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8 Inches Part One

Max Julien
Alexandre Bertoni , Carlo Cox , Cris Costa , Gabriel Faria , Juarez Nobre , , Sidney Sampaio , Tadeu Novais , Tito Bueno
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8 Inches Part One

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Carlo Cox takes his camera to photograph the goings on at Sao Paulo adult movie theaters.

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When is Carlo Cox going to give up that sexy little ass of his? After checking out his starring role in MarcoStudio's 8 Inches, hardcore fans will have to continue to wait. Here, Cox plays a very heterosexual private eye charged with the task of investigating some down and dirty blackmailing. Down at the local adult cinema, the best place to get a little man-sex if you're trapped in the Brazilian closet, men are being threatened with exposure by a gent whose only distinguishing characteristic is his 8 Inches. Carlo Cox is on the case, but not before we watch a short snippet of him banging his big-breasted girlfriend, then showering off all those savory cunt juices. Hell - any excuse to watch a naked Carlo Cox is a good one. (like in All Worlds' snappy film The Backbone)

Needing the insider track on gay sex in order to nab the offender, Cox immediately thinks of his estranged brother (Rafael Alencar), and picks up the phone for advice. Cox, as it turns out, hasn't contacted his gay brother in over a year. He isn't someone that Alencar wants to be bothered with. As he's unfamiliar with the gay underworld, Cox desperately needs some sleuthing assistance.

Alencar, smack in the middle of a furious 69 with his lover (Sidney Sampaio / Sex Parade), isn't picking up his brother's call. For those unfamiliar with Alencar's beauty of a cock, this first gay sex vignette will bring you up to speed. Sampaio is nothing if he's not appreciative, and with the camera zooming in close, we're afforded stunning views of Alencar's meat and hole while Sampaio is sucking and rimming. Sampaio is also an impressive beauty - dark Latin skin, lean, sculpted pecs which are sensually furry. He works out a load sliding his prick back and forth between the stony muscles of Alencar's backside. Alencar releases his pressure with a wank, goo coating the web between his thumb and forefinger.

Tito Bueno snapshot
Tito Bueno
Left to his own devices, Cox grabs a hidden camera and heads to the adult porno theatre - the scene of the crime. Side note: at the beginning of the film, director Max Julien informs the viewer that the undercover footage we will be watching is the real thing, shot over the course of a year in an authentic Brazilian adult movie-house.

Back from his undercover mission, Carlo Cox sits in front of his television with remote in hand, hoping to identify the infamous blackmailer with eight impressive inches. And while Private Eye Carlo Cox watches the greenish, dark, and grainy tape on his VCR, it soon becomes clear that not only will the undercover film footage fail to provide any valuable clues, it makes for lousy viewing all around. Within 8 Inches, this secretly-taped, real-life video only provides the briefest titillation. And that titillation is short-lived when you realize you can't really see much of anything.

The owner of the theatre allows Cox to install some hidden cameras in the bathroom, and Cox captures three gents in the middle of some heated activity. (Lest the viewer be confused about what's genuine and what's merely staged for the plot of 8 Inches, just keep in mind that the real stuff is nearly impossible to watch because it's so poorly filmed). Three Brazilian men - Tito Bueno, Juarez Nobre & Alexandre Bertoni - are doing their best to set the tearoom on fire, twisting nipples, kissing and throwing all caution to the wind. Oddly filmed in four-way split screen, the gimmicky film style tends to frustrate the action rather than accelerate it.

Luckily for the viewer, director Julien takes the three models to a new location and abandons the wacky camera tricks. In a more pedestrian setting, we realize how sexy these three Latin models really are. Picking up where they left off, the trio gropes and grinds until their clothing is scattered across the flat. The order of the day is rimming, and none of the models really seems to get their fill. They squat, squirm, and bend over, all in an effort to get a tongue wiggling against their shitters. The anal action has incredible intensity, at one point going over the edge with a double penetration. This threeway may be the pinnacle of 8 Inches.

Rafael Alencer Spies Boyfriend at Movie Theater

Alencar has relented and agrees to assist his brother in nabbing the now infamous 8-incher. As the two sit and watch several more minutes of the undercover theatre footage, Alencar thinks that among the many anonymous men groping and pawing, he spies his boyfriend. His frustration and rage lands him back home, drunk and fantasizing. His mind conjures up two mysterious strangers (Tadeu Novais & Gabriel Faria) in the middle of some smoky foreplay.

Both are extraordinary Latin specimens, one with darker features than the other, but both stacked with muscle. These boys will immediately bring to mind the models that Kristen Bjorn uses, but as captured by MarcoStudio, these guys are far less stiff and uninviting. While the oral action - which includes some nasty ass slurping - is fun to watch, it's the backdoor sex that really sets off sparks. One stud rides the other, his massive pecs jiggling wildly as he bounces up and down. Using his partner's cock to get himself off, he sprays an impressive load into mid-air. He buddy follows suit, standing up and coating those heavy pecs with juice.

The final pairing is once again between Alencar and his on-screen lover, Sampaio. This is make-up sex; Alencar had mistakenly pegged his lover for a movie-house slut, when indeed that's not the case. Their second lovemaking session may be even hotter than the first, Alencar shyly giving up his ass to his buddy. Then they switch off, Sampaio begging Alencar to mercilessly plow him. When the ominous phrase "to be continued" appears, it's clear the blackmailer has not been nabbed and the plot will continue with more Latin-flavored, funky sex.

A good third of this MarcoStudio offering is this hidden camera footage. And while the guys you're watching may be engaged in sex that's real, you may soon tire of watching faceless men filmed in the dark, pants around their thighs, shuffling around trying to get off. The best parts of 8 Inches feature segments with the traditional productions values that we're all accustomed to. You'll finish watching 8 Inches with a healthy appreciation of the lighting technician and what they add to the sex being filmed. Carlo Cox was incredibly underused here, but with the promise of a sequel, anything's possible. Don't miss the outtakes and one-on-one interview with Cox, provided on the DVD as extras. A more private side of Carlo Cox is revealed, no doubt ramping up the viewer's fantasies about this hairy stud.

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8 Inches Part One Photos:

Rafael Alencar bottoms for Sidney Sampaio
Rafael Alencar bottoms for Sidney Sampaio
Sidney Sampaio
Sidney Sampaio
Eight Inches snapshot
Sidney Sampaio swallows Rafael Alencar

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