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Citi Boyz Star Spotlight: Mikey Diaz


Mikey Diaz is a sweet-faced Hispanic from Austin, Texas, sporting smooth skin and an impressive uncut bioner. He appeared in three Citi Boyz films, with a starring role in The Skater Boyz Diaries.

Mikey Diaz is versatile, although with that ass we think he's destined to be a star bottom.

Mikey is still choosing a college career, possibly leaning towards art. Living in the laid-back atmosphere of Austin, it is no surprise that Mikey totally out, and willing to talk about his sexuality.

Mikey's quotes - I'm kind of a newcomer. That is, I haven't been having sex very long, but I guess I knew I was gay a long time ago. I really like to kiss and play around, and I love sucking and getting sucked. I haven't done much anal sex, but I tried both positions and I think I'd really like being a bottom... for the right guy, of course!".

Our crack staff at Frisky Fans has reviewed Mikey's comment, and thinks that he is on the right track.

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Mikey Diaz

Mikey Diaz

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