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Robbie Masters Enjoys Movie Star Looks

In a time where movie after movie gets spit out of the Czech Republic, few stars stand out amongst the clutter like porn star Robbie Masters. This smiling devil with the ass of a bottom, and the energetic dick of a top, is a feisty on-screen presence. Being a fine versatile performer, it is easy to see why he a casting agent's dream.

Robbie Masters Limerick

Robbie Masters is a friendly bloke
big wiener, hot eyes, and a bootie to poke.
He's been on the screen
Since he was a teen
His ID card is no joke.


He, along with many of the same models appear in the same movies like Suite Service from Tribal Pulse (using the name Adam Kubick) , Formula 69 from 69 Video, and a proliferation of non-condom twink flicks from Raw Films over in Europa.

Sporting classic movie star looks, Masters first appeared in an great seven-scene Pacific Sun film about Czech boys splashing around the swirling tubs in Aqua Club. He explores the asses of several lucky models, one of whom is the puckish blond party bottom Jay Renfro. Like Casablanca, it was the beginning of a great relationship.

Here the dreamy-eyed Kubrick / Masters commands the bottomboys in an immaculately adorned bathhouse leaving the viewer panting as he takes control of Renfro's boy hole. Masters and Renfro become one of porn's most popular couples, of equal magnitude as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, or Katherina Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

The two horndogs performed their special tangos and back-and-forth in the often missed Sex & the Tourist and the frosty Ski Trip. Clearly by now, Renfro knows exactly how Masters's cock feels inside him.

Masters's own beautiful ass gets stuffed by Garth Bates in Suite Service; Garth performing a duty that many viewers dream of. After the slate Tribal Pulse releases, many of the same models began appearing in the RAW series of bareback films.

Robbie Masters Rides The Bareback Wave

In Raw Edge, Robbie starts the first scene off with a bang when he along with Filip Dorty and Filip Armstrong have an explosive threeway that leaves the viewer spent. Robbie fits his cock comfortably in bunkmate, Denis Taylor and tastes Rico Suro's hot load in Raw Recruits.

In an additional Raw adventure, Raw Tricks describes the story of his recruitment into being a go-go boy and escort for Mark Laurent. He receives a full-bore hammering from big dicked blond Tom Nowy.

Masters takes big, thick dicks up his ass like the pro. He bottoms for Georgle Plozen and Nathan Love in the fun sci-fi porn Formula 69. He grabbed his rucksack and some lube so he could get plowed in an outdoor fourgy in his Bareback Adventure.

Robbie's bottom line is this: "If he looks like a hot fuck, fucks like a hot fuck, gets fucked like a hot fuck, chances are he's a hot fuck."


Robbie Masters in Boys Fantasies Robbie Masters in Boys Fantasies
Robbie Masters in Raw Tricks Robbie Masters receives Tom Nowy in Raw Tricks
Robbie Masters in Raw Recruits Robbie Masters tops Denis Taylor in Raw Recruits

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