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Julio Vidal

in Brazil
5' 8"
Hair Color
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Juliano Ferraz , Juliano Gemma

Porn star Julio Vidal

Julio at Attention

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One of Brazil's most cameragenic gay stars, Julio Vidal is a riveting screen presence. Usually barechested. If dressed, only wearing camouflage pants, or maybe a towel, Vidal dominates the viewer's senses with his broad, brown body, muscular ass and thick snake.

A study of Vidal's movies seem to indicate that he is a relentless sex machine. After appearing in gay films, he proceeded on to appear in dozens of straight films as well. He has also directed and appeared in several tranny films.

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And with his endearing smile, he melts every bottomboy so that he can enter him from behind with ease. The Marcostudio website listed Vidal's hobbies as soccer, bodybuilding and capoeira.

Living in Sao Paulo, he no longer escorts, instead living solely on his movie earnings.

Julio Vidal appears in several outstanding Marcostudio films. In his first action film, he shows up as a towel-clad bathhouse boy (Back to the Baths 1). Here he gives Rubens Leal exactly what he was there seeking. Their coupling is so hot it gets Luciano off, the Brazilian beauty who wanders through the facility watching the male action around him.

From this introduction he went ahead and appeared in the BTTB sequel. These two Back to the Baths movies are probably the finest examples of Marcostudio's work.

After this, Vidal got to headline his own film, Julio's Desires. Entirely written to feed his fans' voracious appetites, Vidal explains that he enjoys his escapades as both a bodybuilder and a stripper. Viewers will see some nice footage of capoeira, which is a fascinating form of Brazilian martial arts.

In this film, he also seduces popular Brazilian model Edmundo Castro, convincing his bodybuilder friend to give up his muscular ass.

In Stiff Security, he's one of the frisky porn stars on the set of a film, where he shows that his sexual appetites know no bounds. After a full day of filming sex, he is off seducing the straight security guards for more.

Marcostudio's study of contrasts and difference, Opposite Attraction 2 pits him with another veteran, Roberto Aguillar. Contrasting as hairy and smooth, as well as passive vs. active, Vidal gives him a first-class asspumping on a couch.

That is just the Marcostudio productions. One of Vidal's hottest little films is Stand At Attention, where he and his buddies march through the forest in military fatigues. In this Army epic, he orders several bottomboy grunts around, and has great fun slamming their asses.

Fans of well-done solo films will enjoy his vignette in the 1999 Alex and his Buddies. Vidal has a great time working his big uncut meat up by the dock of a river. Actually, Alex is regarded by some as probably one of the finest solo films of all time. All the models are truly breathtaking, and Vidal fits right in.

Any fan of gay Brazil porn should instantly recognize brazen Brazilian Julio Vidal. In the movie Sex Parade, he displays his versatility on-screen by bottoming, although it is relatively brief and he does not appear to welcome this position. Vidal also has done straight and tranny videos. Utterly arousing, he is worth the price of admission for any of these films.

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Julio Vidal tops in Stand at Attention
Julio Vidal tops in Stand at Attention

Julio Vidal Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Back to the Baths 1 Marcostudio 1999 Julio Vidal Watch Now
Towel Off! - Back to the Baths Part 2 Marcostudio 1999 Julio Vidal Watch Now
Julios Desires Marcostudio 2000 Julio Vidal Watch Now
Opposite Attraction 2 Marcostudio 2001 Julio Vidal Watch Now
Stiff Security Marcostudio 2002 Julio Vidal Watch Now
Stand At Attention Frenesi Films 2000 Julio Vidal Watch Now
Men Amongst the Ruins Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions) 2004 Julio Vidal Watch Now
Sex Parade Marcostudio 2004 Julio Vidal Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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