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Gabor Szeles

Porn Star Rick Bauer

Those Legs!

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French director Herve Handsome hit the jackpot when he discovered Hungarian wrestler Rick Bauer, and cast him in seven of his own movies. High Octane. (High Octane was later sold, and is currently operated by USA-based Raging Stallion Studios) It's it's first years, Handsome pioneered selling gay porn movies starring a cast of remarkable strutting Euro-muscleguys. From this group, Bauer immediately stood out, not just because of his bodacious butt, but also because of his rich, masculine figure.

For many, the hottest part of Bauer's body are his legs and inner thighs. Sometimes shaven, but more often not lately, Bauer's beautiful lower half are a delight to any true "leg man."

In his illuminating interview with Michael Lucas, Bauer describes himself as a pure bisexual describing many sexual encounters with other guys. All Bauer fans should check out this interview, which he conducts in impressively good English.

Bauer snagged his own boxcover early on with High Octane's Backdraft Men. Viewers immediately watch his musclebutt receive a complete workout by two tops, Terence Kiadas and Garcia Udulo, who since then has worked prolifically as total top James Jordan.

Director Handsome cast Bauer in three sex scene in Cock Tales, where he also appears on the boxcover. Cock Tales is arguably one of High Octane's finest moments as a studio. The stellar cast rocks their way through a bar in a sexual frenzy with Bauer standing in the middle of it. And it is here that we see Bauer show off his ability to not just bottom, but be an aggressive bottom.

Csaba Borbely utilized Bauer often. He's all over "The Greek Trilogy" filmed in . Rick Perry manhandles him in part one, Santorini Heatwave. This is followed by a carnival style group sex sequence in Chisled.

And during Borbely's Lovers of Arabia trilogy, he takes a ride on exiled Olympian Sergio Foster in Total Deception, a masterful movie.

Rick Bauer Works with Roland Dane

One of the first gay movie models to jump behind the camera lens was Roland Dane, who has utilized Bauer extensively for in films with Studio 2000 International. What Friends Are For and Down on the Farm have become classics.

In the first film, Bauer gives it up to the virginal Tony Magera, or so Magera verbally claims. Their sauna sex is blisteringly hot to watch. For the second movie, Bauer gets taken atop a picnic table by perinneal topman Peter Peck, who started in some of Matt Sterling's amazing film projects in Hungary several years earlier.

Fast forward a couple of years, Dane keeps a more mature and muscular Bauer in his movies. He opens wide for Fredy Costa in the sporto soccer flick Footballers. And later in Leather Weapon, Bauer gets initiated into a secret leatherman society run by the Lion King Julian Vincenzo himself.

Bauer's career benefited greatly from the lens of director Tom Bradford. Bradford cast Bauer in one of his first movies, Bang of Brothers, where he gets to top along with a hot cast of models armed to the teeth with metal dogtag necklaces.

Later, Bauer appears in what is one of the highlights of Hungarian sex cinema, Legion of Vengence, which is certainly the hottest adult take off of the popular Hollywood film The Fight Club. Bauer's episode is a fantastic outdoor three-way with Daniel Kilmer and Andras Dunai. The sum visibly sets from the starting to ending time of the episode, which is incorporated seamlessly into the shot. Another masterful attention to detail by director Bradford.

Down on the Farm with Tico Martin and Janos Volt
Posing in Chiseled

Meeting Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas has utilized Bauer's talents for two of him Cruising Budapest movies. Both times, Bauer gets with fellow Hungarians, not Lucas. In Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews, he gets off in a wonderful versatile one-on-one with fellow musclebottom porn star Ted Colunga.

And Bauer falls under the spell of the newer model Peter Shadow in a rousing session of aggressive bottoming in Cruising Budapest 5: The Mangiatti Twins.

Bauer has also appeared in director Bradford's films for Falcon International, notably in Hungarian Hunks. Returning home from military service in Iraq, Bauer gets it on with two gardeners at his brother's home, Andrew Moretti and Leslie Blue.

After years in the business, Bauer continues to work in numerous movies, always keeping his body in tip top shape. As mentioned earlier, Bauer recently lets his hair grow out naturally on his legs and backside, all visible in full force in Raging Stallion's Gonzo film Fuck My Ass I'll Suck Your Cock. Of course, this is a filmed Gonzo style, so everything is presented as real and real time as possible.

Bauer starred in over half a dozen productions for the popular European website Men At Play, feauring hot men wearing formal attire. Here, Bauer undresses with Ross Hurston, Francesco D'Macho, Kevin Miles and Carlos Caballero for some fucking hot scenes.

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Doing Jason Carrigan in Fuck My Ass I'll Suck Your Cock
Doing Jason Carrigan in Fuck My Ass I'll Suck Your Cock
Topping Ted Colunga in Cruising Budapest 2
Topping Ted Colunga in Cruising Budapest 2

Rick Bauer Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Down on the Farm Studio 2000 International 2003 Gabor Szeles Watch Now
What Friends Are For Studio 2000 International 2004 Gabor Szeles Watch Now
Footballers Studio 2000 International 2007 Gabor Szeles Watch Now
Leather Weapon Studio 2000 International 2007 Gabor Szeles Watch Now
Underground High Octane 2003 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Backdraft Men High Octane 2003 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Santorini Heatwave Pacific Sun Entertainment 2003 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Deep Probe High Octane 2003 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Cock Tales High Octane 2003 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Total Deception Pacific Sun Entertainment 2003 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Chiseled Pacific Sun Entertainment 2003 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Ultimate Warriors High Octane 2004 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Legion of Vengeance Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions) 2004 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Bang of Brothers Pacific Sun Entertainment 2004 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews Lucas Entertainment 2007 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Cruising Budapest 5: The Mangiatti Twins Lucas Entertainment 2008 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Hungarian Hunks Falcon International 2007 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Fuck My Ass, I'll Suck Your Cock Raging Stallion Studios 2007 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Michael Lucas' Auditions 23 Lucas Entertainment 2008 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Swallow with Pride Lucas Entertainment 2008 Rick Bauer Watch Now
Hungarian Hook Up Falcon International 2007 Rick Bauer Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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