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by Ian Kissler

Editor's Note: In April, 2011, Matt Cole announced that he's making a comeback to gay porn in an upcoming Hot House Trunks movie. Most appropriate!

(This interview was conducted in July, 2006.)

Porn star Matt Cole, arguably the sexiest porn sensation this year, is really just shifting into high gear. And with an impressive performance roster already under his belt, can porn superstardom be far behind? Every studio seems to want a piece of Matt's soon to be trademark bubble butt, and he's certainly worked with some of the best. Frisky Fans snagged a summertime interview with the extraordinarily busy Mr. Cole. And even with a touch of the flu, he was extraordinarily articulate, easily chatting about the politics of barebacking, doing Shakespeare, and having the hottest pits in gay porn.

IK: What's your morning routine like, Matt?

MC: Well, I actually just woke up. I've actually been a little under the weather the last week, so. I've been trying to get some extra sleep. On a normal day, I would wake up probably around 9:00 and then head to the gym. That's my morning ritual.

IK: You're in Chicago, right?

MC: I am in Chicago. That is correct.

IK: Are you in the metro area?

MC: I live in the city. I'm actually in the heart of Boys Town.

IK: What drew you to that area of Chicago?

MC: I think it's actually the best part of the city. It's beautiful, right by the lake. It's close to everything. It's kind of a neighborhood feel in a big, urban center, which is kind of nice.

IK: How long have you been living there, Matt?

MC: I've been here five and a half years.

IK: If you weren't living there, where would you want to be?

MC: My three favorite cities are Chicago, New York, and San Francisco - any three of those cities is where I would choose to live.

IK: What about New York do you like?

MC: I love big cities. New York is obviously just the center of big cities. It has everything. I love lots of people, lots of noise, and the hustle and bustle of it all. I'm very drawn to that.

IK: If you were to be in New York this morning for instance, typical day there, what would you try to cram in?

MC: Gosh, there's so much to do there. I don't even know where I'd start. I love SoHo. That's one of my favorite parts of New York, just walking through SoHo.

Bottoming for Brad Patton in Trunks 2
Recieving Brad Patton in Trunks 2
IK: Would you try to see a show? Or is that not your thing?

MC: Oh, absolutely. Couple years ago actually I saw Into The Woods with Vanessa Williams.

IK: I saw that, too. Not a big fan of Vanessa Williams. What did you make of the show?

MC: I actually did that show in high school, so I'm kind of partial to it. I liked Vanessa. I didn't have a problem with her. But I know a lot of people weren't happy with the performance.

IK: You did high school theatre?

MC: High school theatre, yes. I was a drama fag, totally. It's funny because everyone always asks me if I played sports in college and in high school. And I did not do anything athletic whatsoever. I was totally involved with theatre and choir and all that good stuff.

IK: What shows did you do in high school?

MC: Oh gosh - I did tons of shows! I did Into The Woods. I did Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Merrily We Roll Along--

Topping Jason Ridge in At Your Service
Matt Cole tops Jason
Ridge in At Your Service

IK: Shakespeare and Sondheim. I love Merrily. What role did you play?

MC: Oh my god, it's been so long! What's his nameCharlie? Was that his name?

IK: Charlie Kringus! That solo number he has when he's being interviewed on television--

MC: That was my favorite song.

IK: That's very interesting. I bet fans don't know that you did a lot of theatre. Why didn't you pursue that? Or did you?

MC: I contemplated it and I decided that it was probably going to be too hard to pursue. And so I went into accounting. My friends make fun of me for that. They're, like, "You're so not an accountant." [laughter] They're, like, "That's not your personality."

IK: Sitting at a desk and crunching numbers?

MC: Yeah. It's something I'm good at and I enjoyed it. My friends just think accountants are boring. It's not boring.

IK: How did you make the transition into being an adult performer?

MC: Well I actually left the business world a few years ago and went into personal training, because that was a passion that I had discovered later in life. Fitness became a major part of my life. Getting in shape, and all of a sudden, people were paying attention to me and telling me, you know, "Wow, you look like you work out really hard. You've got a great body."

I'd always watched a lot of porn. That's something that I'd always been drawn to. I knew a couple of porn stars here in Chicago who I'd spoken with. I kind of inquired about porn. It's funny now because people are very inquisitive about the industry. I was that way before I was in it. And so I would always talk to them: "Tell me about it. Do you think I could do it?" They were, like, "Oh yeah, you could definitely do it." And I was, like, "No, I don't think I have what it takes."

One day one of the guys actually took pictures for my online profile and sent them to his agent. His agent called me the next day and said, "I want to represent you. I can get you work with the best studios." So I took a few more pictures, sent them to him. The next day, I had a phone call from Falcon, Hot House, and Titan. And all three studios wanted to work with me. Three weeks later I was in San Francisco filming for Hot House.

I was completely flabbergasted. I couldn't believe it. These are the three porn studios that I had watched for so long and I couldn't believe that they were interested in working with me.

IK: To date we've seen you in both Falcon and Hot House films. What about Titan?

MC: I've shot three movies with them, none of which have been released yet. They should be out any day now because I shot them in December. Titan tends to take a little longer to produce the movies and get them out on the shelves. I contacted them a couple months ago to ask if they had any information about titles and stuff. They didn't know those titles at that time. I'm waiting just like my fans!

IK: Did you film with Joe Gage or Brian Mills?

MC: One was with Joe Gage and two were with Brian Mills. For the Gage film, I was in a scene with Jake Deckhard. It was probably one of the hottest scenes I've ever filmed. Jake and I had just awesome chemistry. He is one of the most amazing people I have met in the industry. The instant I walked on the set, we had awesome chemistry.

IK: Isn't there a picture of you with Jake on one of your online profiles?

MC: I have a picture with him and then I have a link to his profile as well.

IK: Have you guys kept in touch since the film shoot?

MC: We do, yes. We write every now and then. We were supposed to see each other over Gay Days at Disney. But we did not run into each other actually.

Matt Cole in Trapped
Making sandwiches
while Trapped
Trapped with Darren Phillips
Matt Cole is Trapped
with Darren Phillips
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IK: Did you do IML this year?

MC: I finished up with IML this spring, which was a totally different experience. I was working the entire time. Leather has never really been my fort, I guess you could say. But the thing that I love about the leather community is that they are so accepting of everyone.

I've always had a good time at IML. I usually go down to the leather mart and kind of look around and stuff. So it was interesting to actually be on the other side and be behind the scenes and working. I got to meet tons of people. I had fans from all over the country that were there.

IK: Dawson (Treasure Island Media) was also at IML this year. Did you stop by the TIM booth to say hello?

MC: I didn't meet Dawson, no.

IK: What's your take on the resurgence, the explosion of bareback porn right now?

MC: That's a tough question. I mean, there's obviously a market for it. I've talked to a lot of people who watch porn and they do very much enjoy watching bareback porn. I can understand the reasons because it is a fantasy. When people are fantasizing, probably safe sex is not included in that fantasy. Unfortunately I think we live in a time when safe sex has to be a part of everyone's life.

I personally would not participate in a bareback film. I don't judge anyone who does do that. Like I said, to each his own. But there's definitely a market for it. If people weren't watching it and weren't buying the porn, then they wouldn't be producing it.

IK: Do find it erotic to watch?

MC: Most definitely. Like I said, it's a fantasy. When you're fantasizing about sex, you want it to be hot and sweaty and raw, definitely. We live in a time where we can't all participate in that, so.

IK: You were quoted online as saying that people sometimes think you're mean and unfriendly.

MC: I am actually very, very shy around people that I don't know. When I'm with my friends, I'm the life of the party, but in general, when I'm just out, I'm pretty reserved. I'm shy about approaching guys. I'm told that comes off sometimes as being snobbish. Especially because I'm muscular, people tend to think that all muscular guys are assholes for some reason. And because I sit back and I'm quiet, I think that comes off to people as being cocky and rude at times.

I have a lot people that will email me or they'll see me online. They tell me, "I saw you out last night." I say, "Well, why didn't you come say hi?" They say, "You were with a group of people"-- which is usually my group of friends. "You just looked busy. You just looked mean," which is totally the opposite. And once people get to know me, they learn that I'm actually really, really down-to-earth and really friendly.

But I think at first glance, people get the wrong idea, which I'm trying to work on because I don't like that. I wish people would come up to me and say hi.

IK: Tell about a memorable encounter with a fan.

MC: I actually had a guy come up to me this weekend at the bar. He pulled me aside and he said, "I'm sorry to bother you. I have to tell you this." Turns out that during IML, I was dancing onstage at a party at the House of Blues. Part of that promo was throwing T-shirts out into the audience.

He told me that he and his boyfriend were in the audience and I threw a shirt to them. The shirt that I threw was an extra-large, and these were both kind of small, skinny guys. They got my attention and they pointed: "You sent us an extra-large. It's too big!" I totally remember. I said, "Throw it back!" Then I went through the pile until I found a medium, and threw it out to them.

He goes, "I just wanted to tell you that that was the highlight of our weekend. My boyfriend won't stop talking about it. You just made us feel so good that you would take the time and go out of your way to be so nice." It made me feel good. It's just little things like that, I made someone's entire weekend for doing basically nothing. You really don't have to do that much to have an impact.

IK: You're probably going to have many more fan interactions as your career skyrockets, Matt. Are you prepared to deal with that?

MC: I am. That's actually one of the reasons I went into this industry. I like the quote/unquote "fame", the notoriety. I will say, life will probably never be the same. In the beginning, no one really knew who I was. I would go out and occasionally I'd have someone approach me: "I saw your magazine," or this or that.

But now every time I go out, I have at least one or two people come up to me. I've only been in the industry for roughly a year. There's a whole slew of movies still coming out. I walk into the local bookstore every now and then, I'll be on the cover of a magazine that I didn't even know about.

Matt Cole in Boot Boy
Benjamin Bradley rides Matt Cole
Matt Cole and Benjamin Bradley in Boot Boy
IK: What's that feel like?

MC: I love it. I just get the biggest kick out of it. I had four magazine covers and I have them all framed on my hallway right now. I mean, that's just something that I'm so proud of. It's amazing to me. If you would have told me two years ago that I'd be doing this, I would not have believed you. It's still very surreal to me.

IK: What do your close friends make of your porn career?

MC: I have absolutely the best friends in the entire world. They are the most down-to-earth, grounded people. They are such a big part of my life. They keep me grounded and sane. They're all very, very supportive of everything that I've chosen to do.

IK: Have any of them sat down and watched your films?

MC: Yes, they have. We laugh about it. It's definitely not an erotic experience for them.

IK: Do you remember when you first saw a gay adult film?

MC: Honestly, I do not. I most definitely in college.

IK: Do you remember the first film that you watched?

MC: I saw straight porn when I was in high school, but no. Gay porn definitely came later.

Matt Cole on Falcon's Website

Matt Cole

Clips & Photos from:
From Top To Bottom

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IK: What kind of porn turns your crank?

MC: It's most likely going to be a Falcon movie. Falcon was always my favorite studio. When I was younger, they always had this look of guys that I'm attracted to. They seem to have more muscular guys who tend to be more on the smooth side. That's always what I was drawn to. Actually one of the first porn stars that I remember really, like, following his work and being totally-- I was totally in love with this guy. I hate to say that because this is going to be out there now and I know him.

But Matt Rush - I watched all his movies. I joined his website. I used to see him every now and then because he would come to Chicago for appearance. I was totally enthralled by him.

IK: Any plans to work with Matt?

MC: We already have actually. And that movie should be out any day now. It's called From Top To Bottom.

IK: What was that experience like?

MC: Whenever I've worked with somebody and I become friends with them, I usually can't watch them in porn anymore. That kind of was the case with Matt. But I was very nervous because obviously I was a big fan of his before. He's such a nice, good guy. It was great. It was like a total fantasy come true for me.

IK: What do you think is your best physical attribute?

MC: I would have to say that's my ass. I think I have a great, big, beefy bubble butt.

IK: Do you do anything special at the gym for your ass?

MC: This ass is a result of lots of Stairmaster and lots of spin class, definitely.

IK: What if I told you that fans think your armpits are your best asset?

MC: Oh my god. [laughter] Really? The hair or the actual musculature?

IK: Everything. I'm thinking of the scene that you did in Boot Boy.

MC: Everyone talks about that. It's actually one of my favorite movies that I've shot, too.

IK: If it's not you, who do you think has the sexiest armpits in porn?

MC: Oh my. You know what? I don't know. I don't even look at armpits! It's funny - as I'm looking back through all my pictures, I do have a lot of pictures where my hands are up over my head.

IK: Any plans to start a blog?

MC: Not a blog, but I'm actually heavily involved with (Since defunct - follow him on twitter!), even though I don't know anything about computers. I'm lucky that I can sign onto the Internet.

IK: Let's say there's someone out there who has never seen one of your films, and you want to slip one into the DVD player that you think really showcases you. What film would that be?

MC: Without a doubt, Trunks 2 from Hot House. I think that movie is just beautifully done. I had two of the hottest co-stars that I've ever worked with - Jason Kingsley in one scene and Brad Patton in the other. The location was incredible. We were in Palm Springs. My body I think has never looked better. I was in tip-top shape. Both scenes just turned out absolutely phenomenal. I'm very, very proud of that movie. Without a doubt, it is the number one movie that I send fans to.

Matt Cole can be seen most recently in Falcon's From Top To Bottom and the upcoming Arcade on Route 9 directed by Joe Gage.

-Ian Kissler

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Matt Cole behind the scenes of Delinquents
Behind the scenes of Delinquents

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