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Kent North

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Ben Grey
in England
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Porn Star Kent North

Blue Ribbon Power Bottom

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Hot House Entertainment's Steven Scarborough has a knack for discovering porn stars who also happen to be insatiable bottoms. British model Kent North was no exception. His angular face and handsome looks framed the picture of a real man- not a boy. Real men, who know how to feed their voracious sexual appetites, populate Hot House films.

Possessing musical talents, he was also an accomplished pianist.

During the course of 2004 to 2007, North appeared in ten films for the studio under an exclusive contract. Here, he fit in perfectly, drawing a legion of fans worldwide who were absolutely wide-eyed in envy at the pleasures he found feeding his carnal desires, namely by placing all phallic objects into his capacious backside.

Always able to handle any battle axe sized cock showed his way, not to mention gang bangs in dungeons and slings, North entertained countless guys who breathlessly watched North fulfill their inner most, secret fantasies on-screen. Such is the secret behind edgier or darker gay porn. People who may never engage in a gang bang or sexual acts like fisting feed their hidden desires through the flickering imagery on-screen.

His solo performance in At Your Service makes for an unforgettable finale that even garnered a GayVN Nomination in 2007. (Best Solo Performance) North plays a hotel butler who, according to FriskyFans reviewer Ian Kissler, does "much more than turn down the bed and dust the knickknacks."

After a breathless three-way with eternal bad boy Nick Piston and Wagnerian ideal Thom Barron, he self-pleasures himself with a line of outrageous engorged dildos and a vat of Crisco.

That same year, the GayVN's gave North a nomination nod for Best Three Way in their richly flavored man sex double feature Black n' Blue. North takes on two humongous tops, strapping Black stud Marc Williams and Brazilian Rafael Alencar, another expert sexualist who relentlessly pounds his titanic tool into worked-up bottoms.

Their working over of North is, as described in the FriskyFans movie review, "arguably the high point of the film."

Kent North in The Hard Way
Our first exposure to North was on the second disc of The Hard Way, available on the DVD's Director's Cut. North unlocks Rik Jammer and Alex Collack from their jail cells for what at that point could be a meeting of the English-speaking chapter of Supreme Power Bottoms.

Their sexplay includes rounds of assplay, dildo worship and fisting.

In the intense 2005 movie The Missing, North is abruptly abducted from his bed one night to awaken to a confinement of black leather, jockstraps, prison cells and sexual domination.

This movie paints Scarborough's Weltanschauung at its most vivid.

North must sit incarcerated inside a glass dining table as Italian stallion Tony Macelli enjoys a feast of chicken meat. North, and other submissives, but later pleasure him and Warren Lord with their assholes. This episode is only at the film's beginning, which ultimately culminates with a true Bacchanal orgy.

The superb 2006 film Justice is mostly showcases the varied talents of its star Shane Rollins. However, the film takes a nice break from Rollins to show North playing the dirty prison doctor who performs a medical check-up on the well endowed Nick Horn. They ultimately enjoy a very anal oriented three-way with muscular Venezuelan Carlos Morales.

The studio's Pack Attack series showcases the art of the gang bang. Hot House Entertainment's first pack entry stars North, who effortlessly handles everything thrown his way. On the level of fantasy fulfillment, watching North get fucked again and again in sheer ecstasy is what his fans love to watch, and what they will miss.

At the height of his career and to the complete shock of fans, North sadly took his own life in the Summer of 2007 in Great Britain. He has without a doubt made a distinctive, unforgettable mark in gay porn.

The Dining Table Sequence in The Missing
The Dining Table Sequence in The Missing
Pack Attack Kent North
Pack Attack Kent North

Kent North Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
The Hard Way Hot House Entertainment 2005 Kent North Watch Now
Twisted (Kent North) Club Inferno 2005 Kent North Watch Now
The Missing (Jason Ridge) Hot House Entertainment 2005 Kent North Watch Now
At Your Service (Kent North) Hot House Entertainment 2006 Kent North Watch Now
Pack Attack 1: Kent North Hot House Entertainment 2006 Kent North Watch Now
Justice (Shane Rollins) Hot House Entertainment 2006 Kent North Watch Now
Black n' Blue Hot House Entertainment 2007 Kent North Watch Now
Communion Hot House Entertainment 2007 Kent North Watch Now
Mister Fister Club Inferno 2007 Kent North Watch Now
Knuckle Sandwich Club Inferno 2007 Kent North Watch Now
Hot House Backroom, Volume 1 (Criss Strokes) Hot House Entertainment 2007 Kent North Watch Now
Hot House Backroom, Volume 4 (Kyle King) Hot House Entertainment 2008 Kent North Watch Now
XX Years of XXX: Hot House Hot House Entertainment 2013 Kent North Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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