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Porn Star Matthew Rush

The Last of the Classic Porn Stars?

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Times are changing, the world economy is changing, and the adult business is no different. For years, studios minted new porn stars, turning them into amazingly profitable enterprises commanding attention and driving sales. For years in the gay adult market, no one was better at this then San Francisco-based Falcon Studios.

Walking out of their movies strode towering male figures like Mike Branson, Brad Stone, Jeremy Penn and Clay Maverick, who grew out of their marketing department to entertain armies of fans who bought, rented and read everything that featured their latest infatuation. Such figures are not the usual guys one would meet "next door." These are Olympian stars residing way up in the heavens, like Clark Gable, Cary Grant or Joan Crawford.

Happy faced, ruby lipped muscle titan Matthew Rush arguably is the last of this special breed. From the start, Falcon Studios groomed him to be an exclusive model. After rapidly generating huge success, he inked a contract to the studio's Lifetime Exclusive. And unlike Mrs. Crawford, Rush never ever became box office poison.

A company scout first contacted Rush while visiting a gay bar in Ohio. During this time, Rush worked as a personal trainer with a degree in Exercise Physiology, his original profession which he has recently returned to. Keeping his body in top shape clearly made him stand out as a prospective porn star. At first, Rush considered the idea of working in porn purely a fun fantasy. Several years later, Rush got the nerve to contact the studio for a follow-up. The studio flew him to California, where he auditioned. This audition ended up in his Alone With… movie scene, which plays on the studio's website

Falcon's first casting of Rush was in the 2000 film Bounce. As a sign of Rush's still relatively simple and untarnished lifestyle, this movie was his very first three-way. Of course, he was also extremely nervous, but even if you watch the video closely today he hides his hesitation well. He throws a great fuck into two German bottoms, the prolific Hans Ebson and Kristen Bjorn model Hans Hintern.

Matthew Rush in Defined
Matthew Rush snapshot

The Early Years

For these first films, Rush worked under the directorial hands of either John Rutherford, who was soon to depart the studio and re-launch COLT Studio Group, or Chi Chi LaRue. Ready for More is a tasty treat in the Jocks Studios line. Here, Rush works at a gym, when he gets distracted by Matt Skyler's conspicuous body-worship. Skyler has no problem taking Rush's aggressive fucking.

In Defined, Rush is fronted to the very first scene of the movie. This was a major Falcon release at the time because one of their major exclusives, Jeremy Penn, used this as his swansong, retiring from film and bottoming on screen for the first time. Rush is paired here with another bodybuilder, Joe Foster, who he tops outside atop an old truck.

Rush bangs French bottom Eric Leneau in the hit sequel film The Other Side of Aspen V, a movie that is mostly remembered today for the massive fifteen man orgy spearheaded by Chad Hunt. Leneau looks like he is in absolute heaven ramming himself on Rush's dick, who even this early in his career clearly drew godlike awe.

Rush subsequently appears the frat flick Hazed, as well as another outstanding sequel, Splash Shots 3, where the chiseled newcomer toils on the estate of Jim Bentley, ultimately throwing a great fuck into cute Jason Hawke.

After the string of hit movies, another opportunity arose for Rush. By 2002, the studio's lifetime exclusive model, Tom Chase, was ready to move on. Offering this badge to Rush seemed a natural, which he fortunately accepted, and his full fledged porn star was born.

Rush has several scenes in the wet n' wild two parter Drenched, for LaRue. Rush finished the first disc by taking a steamy shower, where he's drawn back out by the delicious Latino Viktor Perseo (Pool Boy) In the next part, Rush happily stuffs one of Falcon's exclusive bottomboys, Tyler Gunn. (Getting It Straight)

Enforcing discipline in The Recruits

Matthew Rush: The Blockbuster Years

Perhaps the signature movie for Rush is Good as Gold in 2003. Not only is this a hot sex flick, but also a documentary describing Rush's story of going to Sydney, Australia to compete in the Gay Games. Rush reunites with Foster here, who shows his American friend around his hometown. In one inspired scene, Rush connects with returned Falcon porn star Jake Andrews, who in real life was one of Rush's personal favorite stars to watch before stepping in front of the camera.

More even keeled, and not as silly as some of the subsequent big budget Falcon epics, Good As Gold is a standard and must-see for Rush's fans.

Next, Rush flies the friendly skies as a flight steward aboard the always bumpy, turbulent Falcon Airlines. This rambunctious night flight to London is piloted under the steady hands of top man Jason Adonis, who also looks great here. One memorable scene shows Rush in a rare bottom role, getting fucked on the floor by horny airline passenger Rob Romani. Night flight, away!

To illustrate how far Rush had fallen down into Dante's rings, Rush stars in a sexually frenzied Hell as envisioned by Chi Chi LaRue in Heaven to Hell, her final film for the studio before devoting full time to her own Rascal Studios.

Basically a two disc stylized orgy costumed in the latest hell-fire fashions, Rush enjoys a burning one-on-one with Erik Rhodes, who both wear devil horns on their heads. Rush said later that this was the first scene where he was paired with a guy as beefy as himself, turning up the sexual heat in this wild Inferno.

During this time, Falcon continued finding big success in producing epic movies in exotic locations around the world. Things get positively giddy in Cross Country, a send up of race contests similar to Holywood's It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Opposing teams are desperately seeking the cherished tiki idol, which takes everybody over to New Zealand. Rush enjoys a nice sex scene with the handsome Ethan Cage, but everyone remember's the movie because of Rush's floating escape boat three-way with Erik Rhodes and delicious youngling Roman Heart.

In Up All Night, Rush shows up for a 4 AM trick at Dean Monroe's house with Kyle Lewis in tow. The film served as a star vehicle for noisy British bottom Monroe, and their three-way is hot.

Bootstrap appeared around this time. It's a wonderful study in male muscle worship. Our only complaint about this film was its big tease depicting Rush's beautiful jockstrap clad butt on the DVD cover. He unfortunately didn't flip over here. Instead, we watch a seriously strong trinity form between Rush, Kane O'Farrell and Ivan Andros. The guys top Andros, who always plays a great muscle bottom. (Raging Stallion's Party in the Rear)

After this, Falcon decided to play with fire with a clever send up of organized racketeering in The Velvet Mafia. Starring in the film was hot potato twink porn star Brent Corrigan, whose experiences working allegedly underage for bareback studios roiled the industry. Fortunately, nobody involved in this mafia project ever had to awaken to find a horse's head in their bed.

The Velvet Mafia continues to be one of Falcon's enduringly popular movies with Rush enjoys several sex scenes as well as ample dramatic dialogue. He throws a very hot fuck into the chiseled Jason Ridge. By the end of the second part, the corrupt and power hungry Rush closes the film with a three way topping Andy Hunter and Antonio Roca.

Under Ken Browning in Riding Hard
Matthew Rush bottoms in Taking Flight

Recent Matthew Rush

Rush puts in a great show playing the sheriff in Chris Steele's gay porno western Riding Hard. This was Chris Steele's last movie that he directed for Falcon, and it contains lots of fun elements which Falcon's subsequent movies lack. There's humor, some story and an obvious post-production effort at polish. In the movie, Rush catches Ken Browning up to no good, so he fucks him in the woods, delivering a very hard and rapid fire hammering into the bottom.

After several years, Rush wanted to try out the director's chair. His first film idea actually involved remaking the classic straight 1980s sci-fi porn Cafe Flesh. Unfortunately, Falcon deemed this too large a project. The resulting film was a simple four episode loop film called Rush & Release. Each scene essentially contains a simple theme, lover's awakening in the morning, twinks, dirty alley sex and muscle guys.

Despite the studio clipping Rush's ambition's this film actually was one of the best DVD's the studio released in 2007. For whatever reason, Rush did not pursue any more director roles. He filled out the rest of his contract terms, appearing in several of the studio's John Bruno-era features.

His last Falcon movie appearances include the studio's unremarkable Vegas sojourn Best Men: The Wedding Party, and he also pops up in the story driven movie Dare from the independent director Jett Blakk.

Rush's artistic scope extends beyond movie porn where he exhibits his other talents. He has appeared in regional theatre plays around the country, performing regularly in Psycho Beach Party, and the Ronie Larson pays My Boyfriend the Stripper, Ten Naked Men and Making Porn. Watching Rush in these is always a treat, however he has reduced his appearances, preferring to stay at home more. Today he operates his own personal training business from his new home base in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Rush has already appeared in some good skin features, including a hot scene from Florida-based (See Matthew Rush Is Back and Trey Turner Bottoms for Matthew Rush on our message boards.)

As a testament to Rush's celebrity status, he was cast in a couple of entertaining roles in mainstream movies. In the very funny Not Another Gay Movie, he plays a larger than life porn star. He also plays a sexy detective in the movie Third Man Out.

Exactly how does a "lifetime exclusive" leave Falcon Studios? In 2009, the company issued a cheery press release announcing that Rush will be "shedding" his title of Falcon Lifetime Exclusive, like a butterfly leaves a cocoon. His eight years with the studio included many memorable moments. We hope that this butterfly opens up and continues enriching everyone with his colors and beauty.

He still carries the lifetime mantle of a real life porn star, even if he is the last of a vanishing breed.

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Reigning with Dean Monroe in Heaven to Hell
Reigning with Dean Monroe in Heaven to Hell
Sucking Jason Ridge in The Velvet Mafia
Sucking Jason Ridge in The Velvet Mafia

Matthew Rush Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Bounce Falcon Studios 2001 Matthew Rush Watch Now
The Other Side of Aspen V Falcon Studios 2002 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Ready For More (Jock Video Pac 109) Jocks Studios 2001 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Defined Falcon Studios 2002 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Good as Gold Falcon Studios 2003 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Drenched Pt 1 and Pt 2 Falcon Studios 2003 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Taking Flight, Parts 1 and 2 Falcon Studios 2004 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Heaven to Hell Falcon Studios 2005 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Cross Country Falcon Studios 2005 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Bootstrap Falcon Studios 2006 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Up All Night Falcon Studios 2006 Matthew Rush Watch Now
The Velvet Mafia Falcon Studios 2006 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Riding Hard Falcon Studios 2007 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Dare Falcon Studios 2007 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Best Men: The Wedding Party Falcon Studios 2008 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Brief Encounters: Real Men Volume 17 Pantheon Productions 2009 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Playing with Fire 4: Alarm All Worlds Video 2009 Matthew Rush Watch Now
Top Service Lucas Entertainment 2011 Matthew Rush Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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