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Pete Ross

in Wyoming, USA
5' 9"
Hair Color
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Porn star Pete Ross

Meet Porn Star Pete Ross

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Pete Ross wants to make you happy. He really, genuinely does. If there is a guy who enjoys making you happy it is Ross. Viewers immediately notice his bright eyes, blond hair and enthusiastic smile.

In his films with Raging Stallion Studios, he continuously places himself in job positions where he was taught to deliver crowning customer service. While working long office hours at a successful real estate operation in Hot Properties, he meets the sultry Manuel Torres. After fielding some important qualifying questions, Torres plows him on his desk during the workday, as he still continues taking telephone calls.

Pete Ross Limerick

The salad I'd like to toss
Belongs to my friend Pete Ross
Cuz he loves to kiss boys
And play with their toys
For a bottom, he shows you who's boss!


Ever felt sexual lusts while playing or watching sports? Pete Ross and teammates play with their baseball bats in the highly enjoyable Team Players. Wearing a white jockstrap, Ross teases and taunts the straight JD Kollin with his smooth ass. After some tense, quiet, cruisy moments, the butch, manly stud cannot take it anymore, so he unleashes his lusts and hammers him all over the dressing room bench. What a baseball fantasy!

Ross also starred in our favorite movie for 2005, Passport to Paradise, where he travels to Costa Rica and stumbles into a beautiful, lavish estate where the sex never ends. From start to finish, and to the enjoyable documentary, this film is a five star feature and an epic in fulfillment.

Ross started as an intriguing young-looking model for Factory Video, an amateur studio in San Francisco. Fans of amateur movies know Factory as a production facility who loves to add fetish to its films. In Lust Resort, he is essentially consumed alive at a Fort Lauderdale gay resort. His first appearances, in Almost Caught and Too Young to Care and Boy Sweat are some of the studios best sellers.

Ross has moved to some very good movies with Falcon Studios. In Cross Country, Ross has joined a wild sex cult where he lives out his days and nights in a remote woodsy area of New Zealand. (In the blond's continuing quest to live the gang life, he exhibits his insatiable need to belong with large groups by participating in a submissive gang initiation in Wrong Side of the Tracks)

Ross appears in two nice streaming videos on the Falcon Studios website, one with firey sparkplug Owen Hawk and another with hunky studmuffin Erik Rhodes. They are not only additional hot sexual scenes, but also nice insight into his relaxed, charming personality. The episode with Rhodes is very hot and sweaty in particular.

Just how submissive is Pete Ross? How far does he go? Ross has journeyed plenty for our own pleasures, always providing top-notch entertainment as a our bottom.

Sandwiched by Latinos in Passport to Paradise
Catching for the team with J.D. Kollin in Team Players
"As a kid on a horse ranch in Wyoming, I spent a huge amount of time following the monthly exploits of my favorite superhero Superboy. There wasn't a bit of Superboy history I couldn't recall at a moments notice.
One of the greatest characters in the series was Clark Kent's best friend Pete Ross. They were as tight as two guys could get in comics those days. In fact, Pete was one of the few people ever to actually know Superboy's special secret.
One night, while Clark and Pete were camping alone in the mountains, Pete caught Clark/Superboy doing the quick-change gig and flying off to save the planet from some menacing foe. Pete never said anything about it. Pete was damn cool, true-blue and always there for his boy Clark. He never once narc'd on his bro Clark...not once. He just silently lusted after the boy-wonder.
Many a Wyoming night passed with my hand down my pants and Clark and Pete in my brain doing all kinds of nasty stuff to each other. So, when I moved out west, and it came time to pick my porn name, it was a simple choice. I guess I've wanted to be Pete Ross my entire life...hangin' out with my best friend and secret crush, Clark.
That's how Pete Ross was born." Pete Ross
Pete Ross in Cross Country
Pete Ross in Cross Country
Pete Ross offers it up in the sci-fi flick Doug Jeffries' Raw 2
Pete Ross offers it up in the sci-fi flick Doug Jeffries' Raw 2

Pete Ross Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Boy Sweat Factory Studios 2004 Pete Ross Watch Now
Almost Caught & Too Young to Care Factory Studios 2003 Pete Ross Watch Now
Lust Resort Factory Studios 2004 Pete Ross Watch Now
The Shaft (Montaz Morgan) Raging Stallion Studios 2005 Pete Ross Watch Now
Passport to Paradise Raging Stallion Studios 2005 Pete Ross Watch Now
Hot Properties Raging Stallion Studios 2005 Pete Ross Watch Now
Cross Country Falcon Studios 2005 Pete Ross Watch Now
Wrong Side of the Tracks, Parts 1 and 2 Rascal Video 2005 Pete Ross Watch Now
Beyond Perfect Buckshot Productions 2005 Pete Ross Watch Now
Team Players Raging Stallion Studios 2005 Pete Ross Watch Now
Good Boys Factory Studios 2004 Pete Ross Watch Now
Raw 2 All Worlds Video 2006 Pete Ross Watch Now
Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita Lucas Entertainment 2006 Pete Ross Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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