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Jesse Santana

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Meet Porn Star Jesse Santana

Texas lover Jesse Santana blossomed into one of the most popular adult film stars rising high in 2008 with award recognition and exclusive contracts. With a face as sweet as cherries, and an ass as sweet as buttermilk pie, Santana makes the perfect indulgent dessert which people gobble up in multiple servings.

After growing up in Kentucky, Santana now lives in the Dallas, Texas area with his boyfriend, blond porn star Guy Parker. Over time, Santana has personally developed a passion for horses and competing in horse shows. He enjoys reading fitness and nutririon books, as well as Anne Rice novels.

In 2006, Santana began doing films for Falcon and Channel 1 / Rascal Video. Actually the first movie we saw him in was in The Stone Age from the independent producer EON Films. A bit on the corny side, retired model Eddie Stone pens this wild n' wooly script about modern day scientists who come full circle with prehistoric cavemen. And Stone goes all out when he tops Santana.

Over at Falcon, Santana worked on a movie named Longboard, starring newcomer at that time Derek Brodie. Broadie subsequently renamed himself Brodie Sinclair for other studios. Interestingly, this movie is where Santana and Sinclair first have sex on film. (They later have become prolific stars on, having more scenes filmed together.)

Santana really lives it up as a "bad news" softball player on a team of cocky misfits in Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3. The All Worlds film also was the debut for Santana's new boyfriend at the time, Guy Parker, who director Doug Jeffries cast in the film after just seeing him waiting around on the set for Santana.

Cocky Boys snapshot Brodie Sinclair behind Jesse Santana on

A sparking little twink film, everything ends with the team enjoying a post shower orgy, and Santana gets right in the middle of it, at one point topping Parker while getting it from behind by assistant coach Jeremy Hall.

Jesse Santana Collector's Edition DVD
Jesse Santana's Jet Set Scenes
After hopping around, Santana settled into an exclusive one year contract with Jet Set Productions, who had just come under the new marketing helm of Chris Steele. Shepherding him through five movies, Santana's star rose accordingly. Thus in 2008, Santana received eight nominations for GayVN Awards, the adult industry's "Oscars."

Of all the many accolades, the most complimentary was the GayVN Best Newcomer nomination, although he lost that to hottie Blake Riley. Riley and Santana remain top rated friend on their MySpace accounts, so there was fortunately no drama there.

Jet Set let him out the gate fast in their film tribute to higher education and fraternal order in Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2. His bare ass even graces the dvd box cover.

Santana is one of the pledges to the Sigma Epsilon Chi fraternity, who must follow a strict protocol of appropriate decorum. He first gets royally reamed by supertop Tyler Saint, followed by an initiation orgy where he takes the big cock of tattooed pledge-master Sebastian Young.

After this, Jet Set released Just Add Water, a simple, sex driven film where all the hunky guys hook up throughout a palatial house. One of the movie's high points Santana's three-way with Jason White and the now retired gay for pay model Nickolay Petrov. Petrov, who since has gotten into trouble with the law, turns in dynamite top man performances. His screwing of Santana's sweet ass should not be missed.

After this, Jet Set lets out all the stops with the fire man flick On Fire!. Santana becomes the object of affection of Dean Phoenix, who rescues his fellow fire man from a blazing building, thus igniting their love.

Still bandaged in hospital, Santana rides Phoenix's famous uncut cock in a tender, soft sexual finale to the film, which subsequently became the studio's best selling movie ever.

Jesse Santana's Jet Set Finale

Santana's final movie for Jet Set was Ass Cruisin', which was designed intentionally as a star vehicle for their subsequent new exclusive star Aaron James. And James does put in an impressive show as the instigator of all the sex in the movie. However, Santana comes on very strong, going at it full bore in two of the movie's sex scenes.

Jesse Santana on CockyBoys
Santana and Mason Flip Flop
Texas Three-Way Fuck Fest
Santana Drills Kevin
James first picks up Santana driving in his convertible down Santa Monica Boulevard. He leaves Santana with Rod Daily at his house. Santana and Daily engage in a heated flip-flop versatile fuck session leaving their dicks and butts glistening in lube. Santana's ass here seems to glow in absolute perfection.

Santana later shows up for an encore performance in the final episode of the movie. Santana appears just as James and Riley Burke get frisky in the kitchen. James tops Santana in a memorable visual, followed by the guys moving though more combinations afforded by their three-way.

Santana leaves Jet Set with the able talents of the impetuous Aaron James. There is also good news for Santana's fans who want to inexpensively enjoy his video adventures. Jet Set has collected five of Santana's episodes together into one very good DVD called Jesse Santana Collector's Edition.

Today, Santana continues to pursue his own sexy antics over at, where he has filmed a lot of hot material. Of particular notice is Santana's wild romp with sexy boy Andy Blue. There are also more scenes online with him and boyfriend Parker, whose careers both seem to be flowering fully.

Santana's rich flavors and versatile talents ensure that he will be pleasing his fans for many years to come.


Jesse Santana and Rod Daily Jesse Santana sucks
Rod Daily in Ass Cruisin
Jesse Santana in Just Add Water With Nickolay Petrov &
Jason White in Just Add Water
Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2 snapshot Pledge master Tyler Saint examines Jesse
Santana in Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2
Jesse Santana and Dean Phoenix Jesse Santana rides Dean Phoenix in On Fire!
Jesse Santana snapshot
Jesse Santana poses during his Jet Set daze

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