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Here comes trouble...

Oozing tattoos, testosterone and tenacity, porn star Sebastian Young makes a memorable first impression. Watching him in action like eating a Pringle. Once you watch him top, you can't stop.

From his first on screen moments in The DaVinci Load, it was clear that this guy has the ingredients to become a real superstar - Young fucks like an animal with his big, thick cock. On his backside, he carries an absolute ass of death. He has that peculiar air of intoxicating arousal while simultaneously seeming extremely menacing.

So perhaps it is a good thing that Young stays safely on the opposite side of the movie screen when most of us interact with him. In the first Da Vinci Load movie, Young plays Leo Da Vinci, a descendent of the inventor / painter. Young's first on-screen scene is dynamite. He bluntly orders the cute Gabriel Cortez to "suck my ass!" Their hot sex episode proceeds with Young pounding Cortez in what eerily looks like a real classroom, and all to courtly renaissance music.

Both of their tattooed bodies end up on the floor, as the larger Young dominates the rock hard bottom. (see photo below)

Young gets a second piece of Cortez's boy butt, this time in a hot three-way where he lets his fellow bad boy buddy Taz fuck him like a jackrabbit. Both tops come on Cortez's face.

Katy, Bar The Bar! Sebastian Young is free from jail and fucking everything in sight.

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The second film starts with Young pounding pizza boy Matt Havoc's bleach blond brains out. Young here carries Havoc around all over the Brady Bunch era den, screwing him everywhere, and all to another fun musical accompaniment, this time a 70's style groove with a wah wah pedal.

This wild boy fucks like a rabbit through the highly entertaining Da Vinci Load movies, all the time handling lots of the parody and comedy that is Peter Z. Pan writes into the films.

Just put it in, Sebastian, like you were fucking a girl. Specific fans of Sebastian Young will enjoy Sebastian Young Reduxxx, which is a just the facts, mamm compilation of Young as well as an eyebrow raising collection of out takes showing the models and director interacting while filming.

The out takes includes the director giving Young directions like "just put it in, like you are fucking a girl," along with lots of other verbal gems.

Another interesting Sebastian Young production actually features him performing under his alternative moniker, Phoenix Young, is Erotic Barebacking Dreams from Seymore Dicks Productions. Phoenix, which is the name for a beautiful bird rising up from his own ashes, dreams though the movie's four hot sex scenes. Ultimately at the end, Young is sucked off by Jamie Donovan.

Young alsp appears as Phoenix in his popular episodes on Broke Straight Boys.

After this colorful birth, Young became a Jet Set man. The Los Angeles studio signed Young as an exclusive, casting him in most of their major releases. Andrew Rosen and Chris Steele have seriously rejuvenated the studio, and Young seems to be a key ingredient to their new business plan.

Jet Set seems to have tamed Young's ostentatiousness.

In Proven Straight, Young hands Hans Ebson over to Nickolay Petrov, a very very bad boy, for a hot one-on-one.

In Code Violators Young gets back in his groove, this time sharing hung bottom Cam Kurtz with Derrick Hanson.

The Sigma, Epsilon, Chi frat house is one non-stop party for Young and his frat brothers in Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang 2. Here he heads an all out initiation on the studio's golden boy of the year, Jesse Santana.

Young appears in the studio's first major releases for 2008, the fireman-themed film On Fire! In this barn-burner, Young and Jeremy Hall decide to initiate new fire cadet Braxton Bond, beginning with Young strapping the newbie down in his bunk bed while Hall face-fucks him. Both guys end up sharing Bond's ass culminating in an impressive double penetration.

Young's penchant for sharing gay bottom boys with his buddies in Cock Tease. He essentially once again plays the instigator so that his "straight friend" Brad Star awakens to get a piece of Aaron King's hole. Despite the cute name of the film, Young's sexual hunger rarely keeps him from just being a tease.

Young completes his cycle with Jet Set by appearing in their sizzling film Hollywood Sex Club, where two straight buddies end up one evening after lots of drinking. Young is a denizen of the sex club, getting it on in the bathroom with Cam Kurtz for some lengthy deep throating, and later throwing a hot fuck into Luke Riley.

It's is a shame that he was overlooked as Best Newcomer at the awards shows. Young has matured into a mainstream, sizzling porn star. In 2008 Young had to deal with an unfortunate incarceration which took him out of the public spotlight for two years.

On Young was released, and quickly returned to filming numerous videos for Although now sporting even more tattoos, his sexual energy continues on form. It appears CockyBoys right now may have caught lightening in a bottle.


Watch Sebastian Young Now

Da Vinci Load snapshot
Sebastian Young covers Gabriel Cortez in The Da Vinci Load
The Da Vinci Load 2 snapshot The Da Vinci Load snapshot
Sebastian Young hits it as Leo Da Vinci
Hollywood Sex Club snapshot Hollywood Sex Club snapshot
Getting serviced by Luke Riley in Hollywood Sex Club
Sebastian Young in Code Violators From Code Violators Sebastian Young in Cock Tease From Cock Tease
Sebastian Young in Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang 2 Frat House initiations in Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang 2

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