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Jay Renfro

Jay Renfro
Model Spotlight -

Jay Renfro | Brock Wilder

HI! My name is... Brock
My name is.... WHO?
My name is... Jay Renfro

Filmography: Jay Renfro Videos

Model Names / Studio

September 13, 1983
Sexual orientation
Mostly Bottom (with exceptions)
5' 9"
Eye color
Dogs, horror movies

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Meet Twink Bottom Jay Renfro

Those crazy Czechs. They seem to carry more pseudonyms then Chevy Chase in the comedy Fletch. One young cutie who carries multiple names also has a face and body that's hard to forget.

Jay Renfro
Jay Renfro: Partybottom
A dirty blonde with a big grin, Jay Renfro has been burning up the screen this past year in numerous films, most of which are cast with the same set of models who apparently all hail from the same agency.

He first appeared as Brock Wilder in numerous Tribal Pulse releases. However Dan Komar's Czech Republic-based studio dubbed him Jay Renfro, cast him as a barebacking bottomboy, and then people really began noticing him. As a fun trivia note, he also appeared in a quite good Pacific Sun movie named Aqua Club as Alistair Vogel.

In fact, whirlpools, saunas and clean tiled bathhouses seem to be this boy's favorite hangout. A good many of his movies are set in them. We would pick as one of his best in this category to be Tribal Pulse's Sex & the Tourist. Wilder plays the tourist in the title, but interestingly he's not the guy on the cover. In this flick, his ass is reamed for miles and miles by European starlets Johnny Saint, Joseph Ther, Adam Kubick and Mario Danza. This movie is a Jay Renfro / Brock Wilder showcase.

Another Brock Wilder goodie is Ski Trip. His provocative bootie is so tempting, fellow friend Aston Martin drills him doggie style in a cramped bathroom. He hangs onto the sink and water closet fixtures for dear life! This guy puts the W*I*L*D in Wilder.

Most of this same cast appears in a bed & breakfast themed saga called Suite Service. Now I have always recommended this little flick very highly. The cast, who play a bevy of hotel staff and customers, are very eager to please. Adam Kubick drills him here too --- this specific pair of models must really know each other very well by now. They are a good match.

Jay Renfro goes from living on Bareback Twink Street to getting fucked by Sanchez Viva in the army. His next hotel visit is at Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel under the name Jay Renfro, where he and swarthy brunet Mikey Sem are rutting until they lube runs out, and the top gets his penis "stuck" inside him.

"Help us! We are stuck!" How can anything get stuck inside that famous anus?

What happens? Room service sends up the delicious Tommy Gent over with lube and a big pipe cleaner of his own to jam into Renfro.

Jay Renfro's barebacking adventures continue on with even bigger dicks. He makes it on a shaggy rug in Virgin Tales.... obviously a curiously named film considering the cast. Then comes his remarkable act in Raw Recruits where he gets fucked hard and rough like a woman by this enormously endowed black guy. (I don't mean that pejoratively; it's like the way the straight guys hammer hard in the pussy porn)

He plays the character of the punk reduced to petty crime living on the Bareback Twink Street. Here, Cameron Jackson penalizes him for stealing food out of his shop. Undeterred, he goes on to rip a stereo out of Denis Reed's automobile in Bareback Twink Street 2. Perhaps these movies are making a statement on the Czech Republic's ineffective state programs to stop juvenile crime.

Jay Renfro in Internal Affairs Jay Refro dreams up this hot sex sequence
in Internal Affairs: A Bareback Love Story
Renfro clearly deserves some awards for stamina and capacity. Best of all, in all of his movies, everyone seems very happy in the end. The bootylicious blond also enjoys a fun four-way evening with his friends in the entertaining Bareback Soccer Punks.

The Best Jay Renfro Movie

What is our favorite Jay Renfro film? We like Sex & the Tourist. For barebacking, it would probably be Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel, although the RAW movies are all great to watch. If he has done some other work that we've missed, let us know. His youthful exuberance seems to bubble up everywhere.

Some fans argue that Renfro received short shrift working under the lens of Vlado Iresch at Eurocreme. After leaving the studio, Renfro appeared in a number of additional films for different studios, sometime displaying his talents to better success.

One good example is Internal Affairs: A Bareback Love Story from Raw Entry Club. Grossly mstitled, the film is not a love story at all. However, it is the first movie that actually uses Renfro in a starring role. He dreams up a hot anonymous hookup with a sunglasses wearing, big dicked mystery man. This is followed by hot sex with Sancho Sun and finally culminating in a seven man mass cum facial.


Jay Renfro bottoms for Richard Said and Billy Jay in Bareback Gym Buddies
Bareback Twink Street 2 snapshot Elliot Gass and Denis Reed make a Jay Renfro
sandwich in Bareback Twink Street 2
Raw Recruits snapshot Jay Renfro swallows Sanchez Viva's amazing axehandle in Raw Recruits
Bareback Soccer Punks snapshot Jay Renfro plays strip poker with his friends in
Bareback Soccer Punks
Jay Renfro in Sex and the Tourist With Adam Kubick in
Sex & the Tourist
Jay Renfro in Aqua Club With Adam Kubick in Aqua Club
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