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Roberto Giorgio

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Roberto Giorgio's beautiful looks, smooth skin and rich assets have attracted a legion of fans around the world. Giorgio is most noted for his numerous appearances in Pacific Sun movies from Hungary. Although often playing the musclebottom, he often struts his topman skills.

Director Csaba Borbely has cast the Hungarian in numerous costume adventures. For Borbely, Giorgio has played an Arabian Knight, an enthusiastic gymnast, a hunky lumberjack and horned-up fratboy.

Giorgio first appeared in Bel Ami films as Filip Olivier, performing in two releases. He first appeared in Team Play, where Max Orloff (later famously Pavel Novotny) screws him within an inch of his life, making it a must-see scene for the fans. He's also in Frisky Summer 4.

Also, don't miss Giorgio in Studio 2000 International's Down on the Farm, where he gives it up to Rafael Carreras in the first scene. This is a great scene from a great movie. He most recently has a starring role in Sarava's Legion of Vengeance, where he leads a group of muscular Hungarians living in a monastery to fight and break-up a rival club. Giorgio has two scenes in this movie, and it probably shows him at his very best.

Hot on the heels of that, Giorgio played a lead role in Tom Bradford's outstanding detective saga Hangar. He's a detective whe ultimately nabbs the bad guys, closing the movie with one of the sexiest, heated one-on-one man exchanges capturered on film. Starting in underwear, which they could easily model, Giorgio and Igor Viard perform an amazing flip-flop.

Giorgio shows off his soft, romantic streak in several 2005 Lucas Kazan Productions. He plays the character of the Romantic in Love and Lust, where he ultimately seduces Giorgio Salieri. Fans should note that the DVD contains a nicely done Behind the Scenes bonus, where Giorgio is interviewed, and viewers get to hear him speak English.

Kazan continues using Giorgio almost exclusely. It would be difficult to point to any hotter example of man to man sex captured on film than Giorgio's coupling with Karel Rok in The School for Lovers. These two guys are a perfect match. With Rok as the top and Giorgio as bottom, their sex is breathtaking.

Giorgio also appears in the 2007 tale The Men I Wanted, a four scene film showing lovers entwined, to the envy of Samuel Dolce. Giorgio's scene is with a matured and sexy ex-Bel Ami model Ethan Clarke. After lots of nuzzling and groping, they make love in an Italian villa.

With his bedroom eyes and sexually supercharged physique, Roberto Giorgio enjoys being a superstud favorite for major muscleguy productions.

Roberto Giorgio fans will enjoy the special Best of DVD released in 2004, The Roberto Giorgio Collection. The DVD includes clips from Desires of a Gymnast: Part 1: Secret Desires, Lumber Jocks, Full Force, Frathouse Bash, Biker's Bang: Part 2, Airborne, Revenge of the Dragon: Part 1, and Arabian Knights.

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Francesco D'Macho, Ted Colunga, Jean Franko.

Passions explode wearing coat & tie.

Down on the Farm
Sultry Rafael Carreras prepares
to drill in Down on the Farm
Legion of Vengeance
In a fight club with Daniel
Kilmer in Legion of Vengeance

Roberto Giorgio
Roberto Giorgio displays his fine inner thighs in Arabian Knights


Roberto Giorgio Roberto Giorgio

Lumber Jocks and Frathouse Bash

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