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5 Dudes 2 Holes

Will , Angelo , Grant Fisher , Shawn , Jansen
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Bareback Sex
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Are you a fan of pass-around FraternityX bottom Grant Fisher? Just when it's seemed like everyone in the state of Arizona has stuck their cock inside Fisher by now, he giving it up to five of the guys in an epic thirty-minute gang bang. Somehow, this all gets started in their kitchen, where we find Fisher on his knees servicing the guys, including one interesting new member named kevin who has a great cock.

The oral foreplay is extremely hot to watch, as the guys dangle their dicks in a circle around Fisher's mouth, who cannot inhale it all fast enough. After priming his ass with fingers, Shawn sticks his cock in first. The guys ream his wide-open asshole, taking turns in animalistic fury. Cheering erupts and doesn't stop until everyone's made their touchdown. They hits their goals by firing splashy orgasms full strength through the bottom's unprotected score zone.

Grant Fisher starts on Angelo
Grant Fisher starts on Angelo
5 Dudes top Grant Fisher
5 Dudes top Grant Fisher

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