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100% Raw

B.B. Bruce
San Diego Boy Productions  
Braden Faux , Cody Banks , Derek Princeton , Jermiah Maxx , Johnny Bang , Joshua Price , Kye Edan , Manchester Marriott , Seth Porter , Shawn Paul
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100% Raw

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Derek Princeton goes 100% Raw

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

When SanDiegoBoy's 100% Raw opens and the company logo first hits the screen (a clever parody of Fox it appears), it's eminently clear the care and production values that have been placed into this product. Next, a rock riff, and multiple menus appear as do the models from the first scene who gaze it up right into the camera lens. The graphic design is extremely polished too (and not at all raw) for an up and coming production company. But does the sex stand up to the standard of the product itself?

The handsome angular college twink face of the uncut white boy Derek Princeton (Bare Cali Boys) and Game Room from SX Video cover star Braden Fox are luckily on hand to answer that question. If you have a disliking of Stilton cheese, you won't enjoy the college boy dialogue that precedes the scene ("How was school"!!!), thankfully culminating with "I think you can put the homework off" and these two lads finally embrace, revealing smooth hairless torsos and minds eager to get the pants off each other as quickly as possible. It's lucky for us that studying wasn't on the cards tonight...

Derek Princeton presents to Braden Fox Watch Now
Derek Princeton presents to Braden Fox
Calvins and Hilfigers are quickly removed as the lads kiss. Fox, with his hair cropped clean off since the Game Room cover) makes the first move and orally engulfs his blonde friend Princeton who gets a hard-on in seconds flat, only to return the compliment on Fox's over-engorged member.

This college chow-down is anyone's game, and the duo trade back and forth as the viewer is left to wonder who is going to top in the scene.

Well, going in for the kill Fox gives a suck-job to die for, licking all around the head, lips clamping on hard and deep, eyes closed in reverie, getting Princeton primed to slide down on his uncovered hard-to-the-hilt pole.

Which he does, bouncing up and down like he's never had raw cock up his ass before. And a beautiful sight to behold it certainly is, Princeton straining with all his might, ass pushed back deep onto Fox's cock.

Fox gets him in the bedroom for some sloppy sounding doggie funk, and then positions him onto his back for the final push. Princeton is so horned up he cums over himself before Fox is done fucking his hole, leaving a long line of white spew on his body..

Fox keeps going for a bit, then withdraws with a masterful power-jerk, leaving hot wet cream on his abdomen. I'd say this scene goes a good way to proving the quality of the sex in this movie.

Next, in an outdoor evening shot, older blond muscular tatted Shawn Paul works on his motorbike and is accosted by SanDiegoBoy cute Kye Edan from Bareback Reunion. He "claims" he is looking for directions to a party.

Kye Eden claims to be only seeking directions to a party. But he doesn't complain when Paul shows him his heavily tattooed thighs by pulling down his pants and bending over the bike, and he doesn't complain when the older guy takes his meat into his mouth and shows him how tasty it looks.

And Paul certainly isn't putting up any arguments when hottie Edan, after letting his new friend rim him, bends Paul him over his vehicle and drives his bare cock right up into his hole.

Paul's pale hairless butt looks quite exquisite bent over the bike with Edan's ample adder of a penis snaking in and out of his lustful rear lair.

Edan moves the action to the bedroom, for some probing doggie fuckery and then gets him on his side where he can really get his piston working. It's hard to tell if he's cum up there, but that shaft is slick with something…

Edan works his partner's opening, pulls out his thick cock and cums all over Paul's tattooed body. Paul follows suit, christening the crown of his cum-pole with creamy shots of juice.

Scene three has cover star Jeremiah Maxx (Raw Ass Fuckers 2 from SX Video) chatting it up on the couch, with the darker-skinned Cody Banks, to one of the off-screen directors.

Both sport college football shirts, and cheeky lustful grins and are probed about their relationship together. Maxx exits.

The black-haired Latino Banks is encouraged to go see how Maxx is doing in the shower, and he disrobes so Maxx can go down on him as the water pours over the duo. Slender Maxx bends over and gives Banks full access to his hungry raw ass. But this pair are versatile.

They retire to the bedroom where Maxx has an array of rubber toys to lube and loosen up his mate. Banks wants to return the favor and does so, slipping in the dildo, then replacing it with his throbbing hard-on. It's a noisy nasty fuck that culminates in Banks expending his jizz all over Maxx' chest.

Seth Porter and Joshua Prince Watch Now
Seth Porter and Joshua Prince
Next on this roster of raw sex is the aptly named Johnny Bang, a ball-capped goateed redhead who works a plastic shaft up his hole with paradoxically wanton precision. The camera lens lingers on his personal debasing for some time, before the Emo-esque figure in the form of Manchester Marriot (College Studs & Bareback Buds) greets the craven Bang, who happens to have a dildo up his ass at the time.

Manchester Marriot pulls his cock out of his black jeans. Marriot pulls his cock out from his black jeans and works the dildo further inside his pal, smiling subtly with sexual candor. He wants that ass wide open.

He feeds Bang his handful of a cock, making sure he's nice and lubed down there, and knowing he's already well stuffed. He bends Bang over, pulls out the toy and slips his entire raw length inside him in one fell swoop.

Light spanking and verbal abuse ensue as Bang is put through his passive paces by the aggressive sex-god Marriot.

He does him fucking deep, and works him into the mental state of a man-pussy whose only too willing to slide down on his ass when he lays on the bed and waggles it at him. At one point Marriot even slides some fingers up there just to stretch his cock-hole wider while he fucks him.

Bang's ass is used from every angle till Marriot spits in his mouth, grips his throat, and uses his pucker with that steel-hard piston.

When Marriot is ready to cum (and trust us he fucks him like a marathon runner first) he bends Bang over the bed, and blows all over his hole, sticking the head back in it while he's still spurting spooge. Bang's cock explodes with satisfaction. And then Marriot shoots again!!! It's a fucking hot end to a fucking hot scene.

In the final scene we meet sexy shaved black dude Joshua Price and the dark-haired Seth Porter. Both guys are good looking, and both seem to want to get the preliminaries over while the off-screen director insists on interviewing them for no apparent reason (but patience pays off…)

They kiss, fondle, make out, get their shirts off, and Porter soon has a thick brown cock between his lips. Lucky him.

Price meanwhile plays with Porter's jean-hugging ass while his prick gets worshipped by his friend.

Soon pants are off, and Price shows Porter that he's not afraid to suck on some cock himself, before using his sensual tongue up and down Porter's silky frame.

They move into the shower, and Price gives his partner a nice rimming with that tongue of his that gets Porter's ass jutting out like a slut for cock. Price obliges and sticks his black shaft deep inside him, skin on skin.

He fucks him with a serious look on his face, like he has a job to do…

Finally back on the couch they began on, Price works Porter in every position he fancies, having him squat down on him, from the side, and finally, Porter's shaved ass is in the air receiving every inch this black cock wants to give him. The duo are now ready to spill, and they sit side by side, Price decorates himself with a whitewash of wank, and helps his friend along as he shoots sloppy seconds.

With lavish attention paid to the production, it seems like the hot sex pays off as well. As well as the 5 hot scenes there are 9 trailers on the DVD, a photo gallery, and behind the scenes action from the photo shoots that include more cock-hardening moments and lots more oral action. So with all that going for it, what's the betting that 101% Raw is on the schedule? If it is, I hope it lands on my desk first...

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100% Raw Photos:

Braden Fox barebacks Derek Princeton Watch Now
Braden Fox tops Derek Princeton
Manchester Marriot barebacks Johnny Bang Watch Now
Manchester Marriot tops Johnny Bang
Joshua Prince barebacks Seth Porter Watch Now
Seth Porter rides Joshua Prince
Kye Edan barebacks Shawn Paul Watch Now
Shawn Paul (above) and Kye Edan enjoy a 100% raw bareback moment

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