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Remy Delaine

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Porn star Remy Delaine

Thick n Creamy French Dish

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New pornstar Remy Delaine carrys a dark, powerful sexual magnetism which hums in his movies. After appearing in several notable sports-themed films from Australia's Pistol Media, US-based Raging Stallion cast him in several major projects.

RS director Chris Ward maintains a superb eye for models, previously scoring such notables like Shane Rollins and Miguel Leonn for his films.

Before they letting the ink barely dry on his model releases, the studio announced Delaine as their 2005 Man of the Year.

"This was a complete surprise for me!" exclaimed Delaine as he retracted his foreskin. "I work hard at making my scenes as good as they can be, and working with the Raging Stallion crew is very easy. We all enjoy what we are doing and I am very pleased that customers have responded to what I present on film. Life is good and I am having a blast!" said Delaine upon hearing the news.

Remy Delaine Limerick

There's a Frenchman
Down Under who's hung.
He once inhaled bouillabaisse
into his lung.
His foreskin is thick,
which the boys like to lick.
They simply just stick out their tongues.


Delaine carries an amazing, thickly-hooded cock. His striking French-Arab looks and powerful eyes made him truly a stand-out selection that year.

Before his Raging Stallion releases, all excellent, he started his career appearing in the jock oriented Pistol movies. In Escape from Sydney, he cocks his power pistol in a hot outdoor sex scene with Kurt Johnson. Delaine is trespassing on a beautifully wooded property with his trusty dog. Johnson catches them and forces him to pound his ass doggie style. (not the dingo, he's probably off eating a can of Dinky-Di)

Delaine appears in Raging Stallion's long-awaited Christmas movie Arabesque. This twelve-scene extravaganza will hopefully will be a 21st-century Jean Daniel Cadinot meets the classic Gregory Peck Hollywood film redux. No word yet on who will repraise the role of Sofia Loren.

Reaching for heavy equipment
in Escape from Sydney

Remy Delaine Mans Up

A slightly more mature, hairier Remy Delaine pops up for two Raging Stallion 2006 films. In Manifesto, he and fellow Gaul Francois Sagat ravage each other in the movie's opening scene. Both these guys drench the screen with their sexual heat.

Assquest, Part 1, is just as good. An all sex tape that heavily employs the use of jockstraps, Delaine goes head to head with Carlos Morales and Justin Christopher, which includes some hot footage of Delaie bottoming for Morales.

In 2007, Delaine comes-back after a year hiatus as a car mechanic in the Monster Bang movie Tailpipes, where he slides his greased gun into Raging Stallion's new discovery Roman Ragazzi. Their sex in the back bed of a picjup truck is slow and intense. Interestingly, shortly after the movie's release, the studio announced that Ragazii would be their new Man of the Year for 2008.

So watching their episode together is literally seeing a hand off taking place. Is this how Raging Stallion trains their future generations?

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Remy Delaine behind Francois Sagat in Manifesto
Remy Delaine behind Francois Sagat in Manifesto
Remy Delaine in Young Bucks
Remy Delaine in Young Bucks

Remy Delaine Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Escape from Sydney Pistol Media Studios 2005 Remy Delaine Watch Now
Arabesque Raging Stallion Studios 2005 Remy Delaine Watch Now
Ass Quest, Part 1 Raging Stallion Studios 2006 Remy Delaine Watch Now
Manifesto Raging Stallion Studios 2006 Remy Delaine Watch Now
Knight after Night Raging Stallion Studios 2006 Remy Delaine Watch Now
Tailpipes (Monster Bang 12) Raging Stallion Studios 2007 Remy Delaine Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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