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Porn star Mason Coxx

Mason Coxx Is a Tasty Fox

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Tall, toned, and hung. Is there a stereotype here? Arguably, because of the stereotype that tall, skinny boys all carry big dicks. Mason Coxx could have a problem being defined simply by his endowment, because it is a solid nine inches. With a sirname like Coxx, he must be proud of his namesake. Coxx appears in all of Helix Studios's cinematic lines including, and plain ol' Helix Studios.

Coxx seems to enjoy hanging around watery areas, because that is where he is often found. He hooks the boxcover boy of Hot Tubbin Twinks into bed by seducing him with a cigarette, followed by a skinny dip in the hot tub. After impaling him, he returns to the hot tub to pick out two little fishes, Zack Ryder and Jordan Michaels for a hot three way.

In this scene, Michaels turns out to be quite the blond twink mega-bottom, at one point taking an impressive double penetration of Coxx and Ryder. (see photo below)

By the time Camp Twink rolls around, Coxx has found employment as the camp's counselor. Perhaps this was a career move to get his life back on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, boxcoverboy studmuffin Dakota shows up at the camp, and seduces him.

Mason Coxx Limerick

Imagine to be with
something large like a monolith
This Mason Coxx
is a tasty fox
His cocksize is no myth


Coxx is forced to screw the blond's smooth, bubbly butt over a picnic table. This is a nice scene, augmented by the live sound of a light rain hitting the tin roof above them. Then, before you know it, Coxx gets more ass when bodacious bottom Skyy Lee joins him at poolside. Lee of course can happily handle a penis the size of Coxx's like inserting a breadstick. Coxx plows that guy all over the place.

Mason Coxx Goes Spanking

Perhaps Coxx's days as a wild youth began during school in Principal Wood and the Boys of Spank U. Here the film shows his chronic misbehaviour, including the scandel of not wearing underwear to class! For all these reasons, he receives the firm hand of Principal Wood. Before you can say Here come the paddles, his buttocks turn beet red.

In the SpankThis film feature Fallen Angels, we learn that one of his new friends is Malachi, a dark haired little heartbreaker who wears a large tattoo that reads Love is Pain.

Sex all day and night, screwing twinks, double penetrations, spanking and corporal punishment, and - Gasp! - smoking cigarettes. Helix is vividly documenting this boy's downward spiral.

I know I'm aroused!

Mason Coxx tops Skyy Lee in Camp Twink
Mason Coxx tops Skyy Lee in Camp Twink

Mason Coxx Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Principal Wood and the Boys of Spank U. Spank This 2005 Mason Coxx Watch Now
Hot Tubbin' Twinks 2005 Mason Coxx Watch Now
Fallen Angels Spank This 2005 Mason Coxx Watch Now
Camp Twink 2005 Mason Coxx Watch Now
Pool Party Punks 2006 Mason Coxx Watch Now
House of Twinks 2006 Mason Coxx Watch Now
Grease Monkey Helix Studios 2006 Mason Coxx Watch Now
Bareback Pick-Up Helix Studios 2006 Mason Coxx Watch Now
Twink Juice 2 2006 Mason Coxx Watch Now
L.A. Cumfidential 2007 Mason Coxx Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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