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The 5th Floor

Ben Leon
Raging Stallion Studios  
Aaron Action , Billy Berlin , , Justin Christopher , Logan McCree , , Roman Ragazzi , Scott Tanner
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The 5th Floor

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Logan McCree returns to the 5th floor to do R.J. Danvers

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Step on up the The 5th Floor, a new all-sex dvd from Raging Stallion Studios. Director Ben Leon continues the same look and feel of the previous film The 4th Floor, only this time everything is elevated by a more diverse cast and inspired sex.

Things begin right off the bat with two fourth floor denizens: Aaron Action and Roman Ragazzi. This will be Action's second film, and judging by his powerful, sexy character, he'll be a great new addition to the studio's stable. Both guys lather each other's bodies, all covered with ample chest, body and public hair.

Porn Star Justin Christopher Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Raging Stallion Porn Star Justin Christopher
Ragazzi looks like he's in heaven sucking on his buddy's pole, protruding from out of his unbuttoned blue jeans. Action fucks the muscle bottom at length, ramming him missionary over a set of convenient wooden boxes. Their love culminates by Ragazzi taking it bent over, where he finally announces in his thick accent that he's coming. Afterwards, Action pulls out to shoot a hefty money shot on Ragazzi's hirsute ass cheeks.

After this, Justin Christopher seems to be luring Jack Ryen into his latin web of sexual power. He gives Ryan a long, succulent blow job, all enhanced by atmospheric lighting and smooth camera cuts.

Then the film most surprising event occurs next: Christopher bottoms for the first time on-screen, to the best of our recollection. This is certainly an event for the next day's newspaper, as Christopher has exclusively been used for his fine topping skills. (Tailpipes) The expression on his Christopher's face indicates that he's having to bite down a bit in order to take Ryan's thick cock up his virgin ass. However, the Raging Stallion exclusive handles it very well. He keeps his own big dick hard throughout the sequence, and, after all, he is in some very good hands.

Ryan tops Christopher in two positions, the second being on his fours, showing off the hispanic's sweet ass cheeks nicely. Christopher cums in this position, followed by a big load from Ryan on his backside.

Bathed in a blue spotlight, Scott Tanner decides to take a moment for some solo self-pleasure. Still wearing the police uniform and sunglasses from The 4th Floor, Tanner works his own body over with both hands, pulling on the bulge in his pants, slipping his hand through his button down shirt to tweak his nipples.

Justin Christopher fucks and gets fucked on the 5th floor. Comfortably seated and reclined he spends a long time playing with with his curved erection. At one point he bends over and shows the viewers his ass. He ultimately squeezes out his creamy load, all never once bothering to remove his sunglasses.

Justin Christopher performs an encore with Billy Berlin

Next Christopher returns for a fantastic encore, this time by nailing super bottom Billy Berlin right in his hot ass. They hook up on a stairwell where Berlin chows down on Christopher's king size uncut cock. They move up to what is apparently the 5th Floor, where Christopher can take a focused lapping at Berlin's hole with his tongue.

In a high moment of the film, Christopher pounds his ass doggie style in long, lusty strokes. A bottle of lube stands ready at arm's length for the top to regrease his shaft.

Berlin looks like he is in a state of complete bliss on his back getting fucked, and Christopher looks equally thrilled to oblige. Both guys cum standing together kissing, each one jerking their fully hard boners to splashy finishes.

The 5th Floor Preview

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At this point comes The 5th Floor's second solo scene. Action returns to show off his muscular, hairy body, stroking his uncut dick, waving it into the camera. He indulges in some action with a black dildo going up his ass, which finally makes him come.

The movie finishes with an ambitiously filmed one-on-one scene atop the roof of a building. In what may be the very earliest part of the morning, R.J. Danvers and Logan McCree engage in some heated oral sex standing in full view of the city below. Lights twinkle off a concrete manufacturing plant in the distance.

Danvers and McCree entwine against a clear sky that glows a special shade of cerulean blue. The scene seems calm, and almost tender as the guys stand up from giving blowjobs by giving each other passionate kisses.

Danvers peels McCree out of his jock strap, fully pumping him up in order to deliver a rousing round of ass fucking. Licking his ass seems to be the ignition needed to start the McCree fuck machine. He screws the passive, youthful Danvers bringing the movie to its very special climax.

Director Ben Leon seems to have really found his own style to making sex films. The 5th Floor contains very atmospheric lighting. Strong, hard lights shine directly to the point of action, even sometimes casting shadows, which gives everything the look and feel of a sleazy side alley or backroom. Buffeted even further by another J.D. Slater soundtrack, it's clear why Raging Stallion's technical talent builds their movies into such popular, pulsing entertainment.

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The 5th Floor Photos:

Logan McCree tops R.J. Danvers Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Logan McCree tops R.J. Danvers
Justin Christopher bottoms for Jack Ryan Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Justin Christopher bottoms for Jack Ryan
Aaron Action sucks Roman Ragazzi Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Aaron Action sucks Roman Ragazzi
Billy Berlin sucks Justin Christopher Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Billy Berlin sucks Justin Christopher

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