole to Keller in a brightly lit bedroom. They end up on a giant bed, where Cooper clutches the sheets moaning while Keller performs his magic.

J.D. Phoenix and Gabriel ClarkWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
J.D. Phoenix and Gabriel Clark
The second episode introduces us to the film's second pair of characters, Gabriel Clark and J.D. Phoenix. It's depiction of the larger, older man sexually coupling with the smaller, younger man, is exemplary. Phoenix lays in a deck chair, when Clark latches onto him a snake shooting out of the grass.

"JD - he's the perfect small bottom to pick up and fuck on the wall."
- Gabriel Clark
They make out until Phoenix decides it's time move the action to the pool. Winking back to Clark, he pulls down his shorts. Phoenix teases everyone watching with his bubble butt, and steps into the water. The move through oral foreplay that more accurately could be described as water acrobatics.

Clark takes Phoenix to an oversized orange hammock topping him at length in several positions. With Clark as top and Phoenix as bottom, it's a perfect fit. They continue their sumptuous sexual escapade in a nearby chair, followed by more rutting while standing-up on the balcony. Waves from the sea crash against the shore below as Clark splashes streams of his jizz onto Phoenix's baby-smooth, perfect backside.

Gabriel Clark: No Rest for a Top

From this point on, Mr. Clark gets little rest, pushing his nose into everyone's business until the end of the film. The next episode starts with a bit of voyeurism when Phoenix spies Clark and Keller making out on a balcony above him.

The camera follows Phoenix's point of view as he runs naked to find join them - a wide, white staircase where ample oral sex ensues. Then, Clark and Keller proceed to work over Phoenix's cute butt for almost twenty minutes. It's all share and share alike, as Phoenix's ass is an endless cornucopia of pleasure.

Clark hoses down Phoenix with his second load of the film as the bottom bounces atop Keller. Keller rubs out his own milky orgasm on the bottom, who by scene's end is a sticky mess, like candy.

Gabriel Clark tops J.D. PhoenixWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Gabriel Clark tops J.D. Phoenix
Remember how horny you used to get after swimming?

A Thing of Beauty is the first gay porn I've experienced that takes the "sex around pools" fetish beyond the usual, snd suggests sexuality in the act of swimming itself. The guys fondle and touch each other through their still-wet bathing suits, dripping with desire.

The film's fourth episode opens with this: It's a fun day on the beach when Clark, Keller and Cooper later get frisky in the showers, washing the sand of their bodies and their bathing suits.

Clark instigates the action by getting on his knees and opening Cooper's trunks. After jawboning Cooper, they corral together for back and forth blow jobs and ass rimming. At length, they go inside for the anal action (still in their bathing suits!).

Clark thrills to watching Cooper getting fucked. Then, with his own gloved cock pointing up and ready, he follows in Keller's footsteps. Their sexual episode continues in all of its poetic glory with a love train forming, Clark inside Keller, and Keller inside Clark. The kissing never stops.

After a rousing DP of Cooper, Clark stands above them, focused to Keller's cock moving inside Cooper's hole when he finally unloads. To finish, Keller and Cooper cum, using the outstretched Clark as their bathtub rag.

A Thing About Dale Cooper

The movie's final coupling brings Cooper together with Clark for a firecracker episode of one-on-one lovemaking. You can really see the sparks fly when Clark bangs Cooper's furry butt over the balcony rail.

After getting fucked from behind, Cooper turns around facing his friend. Clark picks up the bottom in his arms and continues fucking him, after which they move to bed and collapse into each other for a finishing round, following by another set of joyous money shots.

Cooper pours his load into Clark's open mouth, filling his tongue, who then pops his head back, swallowing it all like he's drinking a Cowboy Cocksucker shot at the bar.

If you like your porn on the romantic, sensual side, look no further then A Thing of Beauty. CockyBoys has created something new for us to dote over for years to come. Let's hope Jaxson and Sebastian continue making these kinds of films.

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A Thing of Beauty Trailer
A Thing of Beauty 3-WayWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Gabriel Clark, Dale Cooper, Colby Keller
do it in their bathing suits
A Thing of Beauty 3 WayWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Gabriel Clark, Dale Cooper, Colby Keller

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