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Rafael Alencar

Rafael Alencar

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Rafael Alencar Has Gone Far

Versatility is the spice of life. Although porn star Rafael Alencar plays the top in many movies, he has bottomed, and the results are spectacular. His best all-around exposure is in Pietro's The American Lover, more or less an Alencar showpiece film filmed in his own stomping grounds, Brazil. The plot is goofy, but all the sex is boiling, and Alencar is in two of the movie's four scenes.

Alencar easily steals the show in pretty much all movies. Casting him in Gored from Studio 2000 was a moment of inspiration. In this steamy film he plays a reluctant matador, and he does a pretty good job with the part. Furthermore, he rides the bucking booties of two really hot models - Mario Ortiz and Andrew Rubio.

Rafael Alencar Bottoms

Despite his rampaging personality, Alencar has not always played the active role in movies. Alencar gets fucked several times in one of his earliest films, 8 Inches for Marcostudio in 2005. During his film tenure, director Max Julien's Marcostudio movies cast a unique, compelling light on a whole chorus of Brazilian bodybuilders.

The masterful director John Travis, now retired, was also able to coax amazing performances out of the studio's Brazilian exclusive model. Lo and behold, viewers of the outstanding movie Weekend Blowout from Studio 2000 are treated to seeing Rafael Alencar bottom for Jed Wilcox in a stupendous three way. Later in the scene Alecar does get to strutt his top man stuff on Ace Hanson.

You're the Top!

He also shows up for a one on one couch quickie with Luciano Haas in Studio 2000's Ace in the Hole.

Alencar has also done some very good work with Sarava Productions. In Kristen Bjorn's Men Amongst the Ruins, he is part of a beautifully arranged four-way with three other equally impressive men. He also appears in the Bjorn/Sarava porn movie Parashooter in a very hot scene.

In 2006, Alencar moved his remarkable services to Raging Stallion Studios. His giant cock and relentless topping skills made him a natural in their sexpig environment. After first plowing the hell out of Collin West in the Monster Bang video Hard as Wood, he and Marcos Pirelli sandwich Alex Corsi, completely wearing him out with their cocks.

More recently, Alencar has filmed some very hot episodes with Hot House Entertainment, a studio whose signature could be where the big dick tops relentlessly hammer the bottomless bottoms. In the last episode of Manhunt 2.0 from Hot House, Alencar uses the hook-up site to invite Nick Marino and Marco Paris over off their Blackberry. Marino, a sexy Venezuelan, Paris and Alencar form a most delicious sandwich.

Watch Rafael Alencar at LucasEntertainmant
Later in Jock Strap from Hot House, Alencar wraps Argentinean Max Schutler in his clutches and pounds the daylights out of him. This stellar episode is an exercise in perfect male sex motion, in part to not only Alencar's topping skills but also Schutler's bottoming as well.

And do not miss Alencar in King Size, where Ross Hurston relishes every moment and inch of his partner. Hurston inhales the odor of Alencar's balls, literally worshiping his erection like a religious icon before sitting on it.

Recently, Alencar has turned his gun onto a wide field of international bottoms over at Lucas Entertainment. Here, he appears to be having the time of his life on a lengthy French vacation in Paris in the rollicking Paris Playboys and the follow-up film Rafael in Paris.

Alencar's possesses all of the finest Brazilian attributes in his body. He even has a website that contains numerous thoughtful remarks. An all-around amazing guy!

Watch Rafael Alencar Now

Rafael Alencar in Bedroom Eyes Rafael Alencar and Marcos Pirelli sandwich
Alex Corsi in Bedroom Eyes from Raging Stallion
Rafael Alencar and Colin West in Hard as Wood Rafael Alencar shows to Colin West that
he is Hard as Wood
Rafael Alencar in The American Lover Rafael Alencar sticks it in. (The American Lover from All Worlds)
Rafael Alencar in Gored Rafael Alencar prepares to gore Mario Ortiz

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