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Jean Franko

in Macuto, Venezuela
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Porn Star Jean Franko

One of the sexiest men on the planet

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Fully armed with perfect latin looks, olive skin and a big, uncut cock, Jean Franko is a veritable bombshell. The big tattoo on his upper leg displays an eagle, which upon close inspection covers up a minor scar from a motorcycle accident.

Franco has mostly worked for directors Lukas Kazan and Kristen Bjorn, with some exceptions. The combination of latino masculinity and sexual powerhouse make him a natural for both directors, although he may yet find footing on new ground in future films.

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Franko lived for two years in Milan, as well as in Switzerland and Germany before settling into piccuresque Barcelona.

He explains in the 2005 Kazan film Love and Lust that he likes masculine, latino guys who are cabrones, guys with mean looks. Franko is not partial to orgies, preferring instead one-on-one encounters.

In personal relationships, he describes himself as very possessive, and that he's never cheated on anyone.

Franko also says that as long as a partner declares who he's going sleep with on an extra-curricular basis, it does not constitute infidelity, per se.

One of Franko's best attributes is that despite this typical macho looks and big cock, he's also a fantastic on-screen bottom. The result is a great performance one hundred percent of the time.

In Kazan's 2005 Decameron: Two Naughty Tales, Franko is paired with cute a button Ricky Martinez, a systems engineer from Mexico. Martinez, a fabulous bottom, explains in the movie's behind the scenes film that he coincidently met Franko earlier in a chat room on the Internet. With both web cams on, they closed their online encounter with Franko offering to hook up Martinez anytime he visited Spain.

Lo and behold, Martinez appears on the set to discover his scene partner will be Franko, his online buddy.

Before his scene with Martinez, Franko observes his boyfriend (Wilfred Knight) cheating on him. A web of betrayal and jealousy ensues as Franko rolls into a hot romp with Euromuscle stud Eric Flower, complete with Franko performing both as a top and a bottom.

Director Lucas Kazan's movies typically draw from old European stories of love, lust and passion. Franko, with strong Mediterranean features, perfectly fits into the director's style. In School for Lovers, Franko plays the instigator to rile the fidelities of two couples. Believing that sex is exploitative, he films himself fucking Martin Dejdar in the opening scene.

After being "proven right" regarding male relationships, he collects the spurned boyfriends to "fuck like men" in front of his camera. Is Franko correct, that guys are just that way?

Kristen Bjorn employs a less philosophical attitude towards his movies, using many of the same models, including Franko. He lives as a denizen of Manville: The City of Men, the heimat of homosexual sex. Brazilian Rocky Oliveria watches Franko give a royal screwing to Jed Wilcox's manly ass. He responds by letting Franko fuck him, followed by him fucking himself on Oliveria's own big cock.

Jean Franko and Ricky Martinez in Decameron: Two Naughty Tales
Jean Franko behind Dean Monroe in Taking Flight
Franko also appears in the blazing hot movie Fire Dance. His three-way with Max Veneziano and heavily inked Alex Romiero is truly incendiary. Veneziano's sexual energy arguably hits the level of Franko's.

Thier action starts on the high level of both guys sharing Romiero's ass. Moving through three rounds of money shots, it contains unforgettable images of Veneziano and Franko doing each other.

Franko appears in one movie for Falcon, Taking Flight, which was their two part intercontinental "big film" for 2004. The movie is about a direct air flight between San Francisco and London.

Franko turns up in the London filmed portion, in a sex club sequence with Dean Monroe. Watching him pound Monroe's hot ass is worth it.

Porn star turned movie director Collin O'Neal clearly staged a coup by signing Franko for his movie Collin O'Neal's London. Pairing him with an aggressive bottom named Forneus, Franko goes to town, plowing him hard all over the set, and making this the highlight of the entire film.

A perfectly built masculine sexual animal in his prime, Franko steals the show in all of his movies. He can easily be judged as the best in show.

Jean Franko, Jeff Wilcox and Rocky Oliviera in Manville
Jean Franko, Jeff Wilcox and Rocky Oliviera in Manville
Above Alexy Tyler in The Men I Wanted
Above Alexy Tyler in The Men I Wanted

Jean Franko Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Taking Flight, Parts 1 and 2 Falcon Studios 2004 Jean Franko Watch Now
Decameron: Two Naughty Tales Lucas Kazan Productions 2005 Jean Franko Watch Now
Love and Lust Lucas Kazan Productions 2005 Jean Franko Watch Now
The School for Lovers Lucas Kazan Productions 2006 Jean Franko Watch Now
Fire Dance Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions) 2006 Jean Franko Watch Now
Collin O'Neal's London Collin O'Neal Productions 2007 Jean Franko Watch Now
Manville: The City of Men Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions) 2005 Jean Franko Watch Now
The Men I Wanted Lucas Kazan Productions 2007 Jean Franko Watch Now
El Rancho Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions) 2007 Jean Franko Watch Now
Skin Deep (Parts 1 & 2) Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions) 2008 Jean Franko Watch Now
Italians and Other Strangers Lucas Kazan Productions 2009 Jean Franko Watch Now
Action! Parts 1 and 2 (Director's Cut) Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions) 2009 Jean Franko Watch Now
Missing (Michael Lucas) Lucas Entertainment 2010 Jean Franko Watch Now
Pizza Cazzone Cazzo Films 2008 Jean Franko Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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