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Cute. Mannish. Thick-dicked. Why has Kurt Wild become such a hit on the gay porn scene?

From his home near St. Louis, Missouri, Wild contacted several companies and first started in some very hot scenes for ChaosMen. Looking at his body type, it makes perfect sense that he would easily fit in as a "Chaos Man," which keeps several photo sets as well as some hot sex scenes online for members to watch. Soon, he moves on to filming for the California-based movie studios.

Perhaps the best role that dirty blond Kurt Wild ever played was in the 2007 movie Brotherhood from Buckshot Productions. Wild plays a bespectacled, nerdy frat boy. He's one of those guys who may have been the quietest fellow in the class, but also has the dirtiest mind. In the movie, someone in the frat house is sending fellow brother Danny Roddick threatening e-mails about his secret porn career.

It turns out that everyone in the house has something to hide. The result is certainly one of the best movies of , and a reminder of how refreshing it is when a director successfully crafts a hot gay sex flick around an arousing setting and interesting story.

This was also one of Wild's first appearances. Since then he worked for several different studios. Probably his most popular scene is with the super-studly lumberjack Brad Star in Falcon Studios' Endless Crush, who catches Wild writing graffiti on guys' underwear. Star remarks, "there ain't much pussy around here so a man's gotta make do." We understand. He's a lumberjack, who sleeps all night, and works all day.

Wild easily seduces the lumberjack, bottoming for him in lots of very hot positions.

Wild follows this by appearing in another very good, plot-driven movie: Michael Lucas' Gigolo, This is a decidedly darker film. At one point, Wild and Scott Tanner hire rent boy Ben Andrews, who certainly has enough meat between his legs for several guys. Wild also shows off some enthusiastic foot and toe sucking here too as well as some spectacular bottoming.

Wild gets his brains fucked out in the Chris Steele movie Proven Straight by Nickolay Petrov, a now infamous dark haired, Russian-born immigrant who is now incarcerated on murder charges. Petrov always looked like a dangerous fuck, and their one-on-one should not be missed.

Kurt Wild Gets Proven Straight

Speaking of straight guys, guess who else has confessed to being married with wife and kids? Porn star Kurt Wild himself. "I hope that doesn't turn people away thinking I don't take my work to heart, because I certainly do," said Wild, and we certainly do see that he's always been a first-rate performer.

Wild would not be the first big star who has worked in gay porn under these circumstances, and perhaps doing so allows for a special kind of release in life. Wild announced this all to the world on the now famous episode of Tyra (The Tyra Banks Show - Would your man go gay for pay?). And ever since he has been very outspoken about his plain and honest attitudes towards pursuing a lucrative career in the gay porn industry, whilst being honest about his heterosexuality and family.

Kurt Wild in Splashshots
Nickolay Petrov tops Kurt Wild in Proven Straight

More Hot Movies with Kurt Wild

Wild has a playful and fun frolic with adorable Andrew Blue in Splish Splash, also from Buckshot Productions. In a nice switch, it is Wild who splits Blue's beautiful ass.

Wild continues to show his versatility in a rousing flip-flop fuck with Brent Corrigan in Just the Sex. Corrigan, who directs the 2008 Dirty Bird Pictures flick, casts Wild in an encore performance with Steve Oliver, who fucks him deep on this really tacky couch.

Wild is back on the streets of Manhattan in Pounding the Pavement, where he's picked up by couple Michael Lucas and Claudio Martin. In a hot voyeur themed scene, Lucas decides that he wants to watch his boyfriend fuck Wild. Working for Michael Lucas must be a real lesson in tight-ropes.

It is without a doubt that Wild would be considered a cream0filled twinkie, property of Hostess cupcakes. Perhaps this inspired Doug Jefferies to cast him in his fun bakery / pastry romp Cream Filled Twinkys in 2009. After eating some cupcakes spiked with a few drops of magic Spanish Fly potion, Wild exits into the bathroom with buddy Danny Arnez where he tops the latino over the sink.

Wild has posed in some fantastic photo sets for Freshmen magazine as well. Fans can see him there on their newly redesigned website Men Machine.

Wild returns to college in a frat boy themed frolic from CircleJerkBoys. Wearing a jock strap, he gets drilled on a couch by newcomer Clark Chase. [Watch Kurt Wild + Hunter Vance]

Wild clearly fits the all-American Boy Next Door type. Level-headed and well-spoken, this hot Missouri dad maintains full intentions on making a long and prosperous career in the business..

Kurt Wild in Michael Lucas' Gigolo
Kurt Wild in Michael Lucas' Gigolo
Kurt Wild and Brad Star in Endless Crush
Kurt Wild and Brad Star in Endless Crush

Kurt Wild Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Proven Straight Jet Set Men 2007 Kurt Wild Watch Now
Michael Lucas' Gigolo Lucas Entertainment 2007 Kurt Wild Watch Now
Brotherhood Buckshot Productions 2007 Kurt Wild Watch Now
Endless Crush Falcon Studios 2007 Kurt Wild Watch Now
Just the Sex Dirty Bird Pictures 2008 Kurt Wild Watch Now
Splish Splash Buckshot Productions 2008 Kurt Wild Watch Now
Pounding the Pavement Lucas Entertainment 2008 Kurt Wild Watch Now
Cream Filled Twinkys All Worlds Video 2009 Kurt Wild Watch Now
Straight Edge, Volume 1 Jet Set Men 2009 Kurt Wild Watch Now
The Wilde Bunch 2010 Kurt Wild Watch Now
Straight Edge, Volume 5 Jet Set Men 2009 Kurt Wild Watch Now
Copperhead Canyon TitanMen 2008 Kurt Wild Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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