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Mason Wyler

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Porn Star Mason Wyler

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Mason Wyler is your new kind of porn star. Once upon a time, the big brick and mortar studios minted new superstars by "discovering" them and casting them in their movies. Wyler is the first of a new breed in which he came about on Internet sites first, followed by landing jobs with the studios. Yes, these times they are a changin'.

Back in 2005, lanky blond Mason Wyler was struggling with attending the Texas state college system and paying bills. He began popping up on various gay websites like ChaosMen. Wyler quickly became a very hot item.

His long lean frame nicely matches his smooth, supple buns. With a very long, curved, uncut cock, he's fully equipped to both top and bottom.

Wyler says that he selected his name by thinking about a guy who he had a crush on in school named Mason, coupled with Wyler, who was another friend's lust. Hence: Mason Wyler.

Wyler enjoys listening to classical and jazz music, as well as Japanese anime music on his MP3 player. His favorite foods feed his sweet tooth, as he loves Godiva chocolate and peanut butter cookies. Despite this he works out six times a week at his local recreation center.

Climbing Up the Ladder

Although not widely known, Wyler first studio film was playing a plumber in the final episode of Rod Barry's enjoyable Down the Drain from All Worlds. It turns out that Wyler's maiden film voyage is a sling three way down in the dungeon. Wyler and Kyle Lewis take turns on sling bound Park Wiley.

Wyler earns his bottoming credentials in Falcon's bicycle club initiation sequel Spokes 3. Illustrating Wyler's luster, the newcomer model scores appearances on the box covers of these first two movies.

The initiation encompasses the entire second half of the film with Wyler as the centerpiece. He is gang banged by eight other guys and used as their cum rag. Leo Ford would certainly have been very proud! Wyler said in a subsequent interview that this was his first ever gang bang, which took lots of determination and focus to get through. Ralph Woods' eleven inch python stands as the biggest cock to date to slide up his ass. "It was beautiful" remarked Wyler. (Ralph Woods blog on Friskynews)

Apparently Wyler experienced listening to the fabled Vineyardisms spoken by colorful film star Derrick Vinyard. Just before the cameras rolled for the initiation, Vineyard exclaimed to Wyler, "It's hammer time, bitch!"

It turns out that Wyler makes a perfect compliment to verbal tops like Vinyard, because he is a noisy bottom. In all of his bottom scenes, Wyler provides an entertaining soundtrack that is almost as hot as the visual action itself.

Wyler ended up filming a hot one on one with Spokes 3 colleague Dakota Rivers on RandyBlue. Both Wyler and Rivers easily fit the look of that website.

Wyler followed this by appearing in the final scene of Falcon's western Riding Hard, a first rate production that aptures impressively porn in the old Wild West. In the spirit of old Westerns, the good guys win, and they always get their "best gal," who here happens to be Wyler.

Wyler bottoms for Scott Swann in and around a sudsy outdoor washtub.

Wyler's penchant for fucking on the farm continues in Buckshot Productions' Muscle Ranch 2. He goofs with with fellow ranch hand Danny Roddick. Instead of watering the cows, they drop the hoses so that Wyler can bend over for Roddick, who usually played just bottom.

Wyler turns out his bad boy side in the atmospheric Black n' Blue from Hot House. In a hot five way sequence, Wyler bottoms for South African stud Jason Kingsley... if only all of us could be so lucky.

Mason Wyler and Marc Williams in TKO
Mason Wyler and Marc Williams TKO

Mason Wyler Joins the Jet Set

2007 marked a rebirth for studio Jet Set Productions. Wyler appears in two of their new generation of productions to the delight of his fans. In Just Add Water, Wyler spreads out in the kitchen for Tyler Saint, a popular, powerful top. His scene in Cock Tease from Jet Set is even hotter, when straight co-worker Andrew Justice decides that it is time to get his cock serviced.

Justice teases Wyler, who calls the straight boy's bluff. Justice is the kind of guy who holds the bottom's legs up in the air too.

Wyler traveled across the pond to do some work in England. The Texas lad blazed onto the set of, several several scenes for them. Of course, being British means that their entire website is a bonanza of pale skinned boys with long uncut cocks. Fortunately, Wyler, with his snug ass, was a very good fit for the site.

He continued his travels by filming a three way with Roman Ragazzi in Miami.

Wyler returns to Falcon looking beautiful for a poolside frolic in Endless Crush. Tristan Jaxx shows his machismo by promising to plow Wyler's ass, then throwing him into the pool. After this, Jaxx proceeds to keep his promise, drilling Wyler in lots of positions. Then, not to be one who misses Falcon orgies, Wyler finds himself in a saloon sucking Matthew Rush's big dick, followed by taking Eric Blaine's cock.

Porn gossip columnist J.C. Adams recently took the director's chair over at Studio 2000 to make a boxing film centered around Wyler named TKO. (aka Total Knock Out) He appears in three of the movie's sex scenes, mostly bottoming but also topping. (Wyler tops the coach, of course) Everything culminates with Marc Williams, Tyler Saint and Ludovic Canot banging Wyler in lots of hot combinations.

Yes, this is Saint's second on-screen invasion of Wyler's bootie. Fortunately since both models are such pros, it doesn't lessen their sexual heat at all.

Mason Wyler's a dirty bird

Wyler makes a star appearance in 2008's porn parody The Pourne Ultimatum from Dirty Bird Pictures. Wyler plays a retired pizza delivery boy living in a well appointed San Diego home, where he crosses paths with Kaden Saylor, a very good stand in for Matt Damon. Saylor has lost his identity and is being chased by suited goons, but Wyler helps him out.

Wyler first distracts humongously endowed Barrett Long for sex. Eventually, Wyler declare their love in the final scene of the movie in a tender bedroom one on one.

Wyler continues working a lot for pretty much any studio. He has not signed an exclusive contract, which means that one particular studio isn't out there marketing him with their other big names. Despite this, Wyler's free agent keeps him at the forefront of many hot, new movies, and he has no signs of slowing down.

Watch Mason Wyler Now

Mason Wyler in Spokes 3
Mason Wyler in Spokes 3
Mason Wyler and Kaden Saylor in the Pourne Ultimatum
Mason Wyler and Kaden Saylor in the Pourne Ultimatum

Mason Wyler Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Spokes 3 Falcon Studios 2006 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Riding Hard Falcon Studios 2007 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Black n' Blue Hot House Entertainment 2007 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Down the Drain All Worlds Video 2006 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Muscle Ranch 2 Buckshot Productions 2007 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Just Add Water Jet Set Men 2007 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Endless Crush Falcon Studios 2007 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Cock Tease Jet Set Men 2007 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Dare Falcon Studios 2007 Mason Wyler Watch Now
TKO Studio 2000 2007 Mason Wyler Watch Now
The Porne Ultimatum Dirty Bird Pictures 2008 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Strong Will: The Assertion Buckshot Productions 2008 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Trunks 5 Hot House Entertainment 2008 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Splish Splash Buckshot Productions 2008 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Brent Corrigan's Summit (Director's Cut) Dirty Bird Pictures 2009 Mason Wyler Watch Now
Miami - Collin O'Neals World of Men Collin O'Neal Productions 2007 Mason Wyler Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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