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Porn star Vinnie Dangelo

A Powertop Who Hits the Spot

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How difficult is it to find a top who knows exactly how to hit the G-spot? For many, it's a very long search. Fortunately, we can save everyone lots of time by giving you Vinnie D'Angelo's blog. Yes, one of the sex industry's most popular power tops apparently really does know how to use his dick.

D'Angelo makes this announcement during his informative interview on the DVD extras of Raging Stallion's outstanding love story, The Drifter. But this is just the latest in what is already a wonderful film resume.

The beefy Italian had originally been go go dancing around his home area of Chicago, Illinois when he happened to meet the owners of Hot House Entertainment at an IML street festival. Owner Steven Scarborough apparently knows talent when he sees it. Some time afterwards, the swarthy muscleman answered Scarborough's invitation, and Vinnie D'Angelo was born.

His first batch of films from the studio is spearheaded by the ultra-explosive Trunks 3. D'Angelo appears in the movie's final scene, where he enjoys an incendiary three-way with the out of retirement stunner Adriano Marquez and butt slut Marco Paris. What an introduction! Shortly after this, D'Angelo returns for in Trunks 4: White Heat. Put simply, White Heat is white hot, arguably the best in the entire Trunks DVD series. After running himself down with tanning butter, he works over latin macho man Nick Marino.

Another one of D'Angelo's first films, released almost at this same time, is a Hot House feature named Full Throttle, which returns to the ever-popular garage mechanic guys theme. D'Angelo's maiden voyage is a sizzler. Paired with tattooed sex machine Nick Piston, the two proceed to pass around little buddy Jay Armstrong, a sweet bottom who loves getting fucked.

Many fans probably first saw D'Angelo in Hot House's 2007 leather porn Communion. Here D'Angelo appears in the DVD box cover clad in shiny leather underwear and armbands. D'Angelo comments in interviews that he's a pretty sexually easy going, "vanilla" kind of guy. So when he must complain that fans often get inaccurate impressions of his sexual lifestyle, we can pretty much start by pointing to Communion.

In this movie, D'Angelo fucks Jason Ridge like a rutting dog. After their flip-flop session, he reemerges later in the film, riding crop in hand, taking mammoth top Matt Cole (our interview with porn star Matt Cole) up to fuzzy Steve Cruz for another celebration in butt banging.

Is it something about D'Angelo's midwestern look? Hot House's first full box cover for D'Angelo is the blue collar porn Tough Stuff. The cast accurately looks like an actual construction crew, and who knows for all we knows the guys spend this same amount of time screwing. D'Angelo gets caught up in another powerful three-way, when he and Hungarian ream machine Arpad Miklos tag team voracious bottom Jessie Balboa.

Jock Strap from Hot House is an all out homage to every gay man's favorite sexual formal wear garment. D'Angelo and Tyler Riggz head to a San Francisco leather store where they find a perfect "his & his" set of jocks, inspiring them to retire to a side room for a voracious one-on-one sex session. Both guys practically exhaust each other in a memorable display of versatile fucking.

After this comes two of D'Angelo's performances in what are two of Hot House's most inspired movies. He fucks Jack Bond in Head Hunters, Inc.. In this movie, Jack Bond is an arrogant businessman, who picks a fight with the water delivery man, played by D'Angelo. After listening to lots of gripes, D'Angelo whips his cock out, shutting up Bond by an intense face fucking. D'Angelo screws Bond on the office floor.

Hot House Exclusive Vinnie Dangelo
Vinnie Dangelo Ass

Out of the Hot House and into the Fire

Next, D'Angelo plays a doctor in Hot House's now famous depiction of life in the emergency room/trauma center. Jake Dakota shows up complaining about headaches. He ends up getting D'Angelo's finger up his ass, which causes both guys to grow big boners. This leads to another most satisfying flip-flop fuck. And we thought we'd seen enough crazy hospitals after years of television soap operas!

D'Angelo also appears in several episodes from the always entertaining Backroom series. Now, viewers can watch all of these episodes as a member of their web sites, or they can buy the DVDs. Backroom, Volume 2 contains a five-star solo performance from D'Angelo. This is an intense inspection that covers every square inch of his body. Basically it depicts D'Angelo alone with just the viewer, and the result is powerfully sexual.

In the next volume, Backroom Volume 3, we get to see an extended bit of sexual horseplay between D'Angelo and Steve Cruz. Considering that these two guys are friends in real life, watching them fuck is like peeking through the bedroom window to see what goes on behind the private door.

After D'Angelo's stint as a Hot House exclusive, he has moved on to other studios to work on some very exciting projects. Over at Rascal Video, D'Angelo shows up at the end of Hazzard Zone where he bags none other than Johnny Hazzard himself. Their sex is pure sensual, pure masculine. What an amazing match!

He later stars in Unknown: Ghost of a Chance. In this nifty story, he plays a jilted, abandoned blind date, seemingly sentenced for all eternity to waiting for Mr. Wonderful at a desolate West Hollywood restaurant. Fortunately for D'Angelo, Mr. Wonderful finally appears in the form of Rascal exclusive Blake Riley, arguably one of the hottest porn stars around, whose effortless sexual presence makes him all the more arousing.

D'Angelo's most interesting and demanding film project to date has been The Drifter, a well written love story for the always ambitious studio Raging Stallion. It is here that D'Angelo met his love, tattooed German Logan McCree. In the movie, McCree dumps his cheating boyfriend, and escapes into the woods, where he finds a handsome loner (D'Angelo).

Love blossoms. They make a very believable, convincing couple in what was one of our favorite movies in 2008. It looks like McCree has found someone who really hits the spot.

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Vinnie Dangelo and Jessie Balboa in Tough Stuff
Vinnie Dangelo and Jessie Balboa in Tough Stuff
Behind Dominic Sol in Verboten 2
Behind Dominic Sol in Verboten 2

Vinnie D'Angelo Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Trunks 3 Hot House Entertainment 2007 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Full Throttle Hot House Entertainment 2007 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Communion Hot House Entertainment 2007 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Trunks 4: White Heat Hot House Entertainment 2007 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Head Hunters, Inc. Hot House Entertainment 2008 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Jock Strap Hot House Entertainment 2007 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Hot House Backroom, Volume 2 (Mike Roberts) Hot House Entertainment 2008 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Hot House Backroom Volume 3 (Johnny Castle) Hot House Entertainment 2008 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Tough Stuff Hot House Entertainment 2007 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Hazzard Zone Rascal Video 2008 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Paging Dr. Finger Hot House Entertainment 2008 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
The Drifter (Logan McCree) Raging Stallion Studios 2008 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Unknown: Ghost of a Chance Rascal Video 2008 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Winter Heat Falcon Studios 2008 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now
Verboten Part 2 Hot House Entertainment 2008 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch
Tim Kruger tops Vinnie D'Angelo Timtales by Tim Kruger 10-20-2009 Vinnie D'Angelo Watch Now

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