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Standing six foot, two inches tall, Italian bodybuilder Matthias Vannelli has been a staple performer in the rich, erotic movies from Lucas Kazan. He also worked for independent American director Kristen Bjorn, fitting in very well with all of the other big European studs. Most recently, Vannelli filmed for Buckshot Productions starting in 2009.

His tall, tight body and large uncut cock make the brunet a very memorable top. In many of the behind the scenes sequences, he's always looking very cool, often smoking a cigarette in one hand. Sometimes he's fluffing himself by flipping through pages of a straight nudie magazine just before the cameras roll.

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A pure Italian, he compliments the kind of sexual nature and character which is a recurring favorite theme explored in Lucas Kazan's movies. Vannelli looks great when paired with boyish, passive bottoms.

One under seen film is Hotel Italia 2: The Innkeeper. Vannelli works at the hotel, but gets rejected by the film's star Sasha Byazrov. He exits to go pick up the stingingly beautiful blond Matt Van Dorn. Van Dorn is an amazing bottom, handling Vannelli with impressive ease. A great scene from a great movie.

Vannelli also easily dominates one of our perennial favorite muscle bottoms, Roberto Giorgio, in the 2004 movie Italian for the Beginners.

Backstage is Kazan's depiction of the production of European-filmed porn. One of the film's delights is Mexico City native Ricky Martinez, whose posing and solo performance draws the eye of Vannelli. He watches silently from above the stage smoking a cigarette.

"I like you!" he calls out in accented English. Then after everyone else leaves, Vannelli seizes the opportunity to bury his big bone inside Martinez's smooth butt. Their standing doggie fuck is slow and sensual, beautiful capturing their rocking bodies.

The School for Lovers is a gay porn version of Mozart's classic opera Cosi fan tutte (translation: Women are that way). Here, the films asks "Are guys that way?" In other words, are all men going to cheat on their boyfriends? Crafty Jean Franko thinks so, and he proves it to Vannelli by making a bet with him.

Vannelli ultimately loses his bet, because sure enough boyfriend Karol Rok couldn't stay faithful. The result: Vannelli bottoms for the first time in a Kazan movie. Their hot three way moves between Vannelli, Franko and MenAtPlay favorite model Toma Dvorak.

Vannelli most recently returned in Kazan's 2008 mischievous Italians and Other Strangers. Vannelli makes the DVD boxcover!

In the final episode of the film, Vannelli throws Bruno Boni stomach down on the bed for an unforgettable, passionate one-on-one scene punctuated with constant moans from the bottom.

Filming for Kristen Bjorn

Vannelli easily moved into making numerous appearances in Kristen Bjorn's world of men. Vannelli resides in Manville: The City of Men. This is an amazing city, where an international collection of men engage in powerful sex anywhere and everywhere. In the climactic final episode, Vannelli, clad in black leather jacket and black jeans, gets picked up for a motorcycle ride with Carlos Caballero. They stop in front of a building to engage in hot oral sex. From a high window, Victor Cowboy and Sergio del Castillo watch, and become inspired to have their own hot sex session.

The four guys eventually all come together in a four way, taking the viewer through an exhaustive series of fourteen money shots.

In Fire Dance from 2006, Vannelli lands at a remote castle operated by two randy brothers, Juan Jimenez and Carlos Montenegro. Vannelli, along with Zeca Romeiro and the milkman (Mario Segovia) enjoy a rollicking three-way.

Later in El Rancho, Vannelli hooks up with three other guys at the the club, where everyone is dressed to the nines. After a full round of blowjobs while dressed in suit pants and ties, they get naked for a lengthy four way. Vannelli struts his top man stuff here throwing a hot fuck into Jordi Casal, and later Alex Brinski.

With this excellent track record, we are looking forward to Vannelli's future roles in upcoming Buckshot movies.

Matthias Vannelli Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Hotel Italia 2: The Innkeeper Lucas Kazan Productions 2004 Matthias Vannelli Watch Now
Backstage Lucas Kazan Productions 2004 Matthias Vannelli Watch Now
Love and Lust Lucas Kazan Productions 2005 Matthias Vannelli Watch Now
The School for Lovers Lucas Kazan Productions 2006 Matthias Vannelli Watch Now
Fire Dance Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions) 2006 Matthias Vannelli Watch Now
Manville: The City of Men Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions) 2005 Matthias Vannelli Watch Now
El Rancho Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions) 2007 Matthias Vannelli Watch Now
Italians and Other Strangers Lucas Kazan Productions 2009 Matthias Vannelli Watch Now
Daniel and His Buddies Lucas Kazan Productions 2009 Matthias Vannelli Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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