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Joe Landon

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Porn Star Joe Landon

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Joe Landon is a guy whose looks would turn any head. Tall, blonde and fit, Landon seems like the jockboy who lived next door while growing up, or anywhere else in Middle America. However, beneath that soft, all-American exterior and endearing smile breathes a massive dick of death, and a round, curvaceous ass.

Landon's career is an easy trace, beginning with the 1999 Delta Productions hit Joe's Big Adventure. This movie starts with the fresh-faced Landon lounging in a colorful swimming pool. Nude and alone, Landon proceeds to entertain himself in an award-winning solo that made the actor the talk-of-the town for years.

Delta Video has released two fine movies centered around Landon. They are must-sees for his admirers. In The Apprentice, Landon is thrown out on the street by his homophobic father. Penniless, the blond is taken under the wing by high-class hustler Chris Rock, who shows him the ropes on making serious high-dollar money in the escort business.

The Apprentice won numerous awards when it was released in 1999. This was followed up by the Apprentice 2: Dark Heart in 2002. Time has passed, and Landon is single again. In this film, Landon takes the role of trainer. He finds an apprentice for whom he has high hopes.

Those hopes are dashed when at the end, his apprentice leaves him and the business to begin a committed relationship elsewhere. Landon won a Best Actor Grabby Award for The Apprentice 2.

Joe Landon has strictly taken topman roles in his films. Perhaps one day he will allow a man to enter his heavenly gates on film. Nevertheless, with his runner's body and giant cock, the blonde has turned in first-class performances while strutting his top skills.

For a less-vanilla look at Landon, check him out in A Young Man's World. He and his real-life boyfriend Dave Parker take on bottomboy Adam Bristol in full leather. In this film, Bristol gets a major drilling from both ends.

Since Landon has exclusively worked for Delta Productions, it is worth noting that their movies are filmed with high-end digital video equipment. Connoisseurs of video immediately recognize the significantly enhanced color and sharpness when watching these films on DVD. Folks who have the new HDTV systems, and wish to take advantage of the high-end video quality should get Landon's Delta Videos. These movies are fantastic.

Joe Landon Movie Cavalcade
Maleflixxx plays virtually all of Joe Landon's movies.
Watch Joe Landon movies
Porn Star Joe Landon
Porn Star Joe Landon
In Apprentice 2 Dark Heart
In Apprentice 2 Dark Heart

Joe Landon Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Joe's Big Adventure (Joe Landon) Delta Productions 1998 Joe Landon Watch Now
Apprentice, The (Joe Landon) Delta Productions 1999 Joe Landon Watch Now
A Young Mans World Delta Productions 2000 Joe Landon Watch Now
The Apprentice 2: Dark Heart Delta Productions 2003 Joe Landon Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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