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8 Simple Rules for Doing My Son

John Bruno
All Worlds Video  
, Clay Maverick , Eric Hunter , , Jason Crew , Jason Ridge , Rob Romoni , Troy Punk
HorsehungCollege GuysParody / Spoof

8 Simple Rules for Doing My Son

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Clay Maverick draws up an elaborate test to find a boyfriend for gay son Bobby Williams.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

John Ritter would surely roll in his grave. ABC's 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter would not be my first and obvious choice for a porn spoof, nor would I be inclined to cast Clay Maverick in the father role. Daddy/son-themed films are so few and far between that whatever bones are thrown to this segment of the fetish market will be gratefully swallowed whole. John Bruno's 8 Simple Rules for Doing My Son is a hot fantasy, one that was done remarkably well in films like Family Values, Father Figure, and Brothers Should Do It. Executed with comic style and tongue firmly in cheek, this one is a must if you sit and pine for Daddy.

Would that we all had concerned and loving parents like Clay Maverick. When he happens upon his son, played by Bobby Williams having rough and aggressive sex with a stranger (Jacob Slader), he sets out to find a more suitable mate for his boy. It's a shame he didn't hang around to watch the sex unfold. While the heat that Slader dishes out is on the rough side, it's obvious that Williams loves every minute.
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Dad Clay Maverick

Jacob Slader's Doing My Son

Slader is forcefully making his mark in gay porn. He's got a trademark style, often shoving his cock down a buddy's throat as far as humanly possible, no small feat given the impressive girth of his prick. Slader almost seems to take Williams' piggy response as a challenge. What's nice about Slader is that he gives as good as he gets. He passionately bends Williams in half, attacking his hole with his mouth, giving William's rosebud hearty smacks with his open palm between long swipes with his tongue. And no one fucks ass quite like Jacob Slader. Here, he comes off as almost inconsiderate, contorting Williams' body into odd positions just so he can shove his cock in deeper. Williams just eggs him on with enthusiastic pleas to fuck deeper and harder.

None of this is what Maverick has in mind for his son. In fact, he draws up a ridiculously comic list of prerequisites for any lad who wishes to bone his kid. He assembles a small group of potential boyfriends together, putting them through a sort of interview process. He even goes so far as to hire a couple of sex therapists (Rob Romoni and Troy Punk) to give a live demonstration for the candidates, hoping to illustrate appropriate sex technique. If Maverick were to survey the young men he's assembled, he'd see that none of them really need sex instruction. In fact, Jason Ridge and Eric Hunter, two of the "finalists" eventually blow the whole thing off and head to Maverick's basement for an impromptu session of their own.

Ridge keeps his stylish sunglasses on while he's getting blown, not that it matters much to Hunter. He's got his mouth crammed so full of dick it's unlikely he can focus on much else. Hunter is reminiscent of those horny Marines that filmmaker Dirk Yates is so fond of. Underneath a few layers of baby fat is some serious muscle. He also keeps sparse body hair unclipped and unmanaged. Ridge looks somewhat buff here and the sunglasses lend him an air of authority. It's a nice surprise then to watch Ridge beg to be plowed. Hunter answers the call and director John Bruno thankfully provides some great camera shots of Hunter's humpy, hairy ass pumping away. They switch roles, but Hunter as a bottom is not nearly as explosive as when he's topping.

Upstairs, the live sex demo is getting underway, starting with a brush up on anal hygiene. But the last candidate (Jason Crew) bolts before the enema instruction begins, heading instead to Williams' bedroom to chill. Maverick is left alone with his hot-blooded hired instructors, but even without the intended audience, he strips down to just his Calvin Klein briefs and asks Romoni and Punk to please continue with the demonstration. Romoni exposes Punk's sweaty asshole for a polite tutorial on rimming.

Rob Romoni grabs Clay Maverick

While he watches, Maverick gets more and more engaged, the tip of his prick peeking out from under the elastic waistband of his undies. He soon becomes an active participant, learning hands-on. Seconds after stepping out of his underwear, Romoni latches onto Maverick's prick. Not one to be left out, Punk maneuvers Maverick and Romoni so that the pair is lying on their backs, dick to dick, bumping pussies. It's a great visual and Punks slobbers all over both stiffies, bobbing back and forth between them. The highlight of the scene is their fuck sandwich, Maverick boning Punk while he's boning Romoni. After his lesson, Maverick as student gets a gold star in gay sex.

Upstairs in Dad's bedroom, Bobby Williams gets better acquainted with Jason Crew (A Matter of Size 2). Dad may have done something right after all - to Williams, it seems like a good match. Sweet and tender kisses break the ice, and soon these pups are rolling naked in Maverick's bed. Williams is once again in hog heaven, gazing provocatively up at Crew while he pops Crew's cock in and out of his mouth.

Crew isn't as sexually aggressive as Jacob Slader - then again, who is - but he has a innocent quality comes through nicely when he's messin' around with his new buddy. If anything, these boys are enthusiastic. They rim. They 69. They contort and grind in any number of athletic positions before Williams sits himself down on Crew's hog, crying out like the world's biggest dick whore. They eventually switch off, but much like Jason Ridge, Williams makes a much better bottom than a top. And when the cum finally flies, these young'uns leave a sticky mess all over Dad's sheets.

The father/son gay porn fetish never really goes the distance, but 8 Simple Rules is an adorable flick that's both sexy and comic. This one's worth checking out just for Clay Maverick's performance.

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Bobby Williams sucks Jason Crew
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Jacob Slater and Bobby Williams

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