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8 Inches Part Two

Max Julien
Ailton Fontes , Aldo Ribas , Antony Gimenes , Carlo Cox , Cristiano Bianco , Edmundo Castro , Flavio Britto , Ivan De Morais , Luke , Nicolas Neiva , Paulo Machi , Raul Dias , Ricardo Porto , Roberto Aguilar
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8 Inches Part Two

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Carlo Cox bottoms. Many more reasons…. Sexy, Brazilian reasons….

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Probably the biggest reason to get your mitts on 8 Inches: Part Two is to discover whether Brazilian sensation Carlo Cox gives up his cherry ass. Once again, Cox is glaring at his adoring public from the box cover, teasing his hopeful admirers with the sheer possibilities. The credit roll brings viewers who didn't catch 8 Inches up to speed on the plot, but as in most porn, knowing the ins and outs of the story doesn't much seem to matter.

When we pick up on the plot, Carlo Cox continues to be haunted and tempted by the possibilities of gay sex. His smoky daydreams are starting to intrude on his ability to get it up with his girlfriend, and he just can't seem to get the thought of men like Cristiano Bianco out of his mind. Bianco plays the fantasy man to a fault, beckoning to Cox to all but rape him. Fans of Latin ass will groove on Bianco's fuzzy cheeks.

Cox keeps replaying the hidden camera footage in his head - authentic footage shot by director Julien's team in a Brazilian porno theatre. And much like in 8 Inches, this dark and poorly shot footage takes up entirely too much screen time (see my review for 8 Inches). The only new spin on this undercover action is that Julien purportedly planted some of his muscular and hung models in the theatre to spark a few sex fires, which were then in turn filmed without the anonymous patrons being aware that they were making their porn debut.

The film soon becomes less about catching a well-endowed pickpocket than Carlo Cox's character coming to terms with his awakening sex drive. Aldo Ribas drops by Cox's detective agency seeking counsel after having his wallet stolen in the theatre, and Cox seizes an opportunity to explore mansex. Ribas may not be a top-drawer Brazilian model, but he gets to bust Cox's queer cherry in this scene. Ribas' bold passes are finally accepted by Cox, and before you know it, papers and files are flying off the desk to make room for rimming and cocksucking.

Cox is undeniably bold, tasting ass, kissing and eventually plowing Ribas in his office. Ribas merely becomes the object for Cox's passions, and thankfully the camera stays focused on Cox's expressions, incredibly stacked build and beautiful eyes for much of the scene.

Paulo Machi sucks Edmundo CastroWatch Now
Paulo Machi sucks
Edmundo Castro
Edmundo Castro bottomsWatch Now
Edmundo Castro bottoms for Paulo Machi

Carlo Cox sports 8 Inches

The pickpockets are eventually nabbed due to Cox's diligence and hard work. The owner of the porno theatre (Ricardo Porto) invites Detective Cox over to settle the tab and boldly offers a bonus. Part of the fun of 8 Inches: Part Two is watching Cox struggle with his desire. But it pays to be persistent. Soon Porto, a very hairy, pale and somewhat older South American model, is rolling around his apartment with Cox hot on his tail. It's another unusual pairing for Cox who, in his American films, is usually filmed with the hottest models on the set. Porto, while not unattractive, is somewhat average, all of which makes for some amazing fantasy sex. Their unexpected hook-up is the best sexual encounter in both parts one and two of 8 Inches, hands down.

At this point, the film becomes a prison drama. Locked behind bars, two prison guards (Paulo Machi & Edmundo Castro) pimp out the now notorious 8 inch criminal (Raul Dias) in an effort to make some extra cash. Inmates line up to take a spin on Dias' stiff prick, all the while under guard closed-circuit television surveillance. Dias resembles a criminal with his unshaven face, wild cock bush and gruff mug. And the men who drop by his cell, like Ivan De Morais (Stiff Security) and Latin hottie Flávio Britto, tend to have cocks nearly as big as the one they're taking turns riding.

Monitoring all that cellblock sex eventually takes its toll on the guards. After counting all their pimp monies, Machi and Castro put aside their gun belts, strip off their uniforms and celebrate their good fortune. These two gentlemen are exquisitely matched. Both have impossibly pumped-up stocky frames and masculine personas.

Capping it all off are their luscious dark and uncut cocks. The viewer can sense a bit of hesitancy between them, but watching them tentatively rim, suck and fuck makes for excellent viewing.

8 Inches: Part Two surpasses the first film simply because there's less hidden camera footage (although the little we continue to wade through is still too much) and more Carlo Cox. Regretfully, he doesn't give up his ass, but thankfully he does give more of himself overall. 8 Inches & 8 Inches: Part Two balance each other out nicely, showcasing a nice variety of well-hung, gorgeous and more run-of-the-mill Latin men.

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Eight Inches Watch Now
Eight InchesWatch Now

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