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8 Inches from Brazil

Alexander Pictures  
Alvaro Mendez , Antonio Jacques , Denis Torres , Emmilio Calvo , Felipe Sainz , Fernam deSouza , Gomez Aguilar , Jeferson Garces , Joam Jorge , Jorge Ervet , Jorge Niguera ,
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8 Inches from Brazil

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8 Inches of Brazilian gay porn overload

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

We will be forever grateful for director Alexander's discovery of bottomboy Jeferson Garces. This fresh-faced lad is wonderful to watch, amazingly hopping up and down on titanic cocks with ease. Garces leads a cast of mostly new faces here in this new release from the San Diego based Alexander Pictures.

8 Inches from Brazil is a two volume set, five scenes each, all filmed in and around urban areas of Rio de Janeiro. It also features the welcome return of total top studmuffin Ramon Mendez who also appeared in Alexander's previous series Brazilian Cum Ons. Basically, Mendez looks over the scenic overlook of Rio de Janeiro perusing the pages of a dirty magazine. Perhaps the scenes of the film are what he sees in his reading material.

Alexander has devoted this duet of DVDs to the big cocks of Brazil. One after another, the tops here form a parade of massive meat, sure to stretch the limits of the viewer, as well as the insides of the bottoms.

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Volume One: Tops Ramon Mendez and Denis Torres

The fun begins with the introduction of two powerful figures. First is the scene's top: Denis Torres. He's smooth and big muscled, not to mention big dicked. He gets nuzzled and blown by the adorable Garces, mentioned earlier. Torres has a beautiful, big cock and Garces handles in by bouncing up and down in his lap. Clearly aroused by the guys he is taking, he keeps his own pretty cock hard through most of his screentime.

Garces turns out to be a very dependable bottomboy for both of the discs in this series. And Garces faces looks entranced watching the engorged cock of Torres release it's creamy contents.

Next up, the film introduces its other bottomboy star, Alvaro Mendez, who is lighter complected and slightly hairier. Mendez seems to work his way through the series showing visible improvement in his handling of the cast's large erections. Here is has a hot one on one with Jorge Niguera, a cute guy with an eye catching tongue piercing, who will hopefully appear in subsequent movies.

Mendez sits on it, but the highlight of the sequence shows him taking it doggie style, clutching the furniture with both hands.

Big Brazilian Dicks

Antonio Jacques Antonio Jacques Ramon Mendez Ramon Mendez Joam Jorge Joam Jorge
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The weakest link of the film series is scene three. It introduces two massively hung black guys, Garcia Lobo and Pedro Coresma, who take on the cute Fernam de Souzas in a jacuzzi. Not only are these guys all rather tradey, but it looks like de Souzas has trouble bottoming for them.

Lots of the photography seems to avoid showing the penetration, making much of the sex look simulated. If that's the case, it's ok. This is just one scene out of ten, and sometimes not everything works out. Plus, the subsequent scenes are fully ripe pickings.

Next, bottomboy Garces awakens in a bed to the come-ons of Pedro Gill and Diogo Sullva. Here, everything works from the top's thick, heavy foreskinned clubs to Garces capacious little ass riding them high.

Disc one finishes on the high note of our star Ramon Mendez finally acting on what he's reading in his magazine. He gets it on in a public bathroom with bottomboy Mendez. They are soon joined by the equally studly Antonio Jacques.

These two make a delicious looking Ramon Mendez sandwich, the tops taking turning on their new, smaller friend.

Jorge Niguera fucks Alvaro MendezWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Jorge Niguera tops Alvaro Mendez
Alvaro Mendez in 8 Inches from BrazilWatch Now or Naked Sword
Pedro Gill and Diogo Sullva manhandle Alvaro Mendez

Volume Two: Bottom Diego Lozano

The second volume of 8 Inches from Brazil is consistently strong. As in the first part, our downward curving star Mendez frolics in between the scenes flipping through that same dogeared magazine, but this time he's settled on a picture perfect beach.

The first episode calls the welcome return of bottomboy Garces for the first of his two scenes in the film. Sitting with Diego Lozano having a beer, they call over the stacked musclestud Jorge Ervet. They worship Ervet's pecs, abs and fat penis.

Fully hard, Lozano watches Ervet lick his friend's hairless hole and bury his cock deep inside him. After this nice riding ceremony, the scene takes a pleasant turn as Lozano enjoys the pleasure of getting it from Ervet. They all finish by cumming on the top's blue work outfit.

Fucking Alvaro Mendez

After this, bottomboy Mendez returns, this time he's in bed droolong over Joam Jorge enormous erection stretching through his underwear. Mendez delicately tounges and swallows his meat in some nice oral footage.

How is going to take this one? By sitting down on it, he does admirably well considering this is the size and shape of a live python snake. The footage of the bottom getting it on his fours is very hot.

Just when you think you've seen enough colossal cock, along come Emmilio Calvo and Felipe Sainz. Writhing in a dark dance club, their erect pricks pull the body of Diego Lozana into them like iron filings to a magnet. Lozana handles these guys well, at one point one his back, feet to the heavens and sandwiched on either side by the tops, who plow him.

After this comes the disc's most satisfying scene: bottomboy Mendez meets the Papabear hunk Gomez Aguilar, whose beercan sized phallus and grapefruit sized nuts made Bananas from Brazil, vol. 1 unforgettable. Can Mendez take this guy? He sure can, and in an impressive display, Aguillar seems tender and warm to him.

Daddy/boy fans rejoice, and as in all his previous episodes, those king sized nuts ejaculate a spectacular amount of jism.

The disc wraps up with Garces taking our series star Mendez up his sweet ass, along his top-buddy from the final episode disc one, Antonio Jacques. At one point, they turn Gerces around, and together thwack their beautiful long cocks against his smooth cheeks. Their working over of this sweetmeat is the perfect close to the movie.

Perhaps on your next trip to Rio, these two will suddenly appear at some bar or public john and get you on your knees.

8 Inches from Brazil rests comfortably on its consistent presentation of truly amazingly sized cocks. Some of these models, clearly hired because of their physical assets, look a little lost in their probably first ever male sexual experience. Some of the anal sequences are on the light side. However, one must understand that these appendages could pierce high internal organs.

Clearly as in one scene of disc one, the bottoms may not have been able to handle it. But this is sexual splendor from the exotic and untamed land of South America, and Alexander's films are attractive because he brings us men we would never otherwise see, all naked, hard and performing for our pleasure.

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8 Inches from Brazil Photos:

Diego Lozana fucks Jorge ErvetWatch Now or Naked Sword
Alvaro Mendez watches Diego Lozana and Jorge Ervet
Diego Lozabo in 8 Inches from BrazilWatch Now or Naked Sword
Emmilio Calvo, Diego Lozano and Felipe Sainz
Gomez Aguilar lathers Alvaro MendezWatch Now or Naked Sword
Gomez Aguilar lathers Alvaro Mendez

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