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21 Hump Street

Chris Steele
Jet Set Men  
Bryce Star , Doug Acre , Jason Goodman , Kris Jamieson , Riley Price , Robert Axel , Steve Stiffer
HunksSex with the CoachParody / Spoof

21 Hump Street

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Riley Price Uses His Ass to Catch the Croocks

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Many niches in porn are oversaturated, so it's always fun to run across one that's under used. No, we're not talking about porn satires, either. We're talking about the buddy film. In the past, gay porn buddy films have been released with wonderful results. One of the best Bel Ami movies ever is Lucky Lukas, which depicts best buds Lukas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov spending a bright sunny day riding around, screwing around.

Director Chris Steele reaches the same level of success in 21 Hump Street. As a porn parody, it's a little goofy. But the director coaxes a great set of performances out of the hunky cast. The movie stars sex dolls Riley Price and Jason Goodman (The Ultimate Top) as the dork/jock team sent back to high school to bring down a drug ring. Both are talented, excellent casting choices.

In particular, Riley Price leads the film with his cute acting and boyant butt. The strawberry blond's casual switching between plot dialogue and power bottoming is particularly impressive. He may be the best to do this since Shane Rollins stole the show in Hot House's Justice back in 2006.

Steve Stiffer and Doug AcreWatch Now on JetSetMen
Steve Stiffer tops Doug Acre
Ron Jeremy Cameo 21 Hump StreetWatch Now on JetSetMen
Ron Jeremy makes a cameo on 21 Hump Street

Turn On, Tune In, Suck Cock

Toiling through low level law enforcement tasks, it quickly falls upon Price and Goodman to stop the supply of the latest street drug, HFS, a curious combination between MDMA and GHB, whose initials stands for Horny Fucking Shit.

Guys who take HFS first experience a laughing euphoria, sort of like they have the Naked Time virus from Star Trek. Then, after a zombie trance period, they're ravenous for sucking cock - a stage known as the Homo Blast.

Our heroes happen upon a hot blond (Doug Acre) taking it in a warehouse. They carry the frenzied street urchin back to headquarters. Their boss (Steve Stiffer) transfers them off to the 21 Hump Street program to find out who's selling the drugs, leaving him alone with Acres just as he's hitting the Homo Blast phase.

This opening scene is scorching hot. Who can't resist fucking Doug Acre while he's in the heat of a Homo Blast? Angelic and young looking, his body's a beautiful Adonis, punctuated with a surprisingly large dick. Stiffer a hot jock who effortlessly moves from Polo shirt-wearing supervisor to bossy top.

Stiffer is another memorable figure. He looks like he could be closely related to porn star Rod Barry. His dick even looks as long as Barry's - at one point he bends up and auto fellates himself, to everyone's shock and awe. Soon, Acre is on his knees showing off his Billy Brandt dick sucking lips - wrapped around Stiffer's stiffie.

Nor is Mr. Stiffer a trade top. He performs a hungry blow job on Acre's big dick. Throwing Acre's legs in the air, he fucks the kid agressively in a black office chair. They finish by moving the bump and grind over to the desk, where we can take in long moments of the bottom's hairless ass fully swallowing Stiffer's long phallus. It's an explosive opener to the movie.

Jason Goodman O Face Watch Now on JetSetMen
Jason Goodman's on drugs in 21 Hump Street

Pokin' in the Boys Room

Next we find Price and Goodman working undercover at Valley High. They pinpoint the drug dealer, played with a cold hearted creepiness by Kris Jamieson. Jamieson insists that to get in his good graces, they must prove they aren't cops. How? By taking a sample of the drug, of course.

This leads to the most inspired scene of the movie, where the cops end up in the bathroom trying to purge HFS from their systems before it kicks in. Well - it kicks in.

Who's protecting your right to blow an attorney? This scene plays out as one of life's true fantasies - two straight guys, who, after taking drugs, get so turned on, they start fucking. Both models put on a fine show. First they laugh up a storm, then overwhelmed with horniness, they convince each other that fucking is the only way to get through this. Completely in heat, Price raps an a wild song of ecstacy. They gobble down each other's dicks, moaning while slowly undressing. Goodman matches Price perfectly, following his lead going up to fucking his hungry hole. The camera catches all the magic moments, like Goodman's face when he feels Price's tongue in his asshole for the first time.

Price shows off his astounding bottoming skills by arching over, levelling himself perfectly, so that Goodman can throw an intense fuck into his ample ass. After that, Price rides him seated on the toilet. These guys work up a visible sweat, and, so will most viewers.

After this, it's prom night, and everyone's getting busted. Closing in on Jamieson, Riley gives up his ass to learn that the coach is supplying the drugs. Riley easily handles Jamieson's long dick. In a hot visual, Jamieson fucks Riley on his side, followed by the bottom getting on all fours for a sweaty screwing from behind.

The movie ends with the police busting the coach (Bryce Star) for supplying the drugs. Goodman and Axel take turns fucking him. Star is definitely a hot bottom, and it's hot watching the two beefy tops share him. Goodman, in particular, shines here, paving the way for him to be one of Jet Set's big, new stars.

People frequently complain either how formulaic gay porn has become, or that the producers and models are phoning it in. It's nice to see Jet Set taking the time and effort to come up with a satire that's cute and cast with guys who are clearly getting into their performances.

Riley Price sucks Kris Jamieson Watch Now on JetSetMen
Riley Price sucks Kris Jamieson
Riley Price and Jason Goodman Watch Now on JetSetMen
Jason Goodman and Riley Price succumb to HFS
Jason Goodman tops Bryce Star Watch Now on JetSetMen
Jason Goodman tops Bryce Star, Robert Axel left

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