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9 1/2 Inches (Thor Productions)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

9 1/2 Inches

Thor Stephens
Thor Productions  
Billy Herrington , Joshua Scott , Kurt Stefano , Max Grand , Mikel Fox , Scott Davis , , Vince Rockland , Yon Eagle
HunksDaddies / MenMystery/Thriller

9 1/2 Inches

Vince Rockland's 9 1/2 Inch Gem

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Thor Stephens maintains a distinctive directorial career by releasing the most interesting, and sexually hot movies through his studio, Thor Productions. Stephens often deftly tackles a subject that usually gets treated terribly - porn with a science fiction theme. His 1999 movie 9 ½ Inches largely abandons the sci-fi element, yet it draws cleverly from a number of film cinema references, plus good writing.

The set-up is simple: a mystery man (played by the newcomer at the time Billy Herrington) runs an ad in the newspaper seeking men with nine-and-a-half-inch cocks, and a ability to take orders. None of the respondents are truthful about the true size of their endowment, however they all do submit to directions, allowing them to be used as a sex toy.

The first respondent is the dirty blond Scott Davis (I Know Who You Blew Last Summer). He is told to visit a specific address and look in the shower, where inside the dark-haired Joshua Scott is soaping himself from head to toe. Davis does meet the size requirement, but he is allowed to continue. He drills Scott in many positions, and the scene is great all-around.

Next the blond Scott Lyons (Dream Team) finds himself in the apartment with the extremely hunky Mikel Fox, who is waiting for him in an inverted glass dome. Fox is a world-class butch muscle bottom, and Lyons sizes up the situations quickly as a chance of a lifetime.

Fox goes down on Lyons enormous endowment, revealing awe-inspiring sucking skills. Lyons soon is plowing Fox's round cheeks, and the bottom's face moves from smiles to lust.

Vince Rockland
Vince Rockland
Adam Rom's editing here is top-notch with effective split images and long close-ups of Fox's facial expressions.

Vince Rockland places the third call, and winds up in a kitchen with Yon Eagle. The two share strawberries and milk, licking lots of it off of each other's bodies. Soon Rockland performs his signature top-man role on Eagle. Rockland's dick comes closest to meeting the nine-and-a-half-inch request.

However, when Rockland asks for his money, the mystery man turns of the lights. Rockland reacts, "I guess that's a no."

After a solo from Billy Herrington, who squirts a geyser, the last scene goes to the cute Kurt Stefano (Grease Guns 2) with Max Grand in a well-appointed bedroom with candles and flowing drapes. These two actors have well-defined roles in the movie careers, so its no surprise. Stefano bottoms for Grand. However, both look great, and they turn in fine performances.

All in all, 9 ½ Inches is a forgotten little gem that shines thanks to inspired imagination, erotic charisma and sexual enthusiasm.

9 1/2 Inches Photos:

Mikfi Fox and Scott Lyons
Mikfi Fox swallows Scott Lyons
Max Grand and Kurt Stefano
Max Grand tops Kurt Stefano

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